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Marriage made and ruled by God August 27, 2012

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From the awesome This Is The Faith by Canon Ripley:

Marriage was  made by God Himself when He created Adam and Eve. “A man shall leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and they shall be two in one flesh.” (Gen 2:24).

Matrimony comes from two Latin words, matris and munus, meaning the duty of motherhood. The very name indicates God’s purpose in instituting marriage. [Which is, big surprise, procreation.  Certain modernist beliefs aside, the Church has always believed the prime end of marriage is procreation.  Yes, there is a unitive aspect, but this end is inferior to the procreative end.  I, striving to agree with the Fathers of the Church and belief through about 1950,  would argue it is markedly so.]

That is the first thing we must remember about marriage-that God made it. What God made, God governs. [this sentence just obliterates all arguments in favor of having government redefine what marriage means]Therefore, the law made by God in regard to marriage cannot be wrong, unreasonable, or too difficult. He, the infinitely wise and good God, made marriage for the good of the man, the woman and the children, and for the happiness of the family, the good of the state and the well-being of the human race. Thus, to violate God’s Law in marriage can only result in injury to all those whom God intended to benefit by His Law. [and thus, insane redefinitions of marriage by the state, including such depravities as gay “marriage,” polygamy, bestiality, and abuse of children are direct assaults on the rights of the Church and God Himself.  This entire so-called gay marriage movement is just one giant blasphemy]

At the same time, men are free to marry or not to marry; they are free in choosing their partner in marriage. But once the marriage contract has been freely entered into, the parties to it are subject to the laws of God governing marriage. [If you took the average faithful priest from, say, the 1940s and showed him the number of annulments processed in the Church today, he would assume that either there has been a great collapse in law and order and mass abductions for literally rapacious purposes were commonplace, or that something had gone extremely wrong in the Church.  This is not a trivial matter.  The Code of Canon Law  and the tribunal process both desperately need reform.  And sentimentality is not “pastoral.”]

———————–End Quote———————————–

Amazing clarity!  Isn’t it terrific to see totally straightforward definitions of Church belief, without waffling or modernist caveats?   And only 60 years ago!  It is truly disheartening that the vast majority of parishes, seminaries, universities, etc., absolutely refuse to use any catehechetical materials from prior to 1965 or so.  In fact, if you tell Ms. So and So or Deacon Fred at the local parish that you are using the Baltimore Catechism to teach your kids, prepare to be told you just CAN’T use such a terrible, out of date resource!  You may even be threatened with denial of the Sacrament for your child if you insist!  Don’t you know clarity is divisive?!  Don’t you know it is “hurtful,” even “judging?!”

And don’t get them started on the horrors of “negative ecclesiology!”  Which just happens to wipe out Augustine, Ferrer, Jerome, Canisius, etc., etc.

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