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One of these things is not like the other August 21, 2012

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I know, I know, it’s not fair.  Poor Cardinal Schoenborn, he looked like he’d rather be anywhere else. You could almost see him thinking “I just know this is going to be all over Youtube.”  Well, he was right.

Don’t take things too seriously.  Sometimes, it’s just to be funny.

I totally ripped this off from Fr. Ray Blake.

On the radio tonight! August 21, 2012

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God Willing, that is!  Talk about prayers against little show gremlins, I’ll take some prayers for my health!  This summer has been a regular trial of illnesses and mortifications!  But enough with that, tonight the Salve Regina Radio Show is back on Fidelis Radio!

Praise the Lord, I’ll be joined by Michael Voris again!  You can listen LIVE here, tonight at 9pm CDT, and remember you can call in or join the chat room and ask questions or make comments.

You can be sure I plan on talking about this:

This is a massive problem in the Church.  If you’ll recall back a few months ago, Fr. Bob Pierson was the organizer of a bizarre, seemingly perverse nude, gay “touching” retreat to be hosted at the abysmally modernist and heterodox St. John’s Benedictine Abbey in Collegeville, MN.  That retreat was cancelled after a firestorm of criticism. I thought I saw somewhere that Archbishop Nienstedt of Minneapolis had removed Fr. Pierson from any public ministry, but I can’t find any supporting links, now.

Having read some of the testimonies of the former monks and priests who spent time at Collegeville, many of whom were indicted and/or convicted on charges of sexual abuse of minors, it seems there is quite a population of active gay men at that monastery (that is, men who actively engage in homosexual acts, in spite of their vow of celibacy).  Given Fr. Bob’s strident deformation of Catholic belief and constant apologia for homosexuals in the clergy, coupled with his open confession of being a gay priest…..well, who knows, right?

I’ve quoted great Fathers of the Church before, and I’ll do so again….public heresy is almost always fired by private sin.  Enough said.


How to abide in our Lord August 21, 2012

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It is a very easy thing to say “I want to live in or for God, I want to “abide in the Lord.”  It is exceedingly contrary to our natures to actually do so.  Many of us know not how to even begin.  St. Peter Julian Eymard did.  From Volume VI of St. Peter Julian Eymard’s library, the Eucharistic Handbook:

How to abide in our Lord.

We do not feel the wind in a well closed house. A soul that knows how to abide in Jesus will not experience the fury of storms.

Try to reach that blessed abode. Jesus has said: “If a man lives on in me, and I in him, then he will  yield abundant fruit.”

How may you abide in Jesus?

First, by the love of His adorable and always loving Will.

Secondly, by the contemplation of the infinite goodness which He is unceasingly showering on you.

Follow His Divine Providence closely, in the tracks as it were of His personal Goodness towards  you, and you will be astounded to find God so occupied and even preoccupied with you.

This realization of the goodness and love of Divine Providence is our soul’s greatest joy and excites in us sentiments ever new. It is a bit like Heaven.

Reserve then your mind for God and let your love be its echo and fruit; for the sight of God is the law and measure of love and the love of virtue.

Live in God as the bird lives in the air and the fish in the water. What a happiness is ours when we live in that Divine atmosphere! It is true that we must mortify ourself generously to live this interior life in Jesus, but love will do so without pain. The world is a calvary which crucifies both the good and the bad. What sacrifices of self-denial we must make at every instant! Make them for the good of God out of love for Him. [Mortification is so little talked of in today’s Church, but it is such an essential part of the interior life]

Be ever gracious in fulfilling your duties, generous in practicing virtue, devout in the love of God, and  you will be as the good God wants you.

Rule of life.

The mind, free from all preoccupation and wholly intent on what God wills for the present moment.

The heart, given wholly to God to adore, love, and serve Him as He wills.

The will of a child. The presence of God’s habitual offering of what you do; spirit and mortification; attention to the sacrifices of self-denial which the Good God asks of you at every moment; good use of your time; do everything for God, and everything will profit you.

Work only out of a sense of duty, and not with a view to personal success.

Relations with thy neighbor; those only that are a matter of propriety or charity; let them be simple and Christian, kind and good towards all those who suffer.

Prayer, as God makes it; let the gift of self and thanksgiving be the substance of it.

Holy Communion, the bread of strength and of life; receive it like one poor and weak, grateful and loving.

Your examen [examination of conscience], on your duties, that is all.

I offer you unceasingly to the Good Master.  Be His thing, His servant, His adorer.

———————————-End Quote————————————

I thank God for priests, for Saints like Peter Julian Eymard.  Without their example, I for one would be lost.

A priest recommends….. August 21, 2012

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…..praying with the Cistercians in Irving.  Fr. Hopka mentioned this night during the Latin Mass at St. Mark, that the chapel at the Cistercian Abbey in Irving is open to the public.  You can see their schedule here.  Their “office” hours are open, as well.  They pray the Hours redone in the early 70s.

While I might have a preference for a more Carmelite form of spirituality, it can be very edifying and uplifting to spend time around/with religious.  We do have a number of religious orders here in the Dallas Diocese.  I think it’s important that faithful Catholics try to expose themselves – and especially their children, if they have any – to those in religious life.  Sadly, today we have so few religious that this formerly ordinary aspect of Catholic culture and existence is now seen as exotic and rare – many Catholics go years without having any interaction with a religious of any sort.

Fr. Hopka described the architecture at the Cistercian Abbey as beautiful and classically Cistercian.  I might disagree on the first part a bit, but St. Bernard of Clairvaux did want very basic, unadorned chapels to reflect the simplicity and self-denial of the order he founded.  You can decide for yourself if you visit!

I don’t know about you, but I rather like all those “medieval and baroque accretions!”

Archbishop Cordileone on the Mandate, NFP August 21, 2012

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Apparently, this editorial ran in the newspaper of the Diocese of Oakland.  It is part of a series penned by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone on the HHS Mandate, the evil of contraception, and the alternative of Natural Family Planning (NFP).  He even uses the phrase “grave reasons” for using NFP! 

Time to dispel myths around NFP 
By Most Rev. Salvatore J. Cordileone
This year the question of religious liberty has emerged as a central issue far beyond what any of us would have imagined just a couple of years ago. I am grateful to all of our pastors who promoted the US bishops’ call for the “Fortnight for Freedom” and have continued to educate our people on this very important challenge to us at this time, and for all of our people who have been actively engaged in advocating for this God-given and constitutional right of ours.

Of course, it is the mandate of the Department of Health and Human Services that all employer-provided insurance coverage include contraception, with only the narrowest of exceptions for religious organizations, that has brought this issue to the fore with fever-pitch intensity. This, though, is only the latest and most blatant challenge in the area of freedom of the exercise of religion and of conscience.

Surveys that ask people their opinion on whether insurance providers should include contraception in their coverage are missing the point. We would certainly hear different results if, instead, the pollsters asked: “Who should decide for a religious organization what its mission is, the religious organization itself or the government?”; “Who should define for a religious organization the people to whom it is to extend health, education and social services, the religious organization itself or the government?”; “Who should define for a religious organization who its members are, the religious organization itself or the government?”

While the leadership of faith communities throughout the country has rightly kept the focus on religious liberty and freedom of conscience, nonetheless, the HHS mandate has put the Church’s teaching on responsible parenthood and the legitimate regulation of birth front and center.

Another question lurking in the background in this whole debate is this: Why would the government require, for the sake of women’s health, insurance coverage of a medication the World Health Organization classifies as a Class 1 carcinogen? Yet, this is exactly what the WHO has done after dozens of studies over a period of many years have demonstrated a link between hormonal contraceptives and increased risk of breast and cervical cancer (as well as heart disease) in women (cf.www.who.int/reproductivehealth/topics/ageing/cocs_hrt_statement.pdf) [Way to go Archbishop Cordileone!]


This HHS mandate controversy, then, calls us to take advantage of this moment to educate our people on all the various aspects of the Church’s teaching that, for grave reasons,[And these grave reasons are defined in Casti Connubii, Pope Pius XI’s fantastic encyclical on marriage, the marital act, and openness to life, and Venerable Pope Pius XII’s elocution to the Italian midwives from 1954] a married couple may have recourse to the infertile periods of the woman’s cycle in order to delay the begetting of new offspring. Sadly, there is much ignorance about natural family planning,[on both sides – both in opposition to, and in favor of.  At times, NFP promoters go a bit overboard in promoting NFP as a lifelong contraception replacement and/or a means to limit one’s children to some small, predetermined number, irrespective of any “grave reasons.”] even among medical professionals, and many people make very serious decisions about their own lives and those of others out of this ignorance.

We are sometimes even mocked for our belief by those who do not understand it, and, likely, don’t want to, despite the fact that the physical practice of NFP is thoroughly based on science. We will, then, seize this opportunity in The Catholic Voice by publishing a series of articles, beginning with this issue, about the multi-faceted reality of Natural Family Planning and the Church’s teaching on responsible parenthood, authored by people with expertise in these respective areas pertaining to this teaching of the Church….

————————-End Quote———————————

The linked articles are pretty good, although I sense some latent hostility towards large families or total openness to life in one of the NFP promoters quoted.  Still, that’s a far cry from the constant cultural din shouting that putting poisons into your body (and the environment) or mutilating your body is the responsible way to act.

Again, my friend Steve B’s essay also covers the Church’s view on contraception and the illogic of using it.  Because this entire “gay marriage” movement would never have happened had not heterosexual couples – otherwise Christian heterosexual couples – not so decoupled procreation from marriage through the rampant use of contraception.  Read the awesome essay———>>Catholic_Charity_not_Hate_V7

Apparently, “I follow HATE” August 21, 2012

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Oh my, what will I do now…………

Several years ago, when Twitter was new and I was young(er) and stupid(er) [dangit I’m not supposed to self-deprecate anymore!] I opened an account.  Like so many trendy internet things like LinkedIn once I opened it I did absolutely nothing with it.  On rare occasions, perhaps 3-4 times a year I’d get a message that someone was “following” me – which struck me as odd since I’d never done a blessed thing on, for, or with Twitter. 

But today, I got a Twitter update of some kind that says “ifollowHATE.”  The accompanying text says “The hate group @nomupdate said they wanted to fan the flames of hostility against blacks and gays.  Why do you follow hate?”

I was also amazed to find I have 2554 “followers” and I “follow” 2889……..twitter things, whatever they are.  I don’t know how this can be, when, as I said, I’ve never done anything on twitter, ever. But, whatevs.

So, nomupdate I would guess is a twitter feed from the National Organization for Marriage.  And by “HATE,” I would guess the twit who sent the twitter meant “defends the definition of marriage as between a man and woman as ordained by God.”  But you see, it’s so much more convenient, and effective, to claim that such is “hate.”  Surely, few if any consciously want to “hate” anyone, so when they receive a tweet like that, what are they likely to do?  They are likely to “unfollow” @nomupdate and cower just a bit, morally and psychologically.  They will be that much less likely to defend marriage as it has always been and will always be, no matter what the radical gay activists and government fiat say.

And that’s the point of this entire campaign.  A friend of mine just wrote an excellent essay regarding this very issue.  The radical gay, scorched earth, take no prisoners campaign to redefine marriage has devolved into an exercise of naked power, a bullying campaign of the worst type, doubly ironic for the fact that the homosexual lobby is ostensibly so very concerned over this issue of “bullying” – which they conveniently define as any opposition to their agenda.  They claim to be about love and illusory “rights,” but in reality this is nothing more than yet another attempt to force society to not just tolerate, but celebrate and declare good and holy their sexual depravity.  For that is what it is.  Sadly, I fear they will likely succeed in getting government recognition of their “unions” as “marriage,” but then what?  After the victory parties, after the big “weddings” and fabulous receptions, they will still have that huge, aching, empty hole in their heart that comes from living in a way that is counter to God’s Law.  No matter what they achieve in the public arena, nothing will change that, and the more frantic their efforts to force societal embrace of the unnatural and the amoral, the more that small, still voice from inside will remind them how hollow their “victories” are.

One final note. Note how they try to tie, yet again, the efforts of the National Organization for Marriage to defend traditional marriage with the sad history of racism against blacks.  NOM has done nothing to qualify as anything remotely racist, but those pushing this gay marriage agenda care little for facts.  Once again, they are desperate, frantic, to establish those opposed to their agenda as somehow equal to the Bull Connors and George Wallaces of the 50s and 60s.  Give me a break.  But the gay lobby knows well, that the bigger a lie is, and the more loudly and frequently it is told, the more likely it is to be believed.  Their entire agenda is founded on lies, so what do they care?

Once gays get government recognition of their short lived, adulterous unions as “marriage,” they will go after the churches, especially the Catholic Church.  They will attempt to use government fiat to force the Church to condone and “celebrate” their marriage ceremonies.  They will use government force to quiet any priest or even lay person who has the temerity to remind the world of God’s eternal Truth.  They will persecute the Church with an unholy rage driven by their slavery to sin – and yet, even this will fail to salve their tortured consciences.  It will be the tyranny of the tiniest of minorities over the vast majority. And satan will laugh gleefully at the souls lost and the suffering that engulfs the world.

Once again, a friend laid out very well the reality of the situation – that the Church, being the Body of Christ and His Instrument to disseminate Truth on earth, possesses the proper understanding of charity and morality, and, far from hating or persecuting gays, loves them and desires what is best not just for them, but for all.  I may try to do a post that breaks down this document, but for now I highly encourage you to read it————–>>>Catholic_Charity_not_Hate_V7