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It was an awesome show last night August 31, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, awesomeness, Dallas Diocese, fun, General Catholic, Holy suffering, persecution, priests.

I loved it, anyways.  I hope listeners did, as well.  You can listen to my interview with Fr. Michael Rodriguez here.  There were many topics I wanted to cover that we didn’t get to, so I’ll definitely try to arrange further interviews with Fr. Rodriguez in the future.

Say some prayers for Fr. Rodriguez and the El Paso Diocese!  They need your prayerful support.  And pray for bishops with heroic virtue!


1. Steve B. - August 31, 2012


I fully agree with you – it was a truly awesome show that you had last night with Fr. Rodriguez! I just finished listening to the MP3 archive.


Perhaps the next time you are able to have Fr. Rodriguez on your show, or when you have Fr. Cekada on your show, you can have him elaborate on specific examples of HOW the spiritual emphasis of the Traditional Latin Mass differs from the Novus Ordo Missae? Perhaps too you might cover WHY those changes were made in the liturgical “reforms”?

Unfortunately, there are many sincere and devoted Catholics (like the Irish caller to your show last night) who don’t fully realize how much the fullness of our Catholic belief was de-emphasized when the Mass was “reformed” after Vatican II (in the promotion of “ecumenism”) – e.g. the sacrificial nature of the Mass, and the theocentric emphasis of the Mass, to name just a couple of the two most crucially important aspects.

The thing that I think we should always keep in mind, however, whenever the issue of “understanding” and the vernacular languages are discussed wrt Holy Mass, is that we are participating in a MYSTERY – the re-presentation of the very same Sacrifice that Our Lord offered of Himself on the Cross. During Holy Mass, we are given an immeasurable gift for the opportunity to “stand spiritually at the foot of the Cross”. We must always keep in mind that, this side of heaven, we’ll NEVER come remotely close to substantially understanding that mystery, no matter what language is used during Holy Mass.

But contrary to what the Irish caller insinuated, with the use of a TLM hand missal the faithful can ALWAYS understand what is being prayed during the TLM, if that is what he/she feels called to do – i.e. the issue of the Latin being a “distraction” for our spiritual participation during Holy Mass is a wild herring, once a person becomes familiar with the TLM (it usually takes assisting 4-6 times to “get the hang” of the TLM, mostly b/c the flow of the TLM is appreciably different from the Novus Ordo Missae) . The more we unite ourselves to Christ’s re-presentation of Himself during Holy Mass, the more fully we are truly participating with Him in His offering to God the Father.

As Fr. Rodriguez and you both were trying to say last night, our understanding of the details of the prayers during Holy Mass – no matter in what language they are being stated – are truly secondary to our heartfelt participation in the Holy Sacrifice. Yes, our understanding of the prayers can be quite valuable and spiritually edifying, so I don’t want to diminish their value and impact. However, deeply uniting ourselves to Christ with all of our mind, heart, soul, and strength during the Holy Sacrifice is FAR more important than what our understanding of what the prayers entails.

Keep up the GREAT work you are doing on behalf of the Church, Tantamergo, both on your blog and on your radio show!

Pax et benedictiones tibi, per Christum Dominum nostrum,

Steve B.
Plano, TX

tantamergo - August 31, 2012

Wow, awesome comment! I hope to write a post along these lines on Monday, but I don’t expect to convince the caller. I thought Fr. Rodriguez took his argument apart perfectly, when he stated that the “Church” in its wisdom didn’t do any such thing as get rid of vernacular Mass at Vatican II – the Consilium and Paul VI did, but the Council did not. Then again, Cekada feels that all this debate about whether Vat II did this or that is pointless, as it was intentionally written so nebulously as to be interpreted and argued ad infinitum either way.

I do want to address the Latin much more, because I feel there is no comparison between NO, NO Latin, and the TLM. TLM is way, way better in numerous respects than either NO variant. But a vernacular TLM offered with all the same rubrics and a truly slavish translation – don’t know how that would go, never experienced it, but I think Latin is still preferred for universality and constancy.

It’s a good discussion point, wish I had more time today.

Michael P. Mc Crory - August 31, 2012

It’s the” Irish caller” again.
You guys have just proved my point.
All the good stuff that you ,CORRECTLY ,say is missing in the ‘new’ mass is Not because it is in the vernacular but for far deeper AND very correctable reasons that every good priest I’ve known clearly proves each time I attend THEIR mass.
Considering that the Church itself made this decision to encourage the vernacular don’t you think it arrogant of you all, ( good Fr.Rodrigus included, ) to keep putting it down because so many mediocre priests do such a poor job with it. We need to work on them not on mastering the Latin.
The fault, dear catholic brother, site andis not in the language used but in ourselves — in particular these poorly trained priests that we have today.
You guys put two and two together and come up with six so often, as the cause. The lack of Latin being your 6
A little humility here too would go a long way to end this division,friendly as it may be. You are not , as you all seem to think ,automatically more present and involved at this
“…unbloody reenactment of the bloody sacrifice of Calvary” by using a language that MOST people really have to work at.
You may as well claim that this new priestly lack of appreciation of what is really going on at mass is because priests today do not seem to have any real belief in the Eucharist.
( Isn’t it rare to see a priest EVER in Adoration before the Blessed Savrament. )
If I am right about that, and I believe I am, then the reasons go much deeper than their use of the vernacular over the Latin. Father is right there — the language we use at mass is not the real problem so stop talking as if it is.
All I’m saying guys is please don’t go so way over the top in your praise of the Latin mass.
Prefer it by all means if you must but LEAVE it at that. The Vicar of Christ does,

And did you ever wonder why nuns wear black?
It’s just a habit they get into.
I’d also like to tell you about this guy I know who has. a Brake -Fluid addiction.
He keeps insisting that he can stop at any time.

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