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Non sequitur August 24, 2012

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The Hollies are an English pop group that formed in the 60s.  In the 80s, they got sucked into the rather substantial nuclear disarmament movement in Britain – I don’t know if they were aware at the time that all such movements in the West were funded and largely directed by the KGB to undermine Western resolve and obstruct the deployment of a modernized deterrent force in Western Europe (Ground Launched Cruise Missile, Pershing II, etc).

I found this on Youtube and it made me chuckle.  I remember this video infuriating me back in the day, when I was all of 11 or 12 years old:

Lots of problems here.  First of all, the flight crew is very scantily equipped – no parachute, survival pack, etc.  Secondly, the oxygen mask is there for a reason – you wear it.  But movie and TV producers hate it because it obstructs the face, so they always show it dangling to the side.  Thirdly, any dude with a girlfriend like that would probably have had a hard time making it through the personnel reliability program – they look very hard at things like that.  Fourthly, I love the unspoken assumption that this mission he’s on has to be some kind of unprovoked attack on the part of the US – good luck with that.  Otherwise, our B-52 pilot hero wouldn’t have a wife/girlfriend to come home to.  If the balloon had ever really gone up, the bombers would have been exceedingly lucky to make it more than 50 miles from base – not only were the bases targeted by SLBMs with flight times of about 6-10 minutes, but they the Soviets also planned to liberally sprinkle the likely flight routes leaving the bases with warheads to catch the bombers early in flight.  That’s why SAC always planned to sortie the fleet to dozens or hundreds of civilian airfields in time of crisis.  But more to the point, the bomber and missile crews all knew they would almost certainly have nothing to come home to but a radioactive wasteland, and revenge is a powerful motivator.

I know a lot of guys who flew with SAC, or spent big parts of their lives 60 feet underground in a Minuteman launch control complex.  This presentation is laughable, and the ostensible B-52 cockpit is a joke.

Ah, the fantasies of the left.

Crazy right wing militarist post of the day concluded.  Have a good weekend.