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Liturgical Disaster August 27, 2012

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I got this from Eponymous Flower.  What can you say about this, which apparently occurred at something akin to a Quincanera in Brazil?:

Young female holding up consecrated Host during Agnes Dei.  Good grief Fr. Inclusive, get a better mic.  This is not just an abuse.  I would say its sacrilegious.  It is things like this that drive many people to seek out traditional parishes where things like this are never tolerated.

Young female administering BOTH forms of Communion to her father.  Leaving aside the enormous problem of Communion in the hand, has this 15  year old been through the very rigorous [oh it’s so rigorous you have no idea!  Ummm…..] training required to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion?  Is this dress considered sufficiently modest to take the very Lord of the Universe into one’s hands and then distribute it to another?

Brazil, like Mexico, used to be one of the most stalwart Catholic nations in the world, but in the last 50 years or so, the Faith has been gutted by modernism, secular humanism, and general leftism to reduce it to a paltry shadow of its former self.  What is left is, quite literally, just the outward form of faith, frequently twisted and abused as we see here.  The very stuff of faith, the real life-changing belief, is all but gone.  That is what a worldly, materialist focus in religion does – it destroys faith.  Faith grows by rejecting the ways of the world, growing in virtue, fighting against our many faults and sins – in essence, focusing on the spiritual aspects of life, the interior life.  A religion focused largely on “solving” worldly problems like hunger or poverty or world peace or whatever misses all of that, and what is left is a false shell of religion.

I was at Mass yesterday again in San Antonio.  I have written of the pervasive problems in that Diocese before – the problems are very, very grave. I will talk about this a great deal on the radio tomorrow night.  But for now, I will only note that of all the intercessory prayers made after the recitation of the Creed, all but one were entirely materialist in nature (including one to help people get out of debt!), and none were about true interior conversion.  And don’t get me started on the sermon, where we learned that “Jesus disappoints us a lot!”

San Antonio is an Archdiocese, like Los Angeles and others, with a very heavy hispanic population and influence.  I have noted that dioceses with this influence tend to be more heterodox or generally problematic.  Much of that stems from the collapse of the Faith in Mexico, after decades of horrific persecution and, of course, the shift in focus after the last council, which the Church in Mexico embraced with gusto.  Catholics who emigrate from Mexico to the US frequently bear the marks of very strong charismatic/protestant influences.  I think this plays a part in the problems in San Antonio.  Again, more tomorrow night.

God willing, that is!


1. Frank - August 28, 2012

Too bad these abuses weren’t just limited to one or two Dioceses but they are so widespread it’s mind boggling. I can’t tell you how many Catholic churches I vowed never to return to because of sacriligeous behavior. One that tops it all is a church in Safety Harbor, Florida that performed a wedding ceremony for the man who had his wife (Terri Schiavo) starved to death. Did he recant or repent before the wedding? Doesn’t seem so since he wrote a book justifying his evil.

2. Elena - August 28, 2012

Our church does the same thing with the intercessory prayers. Social issues trump spiritual conversion of souls. Our church is a “welcoming” church and now includes dialogue between priest and audience during the homily. The priest concludes Mass with syrupy thanks for coming. Wow, didn’t know we were doing Jesus a favor by doing the least of our church obligations. The liberal bishops are the ones who give directives to the parishes; i.e., never saying the Confiteor, skipping the Kyrie, and only using the Apostles’ Creed instead of Nicene Creed at Mass.

3. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - August 28, 2012

As a hispanic Catholic, I take issue with the modern practice related to the Quincenera tradition. In our post modern world, this tradition has long since lost its original meaning and intent. It has been grossly perverted, in my humble opinion, by the ever increasing decadent social mores we find ourselves suffering through. This sacrilege is another proof, in my humble opinion, of this reality. Fathers would be wise to re-consider this practice given the current culture.

4. lionelandrades - August 29, 2012

When they interpret Vatican Council II according to Cushingism and not Fr. Leonard Feeney it has its influence on the liturgy

When they interpret Vatican Council II according to Cushingism and not Fr. Leonard Feeney then they believe there is salvation outside the Church. So they are ‘open’ to Protestants, homosexuals…Masons. It has its influence on the Eucharist and the Liturgy.



In Rome the priests who offer the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) interpret Vatican Council II according to the Richard Cushing Error and are not willing to affirm the dogma outside the Church there is no salvation. They interpret LG 16 as an exception to the dogma on exclusive salvation and then assume that there is salvation outside the Church. This is the liberal interpretation of Vatican Council II according to Cardinal Richard Cushing and the secular left media.

If there is salvation outside the Church then it means the Protestant is going to be saved even though he aborts, contraceps and divorces, so why cannot Catholics so the same ? If there is salvation outside the Catholic Church then why cannot we use a non Catholic liturgy?Can Masons be saved? Why not give the Eucharist to practising homosexuals at Mass as it is being done in London ?

Priests who offer the TLM are not willing to affirm the dogma in public. Even Rorate Caeli is afraid, possibly there are objections from Masons within and outside the Church. May be the priests in the photos are responding to the same pressures.-Lionel Andrades


Vatican Council II says outside the Church there is no salvation and is in agreement with the Syllabus of Errors, Mystici Corporis,Quanto Conficiamus etc.

A priest has criticizied the SSPX Chapter communique for saying outside the church there is no salvation ‘nor possibility to find the means leading to salvation’ since he assumes those saved in invincible ignorance etc are exceptions to the dogma on exclusive salvation.


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