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And now for nice peace and quiet…. August 23, 2012

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Some art, culled from various sources on the web, mostly other Catholic blogs:

Isn’t that a great statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel upper right?



On the radio tonight! August 23, 2012

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God Willing, that is!  Back on the air tonight on Fidelis Radio!

No guest tonight, just me in all my faded glory!  I have been planning on doing a special on the Blessed Sacrament, this somewhat in response to comments made by a listener some weeks ago regarding why the Church is……The Church.   You can listen LIVE here, tonight at 9pm CDT, and remember you can call in or join the chat room and ask questions or make comments.

Fidelis Radio is growing and adding more and more shows!  I’ll be updating on that in the coming days and weeks.

You can listen to my last program with guest Michael Voris here.

Right now, my show is not showing up in the upcoming broadcasts at the Fidelis site, but all should be good to go by listening here at 9pm tonight.  If you have trouble listening, please comment on this post.

Fantastic sermon on homeschooling August 23, 2012

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Hey, I know this priest!  And many of my readers do, too, but we shall keep that between us.  What is important, is that he gives a wonderful lesson on the benefits of homeschooling, especially the love and self-sacrifice on the part of parents that children witness through this form of self-giving.

I think the priest may have given this sermon because the school year is about to start for many (although some keep different schedules, or go year-round), and he may hear certain complaints of the difficulties experienced in homeschooling in the confessional.  The sermon is part of a series, I can say, that deals with trying to grow in holiness through all the normal, day to day circumstances of life, instead of waiting for some great trial or some huge event to somehow and miraculously transform us into the “holy.”  Such rarely happens.  St. Therese of Lisieux knew that holiness for the vast majority consists in tiny turnings of the will towards God, little steps of self-denial, little chores or works done out of love for another.  I don’t know about you, but I find it very difficult not to have my will want to assert itself, to complain, to worry, to grouse about having to do this thing or that because someone else didn’t do something, or didn’t do it right, or had a different agenda from my own.  There are a thousand different opportunities to mortify ourselves every day.  For most, this is a lifelong process we’ll be blessed to conform ourselves to before we die.

The priest reminds that the most important aspect of homeschooling is helping our children grow in holiness.  This is something impossible at secular schools, and very rare in parochial schools today.  It is the #1 reason why we homeschool.

The sermon is short, less than 12 minutes, and very worth your time. I wish I had been at this Mass, but we it is available to us now, anyways.

h/t Rorate Caeli


Reminder – Obama loves him some late term abortion August 23, 2012

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This from 2003, but it just reconfirms what we already know – Obama “trusts” women to make dispassionate, informed decisions about having their babies killed what is best for them, what with their boyfriends threatening to leave them and their parents saying they’ll throw them out of the house, and their boss at the strip club reminding them that baby bumps don’t get many table dances (all related to me by one woman outside a mill once), how noble are those decisions:

Is this the first video of Obama I’ve ever posted on this blog?  Let it be the last.

Seriously, though, 2/3 of women report feeling pressured or coerced to abort their child.  Other women do so for callous or shallow motives, like the two times I’ve been told by women at Routh St. they didn’t want a baby because if they stayed pregnant they’d have to stop smoking meth.  But these are “responsible choices.”

In reality, all the rhetoric about choices and trust and all the rest of the rationalizations for abortion are just that – rationalizations for the most unthinkable crime imaginable, the voluntary, premeditated murder of a total innocent in what should be the safest, most secure place in the world.  And for numerous reasons, there is no more sacred shibboleth to the modern American left than the goodness, the wholesomeness of abortion on demand.  Abortion is the backstop for the libertine lifestyles and the destruction of the family which the left has been engaged in to both divert attention from the massive intrusion into private activities by government forces they advocate for (sexual license being the “replacement freedom” for all the other freedoms we’ve lost), as well as the enabler of family destruction which causes more and more people to turn to the government as a surrogate source of support, guidance, etc.  That is why they are so wedded to it, it’s one of the most effective vehicles they have to break down a robust family/religious life and encourage governmental dependence.  That, and their general anti-Christian and amoral beliefs, which cannot be underestimated.

President O-bortion.  What a guy.  This reminder of what Obama just drives me crazy when I think how he has been invited to the NY Archdiocese Catholic Charities dinner!  That invitation alone will likely result in hundreds of thousands of Catholics rationalizing their vote for him!  Sheesh!

Remember, Obama voted against both the born-alive infant protection act, which prevented babies which survived abortion from being killed, and all late term abortion bans he’s been able to vote on.