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Progressive favorite Sister Simone Campbell can’t decide if abortion should be illegal September 6, 2012

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Via Pewsitter, the Weekly Standard quotes “Nuns on a Bus” tour member Sister Simone Campbell discussing abortion, and how the only moral way to fight against abortion is to – you guessed it – radically increase social spending, over and above the radical increases such spending has already seen in the past few years under Obama.  As to whether abortion is fundamentally evil and should be outlawed, that decision is beyond her:

But how does Campbell, a Catholic who says she believes abortion is the taking of an innocent life, weigh her budget concerns against her opposition to abortion? It turns out there’s not a dilemma because, as Campbell told me this afternoon at the Charlotte Convention Center, she doesn’t know if she supports laws protecting the lives of unborn children.

TWS: On the legal question, do you think there should be penalties against abortion doctors? I mean, should it be illegal to perform abortions?

CAMPBELL: That’s beyond my pay grade. I don’t know. [Sheesh, she even apes Obama’s language on this subject.]

“The fact is my vast preference is that all women would have the support to carry their babies to term,” Campbell continued. “One of the things I find so horrifying in the Romney-Ryan budget is that they want to take those supports away. And then they claim they’re pro-life. That just drives me nuts!”

So Campbell knows that the Romney-Ryan budget is “horrifying” because it spends less on social welfare programs than Obama, but she’s agnostic about passing laws to stop abortions.

This is the kind of the, I’m sorry, pathetic excuse for reasoning that comes from those who try to meld their progressive political perspective with the Catholic Faith.  It doesn’t work. What happens is that the progressive beliefs trump the Catholic Dogma every time. So, we get some ridiculous rigamarole about how Ryan’s plan to slow the growth of government social welfare spending – spending that is bleeding this nation white and leading us to economic collapse – is somehow anti-life, while being agnostic on whether the murder of what Campbell acknowledges to be innocents….well, that’s too difficult a call to make!  It’s only too difficult because Campbell doesn’t want to run afoul of her progressive allies and supporters.

The whole thing is a sham.  The silly little bus tour was nothing but left wing agitprop funded by Soros, with paid “supporters” at every stop (generally, just a dozen or two) whooping and yelling how much they loved these sisters they’d never heard of until an hour or so before.  The democrats have absolutely no use for Campbell or her Church – a Church they despise – except to use her and it as a vehicle to hopefully deliver a few more naive Catholic votes.  That is the illusion behind Dolan and so many other bishop’s policy of “engagement.”  They’re not being “engaged,” they’re being played, for fools.

For any Catholics who still vote democrat that read this blog, this is not the democrat party of yesteryear.  It has been totally co-opted by its most radical elements and is committed to a social agenda that is invariably hostile to right practice of any form of Christianity, but especially Catholicism.  Every election cycle they trot out some dissenting Catholic to try to woo people away, but don’t fall for it.  If you value your faith at all, I don’t believe you can vote for any candidate of the present day democrat party in good conscience.  Even if that particular candidate claims to be pro-life, have traditional views of marriage and the family, etc., the party doesn’t and is in fact committed to the very opposite of those things.  The repubniks are no great shakes, either, but at least they are not at present wedded to the destruction of innocent life, the family, marriage, and ultimately the Catholic Church.

In this case, it is more moral not to vote, than it is to cast a vote for the democrat party.

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