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More damning evidence against Catholic Relief Services August 31, 2012

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More damning evidence against Catholic Relief Services – CRS – has emerged.  In the past month, it has been discovered that CRS gave $5.3 million to a charity that supports abortion and contraception, is a dues paying member of two organizations, one of which distributes contraception and the other of which is focused heavily on providing abortions in Cambodia, and has numerous top staff whose previous employment was with population control organizations.

Now comes evidence from CRS’ own documents about how CRS promotes the use of contraception like condoms for “harm prevention” and other purposes, even if the organization itself doesn’t provide the contraceptives.

So, in CRS’ own words, while it cannot distribute condoms itself, it is free to tell people about the “effectiveness” of condoms in “harm reduction” and then tell its clients where they can obtain condoms.  Is this the “adherence to Catholic teaching” to which CRS is alluding when it defends the hiring of individuals from pro-abortion organizations?

Another top employee sits on the steering committee for the organization that performs abortions in Cambodia, while also working for a condom distribution enterprise.

The article finally notes that other individuals have left CRS and then directly go to work for population control groups, including those involved in the distribution of contribution.  The conclusion:

Are we to believe that individuals, such as Daphyne Williams and Dr. Sok Pun simply turn off their support for condoms and abortion when they join CRS, and that employees like Steve Kraus suddenly become “pro-contraception” after they leave CRS.  And why is CRS continuing to defend its support for terrible organizations like CARE, MEDiCAM, and CORE Group?  This kind of dynamic speaks volumes about the culture of Catholic Relief Services and the character of its employees.  So, the biggest question of all is, “Can an organization that calls itself ‘Catholic,’ but employs pro-abortion, pro-contraception non-Catholics actually live up to its name?”  As the evidence continues to roll out, the answer appears to be “no.”

The answer, of course, is no. Furthermore, personnel is policy.  It is laughable for CRS to claim all these stridently pro-abort and pro-contracept individuals are somehow faithfully adhering to Catholic doctrine in their CRS jobs.  More likely is that they are aping the pro-contracept and pro-abort positions of the most senior leadership at CRS, possibly including clergy.  Typically, organizations tend to mimic, to a degree, the personalities of their senior management.  There is an even stronger tendency for organizations to reflect the beliefs of senior management.  I strongly doubt these individuals named so far are the only ones that have worked against Church teaching. I would suspect there are many, many more. I would suspect such views are rampant at CRS, and tend to dominate the entire organization.  Which is why CRS was scandalized when asked if they would ever evangelize any of the souls they serve.  “Of course not, never!” was the response.

That’s why I continue to tell people not to support any USCCB-affiliated charity. No to Catholic Charities, CRS, CCHD, Catholic Climate Covenant, all of ’em.  All these organizations are filled with the kind of people who work at NGOs, and the vast majority of those types have little regard for Catholic belief, especially those dealing with sexuality.


Whoa – Ripley takes apart overzealous NFP promoters….. August 31, 2012

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….and by overzealous, I mean, a lot of NFP promoters, including Pia de Sollenni and Teresa Tomeo.  From pp. 356-7 of the book I’ve been ripping off so bad it’s in shreds, This Is THE Faith by Canon Francis Ripley:

A word also needs to be mentioned about Natural Family Planning and periodic continence. Each method of limiting the birth of children relies on the use of the reproductive faculty only during the woman’s infertile periods, thus avoiding pregnancy. The use of the term “Natural Family Planning” has come under sharp attack from traditional Catholic writers in recent years because it implies the right of the couple to “plan” their family; whereas the Catholic norm is to let God plan one’s family and to accept the children when (and if) God gives them – as a blessing from Him on the marital union and on society. [we seem to have, quite incredibly, forgotten as a society and even to a degree as a Church that children are just that – a blessing.  Not a burden, not a cost, not another mouth to feed, a blessing, the greatest material blessing God can bestow] Except for the use of NFP for fertility reasons (i.e., to aid in a legitimate way in conceiving a child), the planning aspect of NFP would appear to reflect acceptance of the neo-pagan practice of “family planning” – albeit using “natural” as opposed to artificial means. [Herein, Canon Ripley seems to disagree with Fr. Erlenbush, who decried that it was impossible for their to be a “contraceptive mentality” in abusing NFP.  What is wrong is using NFP to achieve immoral ends, call it what you will.  I love it that he called family planning “neo-pagan!” AwESomE! Proponents of NFP, it would seem, are confusing a legitimate means during an emergency situation or for a “grave reason” with an illegitimate end in the case of no family emergency or “no grave reason,” and presume then to conclude that NFP is morally acceptable as a way of life. [I have heard de Sollenni describe how wonderful it is that couples use NFP throughout marriage to have no children at all.  In very rare circumstances, that may be necessary, but she certainly didn’t make that clear, she presented that as a regular option]The end purpose of NFP – that is, “planning” one’s family -is not acceptable in principle, being against Natural Law and the teachings of the Church. A couple does not have the right to “plan their family” even though the means used are those of NFP and do not violate the Church’s proscriptions against artificial birth control……..

….”The control of births, therefore, should always be the exceptional situation in marriage, never the normal.” Further, “The modern Catholic couple must be reminded that parenthood is the business of marriage. This is their vocation………You should want children;[I would argue that a conscious desire to avoid children as a regular part of marriage or as the “baseline” is a troubling indicator that one is not really ready/suited for marriage] and parenthood, God willing, should be more than an incidental experience in your married lives.  IF you have a truly Catholic conscience and a love of children, you will find that alleged obstacles can be overcome. Far from losing happiness, you will gain great long-range satisfaction.” (this last bit from the Catholic Marriage Manual, 1958).

—————————————End Quote—————————————-

Amazing, isn’t it, how unclear things have become in the past five decades?  Both of the sources quoted above were written in the 1950s.  The first, however, was updated several times since, including some unfortunate changes made by TAN in 2002 that make it so I can’t entirely and unreservedly endorse this book, even though it is very, very good in almost every respect.  Be that as it may, it is breathtaking how much the “default” Catholic position has shifted – from a clear belief that any sort of planning for other than the gravest of reasons was morally unacceptable, to today where a majority of the most “committed” Catholics think artificial contraception is fine.  It shows how quickly even the most moral, most blessed societies can fall apart when doctrinal clarity is muddied by pastoral motives.

Our families are falling apart, so our culture is falling apart, and it all goes back to birth control.  The culture won’t hear it, but it is plain as day – once people took this great power of procreation away from God and tried to claim it for themselves, the great roiling avalanche of decadence, immorality, and sin began.  I don’t see any imminent signs of its stopping.

Don’t forget about Holy Face Devotion at the Carmelites! August 31, 2012

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Holy Face devotion and Benediction with the Carmelites Sunday at 3:30 pm!  It’s kind of weird this month, with the First Friday next week and the First Saturday tomorrow!

On an unrelated notes, go tonsure or go home.  When will the tonsure be required of all clerics again?  Of all the problems facing the Church today, I think this is the most pressing.  We demand tonsured priests now!

I might even start a movement – a secret cabal of dedicated Catholic men – to administer tonsures whether they are wanted, or not.  That’s how strongly I feel about this issue.

All I really wanted was another excuse to post a pic of the awesomeness of the tonsure.

It was an awesome show last night August 31, 2012

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I loved it, anyways.  I hope listeners did, as well.  You can listen to my interview with Fr. Michael Rodriguez here.  There were many topics I wanted to cover that we didn’t get to, so I’ll definitely try to arrange further interviews with Fr. Rodriguez in the future.

Say some prayers for Fr. Rodriguez and the El Paso Diocese!  They need your prayerful support.  And pray for bishops with heroic virtue!