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Lefty girl praying for schism August 28, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, Basics, contraception, disaster, foolishness, Four Last Things, General Catholic, sadness, scandals, Society.

A self-described “girl” in Austin wants her some schism, so she can have her “social justice church.”  She doesn’t want icky “conservatives” (read: faithful Catholics) messing up her hip “social justice” vibe, with awesome dinner parties and endless wine (I am not making this up!).  You should check out her piece. She mostly seems to want the usual, banal things: womyn priestessesses, gay “marriage,” contraception, abortion, left wing government policies, etc, etc.  The same tired garbage we’ve heard for years.  I sort of ranted a bit at her. I meant to try to shock her from her malaise, but I doubt I will have the intended effect.  There is no soul more difficult to convert than the invincibly ignorant catholyc who is totally convinced that their political preferences masquerading as Catholic principles are completely, totally orthodox.  I might talk about this tonight, if I get the chance, too.

Here is the conclusion, describing her “dream chyrch” (I add emphasis and comments):

For decades I prayed that the Catholic Church would evolve, but not anymore. Now I’m holding out for a schism, instead. We’ll be the Social Justice Catholic Church and they can be the Conservative Catholic Church. [No….we’ll just be the Catholic Church, One, Holy, and Apostolic, thank you very much]

We’ll take Melinda Gates, Stephen Colbert, all of the Kennedys, Sonia Sotomayor, John Kerry and, yes (because we have a sense of humor), even Joe Biden.  Oh — and for edgy vibe, we’ll take Jack White. The Conservative Catholics can have Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Paul Ryan and Justice Antonin Scalia.  [ummm……you know the Church is present in every country of the world, and not just the US, right?  Talk about putting the Church in a box…..of your own making]

In the Social Justice Catholic Church, there will be no more of this nonsense over contraception. Once we’ve put that non-issue to rest, we’ll be freed up to tackle other non-issues, too — like marriage and gender equality.  [Do you think she accepts what Jesus Christ said about divorce?]

In the Social Justice Catholic Church, everyone will be treated equally — men, women, gay or straight. And everyone will be allowed to marry, even priests. And speaking of priests, no one will be disqualified from being one based on gender or sexual orientation. Priest shortage? What priest shortage?  [Yes, having female clergy has solved ALL the episcopal’s problems……]

So, what makes the Social Justice Catholic Church different from any other inclusive and reasonable church, like the Unitarian Church, for example? Two thousand years’ worth of rituals and accessories, that’s what. We’re keeping all of the cool incense burners, water-sprinkler thingies, holy days, saints and sacraments. Oh, and the wine. We’re definitely keeping the wine.  [Is this supposed to be funny?  Do you think she believes in the Real Presence?  Do you think she really values liturgical traditions like this?]

Now let’s talk facilities. I’ve been to the Vatican, and it’s huge. We can divide that thing straight down the middle and still have plenty of room for both groups. The Conservative Catholics can have Pope Benedict, but I call dibs on John Paul II’s crypt. I know JP Deuce made some mistakes (papal infallibility notwithstanding), but I liked him. I guess you could say he had me at (Polish trade union) solidarity.    [I told this woman she was a worldly materialist.  My comment, though harsh, stands]

And as long as we’re dividing things up, I guess we’re going to need separate quarters in heaven, too. Clarence Thomas doesn’t say much and that makes him easy enough to tune out, but there’s no way I’m spending eternity listening to Sean Hannity[Hannity has his own problems.  In Heaven, we won’t be concerned about such triflings]

I may not live to see the day when everyone is treated with basic human dignity and enjoys access to modern medicine here on earth. But after the schism, at least I can take comfort knowing that’s what awaits me in Social Justice Catholic heaven. [as I said, a total materialist – she cannot conceive of things that are not created, not of substance, not material]

And with marriage equality and contraception flowing freely, I’m betting Jesus, his 12 “go-to” guys and his home girl Mary Magdalene will all be there, too. [Please…….Jesus, who came to fulfill, to perfect the law, is going to repudiate it by endorsing so-called gay marriage.]

With that guest list, you know the dinner parties in Social Justice Catholic Heaven will be as fabulous as they are endless — with bottomless glasses of wine and a place at the table for everyone. [AA can help.  Furthermore, simply because the Church does not bend to the will of current day secular humanist leftists, does not mean there is not “a place at the table for everyone.”  Christ came to save all.  But He knew many – like this woman – would reject Him and His Church.  It is a tragedy of incalculable proportions.  But that is our fallen nature, and we all struggle against the same impulses that lead us to reject Christ and His Church.  I pray for this woman, Chistina]



1. Jeannee - August 29, 2012

I was reading this and I was the one w/ her mouth hanging open – who IS this woman?! So I did some checking into Christina Pesoli: I think of what u wrote about her being materially oriented, because she has started a divorce recovery group called The Emotional Hardbody Boot Camp – now, I’ve been to churched and non-churched divorce support groups, but that’s a whole new take! She has a kid in elementary school (scary), lives in Austin, Texas & is apparently quite out and about town (which from everything I’ve read and heard about from people who’ve been there it’s very artsy – read: would support someone like herself), and is also possibly an attorney. She’s written a wealth of articles (this is just one, and you can imagine what else she’s written!). What gave me a smirk was how close her last name is to another Catholic in name only doesn’t know her faith, female …

2. Michael P. Mc Crory - August 29, 2012

Rather you than me with that one.

“He who makes himself his own guide (teacher) to morality becomes the pupil of a fool. “

3. Natalie - August 29, 2012

This has to be a joke, she cannot possibly be serious.
I’m pretty sure that split happened about 500 years ago. Maybe she if all she wants is the accoutrements, she should defect to the high church Episcopals.

4. Kevin Shook (@DFWSHOOK) - August 29, 2012

The Pope spoke of this on Sunday:

Holy Father’s Sunday Angelus.

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