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Please pray for Bishop Finn – UPDATED September 6, 2012

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Believe me when I say, this  is one of the best bishops in this country.  Please pray for him, this entire case was a politically motivated kangaroo court of the worst kind, and it has a great deal to do with the gravest evil in this country, abortion. [So, herein I relied a great deal on some testimony of someone I trust a great deal, but they may have a blind eye on this matter.  This case, like many abuse cases, has different people seeing and saying radically different things.  I have read and been told this is a highly politically motivated effort to destroy Bishop Finn due to his orthodoxy.  But there are ostensibly independent reports that reveal grave problems (and yet, the report itself found Bishop Finn knew nothing of the child porn allegations until the problem priest’s arrest).  And the fact that Finn was charged at all was amazing, as “failure to report suspicion of abuse” is rarely prosecuted, and generally very difficult to prove criminal intent.  The prosecution seemed very eager to make a name for themselves, and the media had a field day bashing the Church.  The truth may lie somewhere in between. Ultimately, Bishop Finn elected to be found guilty without a jury trial, probably as part of some prior agreement with the prosecution to put an end to this disaster. I think prayer is about the only thing to do here] There is a very evil cabal in Kansas City on both sides of the Missouri river, which has done all it can to keep its dirty little secret of underage abortions from coming to light.  This persecution of Bishop Finn was not unrelated to that cabal.  Read also about former Kansas attorney general Phil Kline.  Kathleen Sebelius is up to her neck in all this, up to and including illegally shredding court evidence to hide the names of underage girls of well-to-do Kansas City socialites who had abortions at Planned Barrenhood facilities there.  This all comes down, ultimately, to keeping up appearances.  How sad.

Finn is not perfect, but he’s one of the best we have now.  The best priest I know holds him in very high regard [as do the Benedictine nuns at the Priory of Ephesus].

Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City, Missouri, has been found guilty of failing to report evidence of sexual abuse by a priest in his diocese.

After a brief bench trial, Judge John Torrence pronounced the bishop guilty on one of two misdemeanor charges, acquitting him of the other charge. Bishop Finn thus becomes the first American bishop convicted of a criminal offense for mishandling sex-abuse complaints.

Judge Torrence sentenced Bishop Finn to two years of probation, suspending thee sentence. If the bishop completes his probation, his conviction will be stricken from the record.

Before sentencing, Bishop Finn offered a simple apology for his role in the case. “I truly regret and am sorry for the hurt these event caused,” he said. Lawyers for the bishop had agreed with prosecutors to forego a jury trial, which was scheduled to begin later this month. Instead they opted for a quick before the judge, allowing for an immediate verdict and sentencing.

It is amazing to see the rot in this culture.  The “evil cabal” in Kansas City is very true.  Kansas City.  Is there any more all-American place than that?  And yet, wealthy Johnson County denizens took their daughters who had been impregnated by men guilty of statutory rape to Tiller’s death house to have their late term grandchildren killed.

It just shows that the problems of moral decadence and decline in this culture are everywhere.


1. Michael P. Mc Crory - September 6, 2012

‘Will pray for him.

2. KathiBee - September 7, 2012

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

3. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - September 7, 2012

The Catholic ‘Attack Dog’ weighs in on the matter: http://www.catholicleague.org/assessing-bishop-finns-guilt/

Go, Bill! *ducks for cover*

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