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Save America Sunday? September 12, 2012

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Anyone heard of this?  Apparently, it’s an effort to have Eucharistic Processions – on public streets! – this October 28th in order to pray for God’s mercy on this nation and a change of leadership at the highest levels.  This is supposed to be a nationwide effort, but I haven’t heard anything about it.  I have readers from around the country (and world – thanks, you guys are awesome!), so, I wondered if any of you had heard of this.  I’d love to participate in a huge, diocese-wide Procession in downtown Dallas on Oct. 28, days before this election in.

C’mon, Bishop Farrell, other dioceses have processions, and on public streets!  How about we follow the same route as the March for Life and witness to the Social Kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Do your works for the glory of God alone September 12, 2012

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This……this, is a very timely rejoinder for me.  From St. Alphonsus Ligouri’s Ascetical Works, Vol. 6 The Blessed Sacrament:

The Prophet Aggeus says, that whoever labors for anything else than to please God, puts his reward in a sack full of holes, which, when he comes to open, he finds entirely empty: “And he that hath earned wages, put them into a bag with holes.” (Agg 1:6) And hence it is that such persons, in the event of their not gaining the object for which they entered on some undertaking, are thrown into great trouble. This is a sign that they had not in view the glory of God alone. He that undertakes a thing solely for the glory of God, is not troubled at all, though his undertaking may fail of success; for, in truth, by working with a pure intention, he has already gained his object, which was to please Almighty God.

The following are the signs which indicate whether we work solely for God in any spiritual undertaking:

  1. If we are not disturbed at the failure of our plans, because when we see it is not God’s Will, neither is it any longer our will
  2. If we rejoice at the good done by others, as heartily as if we ourselves had done it
  3. If we have no preference for one charge more than for another, but willingly accept that which obedience to superiors enjoins on us
  4. If after our actions we do not seek the thanks or approbation of others, nor are in any way affected if we be found fault with or scolded, being satisfied with having pleased God. And if when the world applauds us we are not puffed up, but meet the vain glory which might make itself felt, with the reply of the venerable John of Avila “Get away, thou comest too late, for all has been already given to God!”

This is to enter into the joy of the Lord’ that is, to enjoy the enjoyment of God, as is promised to his faithful servants: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant; because thou hast been faithful over a few things….enter into the the joy of thy Lord. (Matt 25:21)”  And if it falls to our lot to do something pleasing to God, what more, asks St. John Chrysostom, can we desire? “If thou art found worthy t to perform something that pleases God, dost thou seek other recompense than this?” The greatest reward, the brightest fortune, that can befall a creature, is to give pleasure to his Creator. …….

…….St. Teresa said that all who would become a Saint must live free from every desire other than to please God; and her first daughter, the Venerable Beatrice of the Incarnation said “No sum whatever could repay the slightest thing done for God.” And with reason, for all things done to please God are acts of charity which unite us to God, and obtain for us everlasting rewards.

————————-End Quote——————————–

Difficult things!  It is not easy to offer our works in such a dispossessed manner, to leave all to God, especially projects in which we are deeply, personally invested!  But it is very necessary for advancement in the spiritual life.  It will, in truth, be something we must work on our entire lives.

Oh, to have a bishop like St. Alphonsus Ligouri were bishop!

Religion is increasingly hated in American society, and especially Catholicism September 12, 2012

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I found this fantastic reaction to the neo-pagan sexularist God-bashing festival called the democrat national convention at Ars Orandi.  There is an excerpt below, go read the rest there (I add emphasis and comments):

While the Republican Party is doing its best to explain away and trivialize the religion of its  candidate, [which, given what it is, may not be a bad idea] the Democrats are busy embracing their anti-religion, which begs the question: Where does that leave a quickly shrinking minority of devoutly religious people? At the moment it would appear that Catholics have a voice in the public square. Those heretics who still claim to be Catholic had a loud voice at the DNC, where they were enthusiastically given a stage to attack the Church. However, devout Catholics had no stage to defend the Church and her teachings at the RNC. Cardinal Dolan gave the “benediction” at both conventions, but to what effect? Does his appearance change the minds of most Americans who believe that devoutly religious Christians are a scourge to civilization and a deterrent to progress?[It is to be greatly lamented that Catholics do not have a political party they can truly call their own.  One has serious problems, the other, completely, totally unacceptable. The Republicans are, in this election as before, increasingly giving the shove-off to people of faith, who make up the majority of their base.  This cannot stand] The majority of media outlets who refused to cover the benediction at the DNC have made their position known without having to say it.

We are seeing before us an incredible acceleration of the Revolution, wherein traditional religion will be attacked without mercy, the destruction of the family will be completed, and the masses will be lulled into reliance on government instead of their own resources. What the Communists of a by-gone era could not achieve by force of arms is now being accomplished by the Great Society entitlements, social welfare, pornography, the entertainment industry, luxury, and all the other distractions of our modern world, all of which drive man from God, destroy the family, and make us dependent upon the architects of big government. [Brilliant summation of the crisis that faces us]

Obama very well could lose to Romney this November. However, will that actually mark a step forward for devoutly religious Christians? It’s doubtful, seeing as how the Republican Party is so hesitant now to back their religious constituents. [Not only are they turning away from us icky cultural conservatives and believers, but they are even making the GOP’s pro-life position a mockery]The GOP vice-presidential candidate has made his name trying to save one of those Great Society programs that was designed to hurt the family. Paul Ryan is no counter-revolutionary, yet he represents the mainstay of the Republican Party. [I disagree here.  Getting rid of Medicare is politically impossible now and for the foreseeable future. Ryan is about as revolutionary as he can be and remain politically viable.  I think he would like to do more, but can’t, at the moment] American culture is every day slipping more and more toward the irreligious, and the Neo-conservative establishment of the GOP will go wherever they can find the votes, and if that means abandoning the shrinking minority of the devoutly religious, including the Pro-Life, anti-Gay “marriage” platform… well, we would be fooling ourselves if we thought they would even hesitate. [The evidence shows he’s almost certainly right]

The Democratic National Convention of 2012 marks the beginning of a new and rather bleak future for the devoutly religious Christian in this country. Today they boo God; tomorrow they close down our churches, jail our prelates, and drive us into hiding.[Do you feel it?] Overly pessimistic? Maybe, but what political Party is going to stand in the way of this stage, perhaps the last stage, of the Revolution? The Republicans? The Republicans are too busy trying to prove how inconsequential religion and the family are to them.

[By far the best is saved for last…….] No, dear friends. It is not in politics or these princes that we will hope. However, ironically, it is the devoutly religious who will be the best prepared to endure this bleak future, because we are given a hope that the irreligious will never fathom.[That’s right!] Happiness without regard to final causality can be no real happiness, a sham dependent on the fleeting goods of this world, which is shattered by the unavoidable reality of death. Death reveals the lie of the irreligious, and all these many distractions of the modern world are designed to keep men from contemplating the inevitability of death and what a godless ideology means in relation to that great sundering[Man, that is brilliant.] They will never be truly happy, because no matter how deep they try to bury the inevitability of death, it will always eat away at them. The world being crafted by the irreligious will always be one of doubt and anxiety. Thus, even in the midst of persecution and tribulation, the faith of the devoutly Christian, the religious man, and the peace and joy this faith brings, will always be envied by the irreligious. [And that envy is part and parcel of the animosity towards those of faith.  The irreligious can’t possibly face the repudiation of their sins, so religion must be wrong. But there remains death, which to the religious is a release to something we hope is infinitely better, while the irreligious fear and loathe even the thought of it.  And religion reminds them of the universal final end. It is preferable to the irreligious to obliterate religion to avoid the thought of death, than to convert and repent. And the world, the flesh, and the devil confirm them in this belief constantly.  That is why it is a miracle of Grace when one soul converts, a miracle of such stupendous proportions we can’t even imagine it.]

Sorry for two long posts in a row!

Franciscan University-Steubenville being persecuted for upholding Catholic belief September 12, 2012

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The Franciscan University at Steubenville – one of the more orthodox, faithful Catholic universities around, although with a pretty strong charismatic bent – is being persecuted for promoting Catholic Doctrine.  In a sociology course on deviant behavior, homosexuality is included with other depraved behaviors like rape, prostitution, drug use, mental illness, and the like. Interestingly, there is a very strong corroboration between those behaviors/problems and committing homosexual acts.  At least, rates of drug use and mental illness are extremely high in the homosexual community, especially among gay males.  The recently formed, and tiny (I doubt it consists of 8 people) but seemingly well funded (by whom is the primary question) “Franciscan Gay Alumni and Allies” has been attacking Franciscan University and Catholic belief in numerous and very public ways over the past several months.  Their most recent attack is reporting this course on deviant behavior to Franciscan’s accrediting agency, who, in an interview on NPR, immediately let it be known that the course was problematic and raised “red flags,” but later seemingly recanted:

The national agency which grants accreditation to social work courses is questioning Franciscan University of Steubenville over a course which lists homosexuality as a deviant behavior.  Attention was drawn to the course by a group of Franciscan University alumni, identifying themselves as “Franciscan Gay Alumni & Allies”, who are demanding publicly that the university “revise its course descriptions and to stop contributing the culture of hate and ignorance.”

The course is called ‘Deviant Behavior’ and the part of the course description in question states, “The behaviors that are primarily examined are murder, rape, robbery, prostitution, homosexuality, mental illness, and drug use.”

In the press release issued by “Franciscan Gay Alumni & Allies” and published by the Daily Kos, [So, they are looking for notoriety and know where their support is] further accusations and demands are made, based solely on the ‘Deviant Behavior’ course description.  Among them are the group’s accusation that students are “being taught ideological falsehoods in the classroom,”[So…..Catholic belief, constant for 2000+ years and thoroughly supported by Sacred Scripture, is now an “ideological falsehood”]  and that the classification of homosexuality as a deviant behavior “feed(s) cultural biases and promote hatred for lesbian and gay individuals.” [No, it simply repeats what Scripture reveals and the Church has always believed. This is nothing but a naked attempt to use worldly power to crush the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church.  It may annoy you that this Truth is directly counter to your preferred sins, but it remains all the same]

The group goes on to make a broad demand that the university “revise its course descriptions,” “stop contributing the culture of hate and ignorance,” and “conduct an audit of its entire curriculum and remove any information being taught on this subject that is outdated and not substantiated by sound scientific fact.” [Really?  How can science determine morality?  What a crock. And note, this is not about one course, this is about attacking and destroying the orthodoxy of a Catholic University. We can expect to see more of this as time marches on, and it’s going to get much, much worse]

Regarding the last demand the group states, “It is about time the University aligns itself with the truth of this matter.” [See how the sinner condemns the Church for reminding him of his sin! How dare She do that!  The “truth” to this group is perverse and self-serving, and directly counter to the constant Faith of billions of believers alive now and those who have shuffled off the mortal coil]

University officials told LifeSiteNews that Franciscan University was never contacted by the alumni in advance regarding this matter. [Of course they weren’t, this is about the naked exercise of power through the media]

………Stephen Holloway, director of the school’s accrediting agency, Council on Social Work Education, in an interview with NPR (National Public Radio), stated the inclusion of homosexuality as a deviant behavior in the description “raises a red flag”.

When asked by LifeSiteNews why the course description was a red flag, Holloway recanted, saying that “red flag” was not the best way to describe the nature of the agency’s concern.  Clarifying, he stated that their involvement is solely due to a complaint being made by alumni, regardless of the content of the complaint, because the accrediting agency takes every concern of alumni seriously and this is just one among many that they have an obligation to investigate.

He goes on to state, however, that the accrediting organization will delve into what the course teaches to insure that the course meets their “diversity” guidelines.  That’s a bit disconcerting, given the present state of academia and what passes for “diversity.”

The truth about “diversity” and “tolerance” is this:

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Dr. Michael Brown, host of the nationally syndicated radio program “The Line of Fire,” called this “another attack on freedom of religion and freedom of speech.”  “This indicates once again that tolerance is not the issue,” he said, “but rather the only option is the endorsement or celebration of homosexuality.  It is absolute intolerance when it comes to differing religious and moral beliefs.

When asked about the nature of the increased threats to the religious liberties of American institutions, he told LifeSiteNews, “the day may come when religious institutions will have to seek out their own accrediting associations because of the continuing encroachment of political correctness.”

Indeed, I believe that day has come, and is now.

I have great concern for those with same sex attraction. I know what it is like to bear a cross.  We all do, to one degree or another. But trying to kill God or destroy the Truth or bend it to some unrecognizable thing that is pleasing to you is not going to kill that still, small voice inside you that gnaws at you and makes your relationships miserable. You keep going from partner to partner, from drug to drug, looking for something that will take that gnawing feeling away, but it won’t, because it’s written on y0ur heart.  You can’t kill what God put there. I’ve tried.  You can run from it and try to find things to make it go away, and it may even work, for a while, but when  you’re alone and still you’ll feel it.  You’ll never be rid of it, no matter how much affirmation you get from the culture.  You can inflict all kinds of misery on yourself, on the Church, on the faithful, but in the end, that gnawing will still be there. The only way to end that gnawing is to accept God on His terms. That’s what I found, anyway.