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Angry, ‘spirit of Vatican II’ type priest – Church focuses way too much on hell, fear August 29, 2012

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I don’t know what planet this guy lives on.  A certain Fr. Emmett Coyne, whose name sounds familiar, has written a diatribe called The Theology of Fear, in which he lashes out at the Catholic Church for all its manifold failings low these 2000 years.  Makes you wonder why he stayed a priest for so long – unless it was to infect numerous souls with his views.  Irrespective, I haven’t been a Catholic as long as he has (he’s 73), but in my 15 or so years I can’t recall hearing Hell or “fear-based” teaching at all until I started seeking that kind of thing out 3 years ago.  I think the experience of the vast majority of the people in the pews today is that hell might as well not exist, as infrequently as it is mentioned in their parishes.

The Vatican rules the Roman Catholic Church through indoctrination, control, and fear, rather than through nurturing love, service, and freedom, according to Father Emmett Coyne, a Roman Catholic priest. His new book, The Theology of Fear exposes how far afield the highest church authorities have strayed from the gospel of Jesus Christ….[or, perhaps it exposes how far afield Fr. Emmett Coyne’s self-serving “theology” has strayed from the belief of the Church, which is to say, Jesus Christ]

“I’m on the last lap of life and eternity is facing me. It’s my last chance to speak up and speak out,” said Father Coyne, who was ordained in 1966 and is retired at age 73…….

……He believes Catholics learn more about how to go to hell than how to get into heaven [how does this fit with your experience?], and that, historically, the sacraments were established as a way to control church members through guilt and fear. “Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God. He didn’t proclaim the sacraments,” he said. [Ummm…what was that thing about the Last Supper and “This Is My Body…..do this is memory of me?”  What about “unless you are born again of water and the spirit you have no life in you?”  “Sacraments” just describe specific actions Christ commanded His Church to perform]

Theology of Fear further asserts that seminarians for the priesthood are ordained based on their ability to follow doctrine without question, while activist priests are viewed as risks to church authority. “They [seminarians] drop out when they discover they can’t think for themselves,” said Father Coyne, who once was chastised by his superiors for adding the words, “Jesus, our good shepherd,” to a prayer. [Depends on the prayer.  These statements, so utterly divorced from reality (for “activist” priests are a common occurrence nowadays, sadly), reveal just how radical Fr. Coyne must be]

What does this long-time priest hope to accomplish with his book The Theology of FearThe 50th Anniversary of the Vatican Council will occur in October [so, you can see, this is all about trying to reignite the dying embers of the “spirit of Vatican II” crowd.  These people really think they’ll live forever], and Father Coyne believes change, reform, and transparency of the church’s highest echelons are crucial. He wants everyday Catholics to rediscover Jesus’ teachings that it is the person who is absolute in God’s eyes, not an institution. [Ummm….this is wrong on many levels.  Too much to unpack but wrong] Jesus emphasized the spirit of the law grounded in love, never the letter of the law based on punishment. [Again, where, outside a very traditional parish you intentionally sought out, have you heard any – ANY – “fear-based” or punishment focused talk?  We DO NEED to hear that!  A lot!  But this guy is delusional if he thinks the Church has focused inordinately on what guys like him call “negative ecclesiology”] Father Coyne expects church authorities will not be happy with his book.  “One has to follow the truth wherever it takes him,” he said. [ I doubt the “authorities” will care much about this book at all, which is also sad, because it is just one of dozens others like it, a 325 page temper tantrum by a man who should know better]

These people will not go silently into the night that awaits them.  I pray he has some extreme conversion.

I could write 2500 words just fisking what’s in the little bit above.  Lord, have mercy!  This priest, God bless him, seems to be fighting a battle against a chimerical church of his imagination, the notional church of his youth.  Which, if you embraced the more radical aspects of that spirit of Vatican II, was a terrible, hideous Church that needed total, top to bottom reform.  Meaning, revolution.


1. Michael P. Mc Crory - August 30, 2012

And if he were to be reported to his bishop for his stupidity the response , most likely, would be.
” Fr. ? is a very dedicated and much loved priest. You shouldn’t be so quick to judge.”

2. Catechist Kev - August 30, 2012

Oh, dear Lord in heaven.

Even with a cursory reading of the Gospels it is *very* clear.

Our Blessed Lord speaks more often (quite a bit) of Hell and damnation than He does of grace and salvation. This is not some kind of Vatican “indoctrination, control, and fear” – this is the Gospel truth!

Even Fr. Benedict Groeschel has said this on his show on Sunday evenings on EWTN.

Once when he was thrown in jail for praying outside of an abortion mill in Manhattan – he said that he had plenty of time to read… so, for the first time he read the Gospels left to right – all the way through.

To this he exclaimed, “My God! Who can be saved?”

Let us all place our trust in our Divine Savior as he answered this same question from His disciples thusly, “…with God all things are posssible.” (Mt. 19:26)

I will pray for Fr. Coyne.


3. Frank - August 30, 2012

Father should take into account the words of Scripture: Work out thy salvation with fear and trembling. It would also do him well to remember that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

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