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Another medical study establishes strong abortion/breast cancer link August 20, 2012

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This one, from all places, China, where state sanctioned and frequently even forced-abortion has been a part of life for decades:

nducing abortion to discontinue a woman’s pregnancy may increase her risk of breast cancer, according to a study recently published in Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention.

The study led by A.R. Jiang of Division of Epidemiology Jiangsu Province Institute of Cancer Research in Janjing China showed induced abortion was associated with significantly increased risk of breast cancer.
The researchers found the association after analyzing data from 668 cases of breast cancer and 682 population-based controls in Jiangsu Province of China.
Specifically, premenopausal women who had chosen to abort pregnancy three or more times were at 141 percent increased risk of breast cancer. After adjustment for other factors, the risk increased by 55 percent.
Postmenopausal women who had ever had one induced abortion were at 104 percent increased risk for breast cancer. After adjustment for other risk factors, the risk was still increased by 82 percent.  Among postmenopausal women, more induced abortions were correlated with a higher risk.
Wow, that is incredible.  One abortion almost doubles the likelihood of developing breast cancer after menopause. That’s horrific.
And yet, Susan G. Komen, those paragons of breast cancer awareness, the American Cancer Society, and a dozen other health-related charities still cheerfully donate to Planned Barrenhood millions of dollars every year, for the prime purpose of supporting procured abortion.
It’s a total certitude that this news story will never reach 99.9% of women in this country.  There will be a total media blackout.
It’s a tragedy to consider the number of women who will suffer both spiritually and physically because of the continued societal bias in favor of abortion.
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Denunciations of the liturgical practices of the post-VII Church decades, centuries before the fact August 20, 2012

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This month in Germany, courtesy Eponymous Flower

So I’m finally done with the painful experience of reading The Banished Heart by Dr. Geoffrey Hull.  Uff da, I plan to write a review of that book sometime soon, but not yet.  Now I’m on to another book on the liturgical changes that have afflicted the Latin Rite in the past several decades, Work of Human Hands: A Theological Critique of the Mass of Paul VI by Fr. Anthony Cekada.  This book, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Clean, crisp, engaging prose, and no orientalist promotion of Eastern Orthodox propaganda – and bad propaganda at that.   I’ve only just begun reading it, but already I can pull out two excerpts that help provide some historical background/analysis on the changes that were made to the Mass in 1965~70.

The first quote comes from the great author of the liturgical movement of the 19th century, Dom Prosper Gueranger.  He wrote in his Liturgical Institutions (1840) regarding what he called the “anti-liturgical heresy,” or the hostility that all heresies tend to show towards the traditional Catholic liturgy.

The anti-liturgical heresy, Gueranger says, promotes hatred for tradition, the selective use of Scripture, the invention of new formulas, contradictory principles, false appeals to antiquity, hatred for the mystical, replacing the altar with a table , use of the vernacular, reducing the length of services and undermining the priesthood [by reducing the priest from a persona Christi offering a Sacrifice on behalf of all the people, to a “presider” of a “remembrance” meal offered by the community].

Another quote from Gueranger’s 1840 work:

Every sectarian who wishes to introduce a new doctrine finds himself, unfailingly, face to face with the Liturgy, which is Tradition at its strongest and best, and he cannot rest until he has silenced this voice, until he has torn up these pages which recall the faith of past centuries.

Ahem, well, yes.  I can see how they would want to do that.

Fr. Cekada also quotes a 17-point memorandum circulated by Archbishop Conrad Groeber of Freiburg, Germany, penned in 1942 in response to the then-burgeoning and heterodox/modernist liturgical “reforms” first gaining wide circulation in that country with such a checkered history with regard to the Faith.  To quote Cekada, “Those of Groeber’s criticisms pertaining specifically to liturgical practices that the movement advocated in the 1940s will ring a bell for post-Vatican II traditionalists:

Advocating the vernacular, which “has often served the forces of error as a weapon in the arsenal of heresy.”

Insistence on vocal participation by the laity at Mass

Disparagement of private Masses and devotional prayers (the Rosary, Stations, etc)

Arbitrary changes to the rubrics

Advocating Communion under both species

Promoting the notion that “it is the community which celebrates,” and reducing the role of the priest to one “delegated by the parish to ‘celebrate’ Mass” [This is a key fount of error, and something that had already been defined as an error by the Council of Trent…..d’oh!]

Exaggeration of the priesthood of the laity [Another key]

Growing influence of protestant dogma on the way the faith is presented […..]

Extending the limits of the “Church” to include protestants, considering heretical churches part of The Church [….]

Giving a new definition to “faith;” it is no longer belief in revealed truths, but an experience, an emotion. [A simple, straightforward definition of modernism]

Neglect of dogmatic and systematic theology

Neglect of scholastic philosophy and theology, preference for modernist systems of thought

Placing undue emphasis on [ostensible] forms of religious life in the primitive Church [pseudo-antiquarianism]

Unfortunately, the Church prior to Vatican II, going back many decades or even centuries, tended to…….not focus too much on the liturgy.  Popes and Cardinals and other defenders of the Faith looked on the liturgy as something fixed and untouchable, so when modernists were driven from theological circles by the actions of Pope St. Pius X, they found a rather comfortable, unnoticed area in which to operate.  And one thing the liturgical “reformers” realized quite early is that, if you want to radically change the belief of the Church, there is no better vehicle for doing so than changing the liturgy, the Mass.

Hardcore stuff, I know.  But if you are a faithful Catholic who laments the present state of the liturgy in the vast majority of parishes and the collapse in fidelity to Church Doctrine, it seems incumbent to at least recognize that the changes foisted on the liturgy in the 1960s were already denounced decades and centuries before they took place.  That’s extremely revealing in and of itself.  For those who sought to change the unchangeable, and since the direct attacks on Dogma had been totally blocked by a great, saintly Pope, why not make an end run and achieve the same thing by attacking the bedrock practice of the Faith, the Mass?  By changing the Mass and thus the theologically underpinnings of virtually all of the Faith AND the prime source of catechesis/orthopraxis for the vast majority of Catholics, the “reformers” could accomplish all their ends in one fell swoop.  It was a brilliant tactical move, but I think its success in deconstructing the Faith has been beyond the “reformer’s” wildest dreams.

I expect to get pelted for my quotations from this book.

Anniversary celebration at Carmelite Chapel and You Are Invited! August 20, 2012

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The Discalced Carmelite order was founded by the great Doctor of the Church St. Teresa of Jesus in 1562, on August 24.  That was 450 years ago this Friday!  To mark this auspicious event, Friday morning Mass at the Chapel will be open to the public!  Mass is at 7am!  In addition, you are welcome to bring flowers, fruit, meatless food, Mass cards, etc for this celebration!

I would assume this will be a Novus Ordo vernacular Mass.  If you’ve not been to the Carmelite monastery, you should go.  They have a beautiful chapel and all Masses are Ad Orientem, guaranteed!

MJD sent the accompanying links with additional information.


Pope’s anniversary message

Get down there and get yo’ Carmelite on!

Vatican set to “modernize” Traditional Latin Mass? August 20, 2012

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When the Holy Father has spoken to eventually returning to just “one rite,” or one form of the Mass, I and millions of others have hoped and prayed that Mass would be the Traditional Latin Mass., untouched and unedited  The Holy Father has spoken of the need for the two Masses to sort of come together, to take the “best” parts of each form, which has always made me somewhat nervous.  At the very least, can we absolutely desist with the top-down inorganic liturgical hatchet work from on high, and get back to the slow, Spirit-inspired organic development of the liturgy?  Apparently not, it seems.

This then, I pray, is just a false rumor.

This is a translation from the usually well-informed German summorumpontificum.de, who says that their own well-informed source has some information about the new Missal, which was coupled with their announcement of the good news of the formal recognition of Papa Stronsay at the Diocese of Aberdeen in Scottland.

The less good news is that the work on “a new edition of the Old Missal” has so far progressed enough that it will be published next summer so that it can be used in 2013.  The key points of alteration:

–  Allowance of the usage of new prefaces for all feasts, which correspond to the Novus Ordo prefaces;
General allowance of the Traditional Mass to be celebrated “versus populum“; [This is the killer, the beyond-ludicrous, for neither Vatican II, nor anything in the history of the Church prior to 1965, ever tolerated this liturgically and theologically disastrous practice]
– Permission to say the Liturgy of the Word in the language of the people [which facilitates the use of the Cramner table]; [I think this parentheses was meant for the item above]
There have been rumors of changes of this type being applied to the TLM for some time.  I have not given these rumors much credence until lately.  So while I appreciate Eponymous Flower’s translation, I sincerely hope the site he quotes is wrong.  But I am beginning to suspect it is not, and that there are modernistic changes (or, I should say, even MORE modernistic changes) planned for the TLM.  Oy vey.
Well, OK…….if you’re going to Nervous Urdu the TLM, how about some reciprocation?  How about we get rid of Mass facing the people in the NO and all the protestantized, modernistic “Eucharistic prayers?”  How about mandating the use of Chant in every Mass?
Or is the “reform of the reform” just a vehicle to complete the destruction, and squash the nascent restoration of the Faith?  After all, we’re in a new springtime!
These are not small changes.  These are extremely theologically significant changes.  Will they really be “options?”  Will the “option” to use them be left up to the individual priest/society, or the local ordinary?  Is this the destroyer of FSSP, ICX, etc?
Some may think I’m overreacting, but if changes like this are in the works, the time to act is now – not when they come out and are already promulgated.  Send a letter to the papal nuncio, to the Congregation for Divine Worship!

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark August 20, 2012

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Novus Ordo Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark in Plano at 7pm.  No special events, just the “regular” Mass.  I think the schola will be there.