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Clarity is rare in politics August 22, 2012

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This is refreshing to see, at least for me:

This is what we’re faced with – a sizable minority who are intent on inflicting the communist/socialist/progressive/whatever -they’ll-name-it-next system on a generally uninformed and unsuspecting population.  That more and more people seem rather pleased to get “free” benefits from the government is all the more disturbing, since it shows how the socialist mindset is creeping further and further into the body politic and the tactics of lies, distortions, and savage personal attacks by the agents of the socialist takeover, aided and abetted by a complicit mass media, only make the fight back against this creeping socialism all the more difficult.  So when a politician stands up and is willing to be vilified and labeled an “extremist” based on his telling the truth to the cultural left, it is a gratifying thing to see.  Unfortunately, the dominant memes spread by the cultural elites, smugly assured that they will stay on top in any fully socialist system in this country, both limit the effectiveness of this truth-telling and also discourage others from doing so.

Unfortunately, far too many in the Church, especially in the institutional Church, subscribe to the utopian fantasies of the left.  They are apparently either unaware, or willfully ignorant, of the fact that wherever socialism/communism spreads its deadly talons, it is the death of religion, especially Christianity.  And that, my dear readers, is the very point of it all………

h/t culturewarnotes


1. cori - August 23, 2012

oh yes, that is the point. the church is the enemy of the state. the state wants the church’s power, but it can never have it. the less state and the more church in our lives, the better.

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