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I’ve told you about the problems in San Antonio…. September 13, 2012

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……well, Eponymous Flower gives us more evidence, like a priest endorsing pro-abort mayoral and congressional candidates, and new Bishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller offering Mass with illicit vessels for the Precious Blood:

…in the mayoral and state congressional race in San Antonio, Texas, Catholic incumbent Mayor Julian Castro and Representative Joaquin Castro are running on a pro-abort Obama-style platform. It’s unlikely that these two brothers were chastised about their pro-abort positions.

Enter center stage is what looks and claims to be a Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of San Antonio. So far, the sleepy Catholic electorate of the city hasn’t paid much attention to an apparent endorsement being given to this man by Zeitgeist-Priest Father Jimmy Drennan. At this point, it also appears as though the local ordinary, Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller tacitly approves of this endorsement.

We don’t know if this Bishop is the kind who sues his faithful priests for teaching the Catholic Faith or whether he’s one of the growing number of Bishops who are reigning in dissenters and scandalmongers. He certainly loves at least one Liturgical abuse and appears below in a +Mahonyesque setting with carafes. He did in fact receive theology training in Los Angeles in the early 70s, according to Whispers in the Loggia.

Some photos of this disaster:

The short sleeve black clerical shirt is almost always a dead giveaway for a “dissenting” priest.

But what to expect in a Diocese where illicit vessels are used for the Consecration?

The vast  majority of San Antonio residents are nominal Catholics.  It is impossible to get elected in that town without winning the Catholic vote.  But, San Antonio has routinely elected men with gravely immoral beliefs, beliefs counter to what the Church knows to be true.  It appears the moral Doctrines of the Faith are not being well-inculcated in the souls there.

I have mentioned before how heterodox the Archdiocese of San Antonio is.  In spite of former Archbishop Gomez’ reputation for orthodoxy, that was strictly relative, and his predecessor, +Flores, was very heterodox.  Heterodoxy and heteropraxis – wrong belief and wrong practice – are very deeply inculcated in San Antonio.  The Mass frequently has very strong protestant overtones, very few sanctuaries have tabernacles, few if any even possess a crucifix, there is a tremendously exaggerated focus on the ‘horizontal,’ anthropocentric view of the Mass and the Faith in general – San Antonio archdiocese truly embraces the more radical aspects of the ‘spirit of Vatican II.’

As I have also mentioned before, this seems to be consistent in dioceses with large hispanic populations.  My theory is that this has to do with the collapse of the Faith in Mexico and other predominately Catholic nations, where the changes instituted after Vatican II (and government sponsored persecution) led to a massive vacuum where modernism, leftism, and protestantism have filled the void. The Church in Mexico is very, very sick. I could be wrong, but I know that several predominately hispanic dioceses are also some of the most problematic in the country – LA, El Paso, Orange, CA, San Antonio, Miami……the list goes on.



1. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - September 13, 2012

No disagreement with me on this. I have witnessed this personally in my visits to San Antonio. I have often been disappointed especially with the laity in San Antonio. My hope is that EWTN, which airs there, may have some positive impact where the leaders have dropped the ball, so to speak. Still, there is little I can do apart from share the gospel as often as I can with family members who live there. I am in a better position to hand on the faith to my own children and within my own sphere of influence, my mission field.

2. Dismas - September 13, 2012

Please keep us posted as to any role EWTN might play. We shall not hold our breath.

3. Mary - September 14, 2012

I agree about your comments on the Castros. (The rest you have just informed me of). I’m from Corpus Christi and am disappointed with the Catholic Communities in both cities. They are both predominantly Catholic cities and the pull for Obama (proChoice) candidate is discouraging. Still praying for the city I love (Corpus Christi)… and hoping EWTN radio heads that way.

4. Richard - September 15, 2012

I remember our college chapel in San Antonio (late 1980’s) where we would stand up during the consecration and sometimes go around the altar at the 10 pm Sunday evening Mass. This Mass was sometimes called the Gucci Mass, to see what everyone was wearing. I don’t recall a crucifix or any statues inside the chapel either, and confession was treated like “oh, that’s old church, we don’t need that anymore”. By the way, this was a “Catholic” college.

If I knew what I know now (I’m a “revert”) I would have gone to the more traditional 11 am Mass on campus, or taken the bus to one of the downtown parishes (like old St. Mary’s on the Riverwalk), or attended Mass at the base chapel at Lackland, but in those days, I really didn’t know any better. In the 1980’s, I believe that Our Lady of the Atonement (where I would attend if I lived there now) had not yet crossed the Tiber.

As far as cultural Catholicism, I would venture to say that the Archdiocese of New Orleans (like Miami, LA, and San Antonio) has many nominal Catholics too. I find strong Catholics through the South (I lived in Oklahoma, and I’ve met seminarians from Arkansas) who say the fact that our Protestant bretheren questioned Catholics that it gave Catholics an incentive to learn their faith. It is sad that the average Catholic today only has a 6th grade education in his or her faith.

As far as Miami, I’ve heard with Wenski and a string of new bishops in Florida, that St. John Vianney Seminary has had positive turnover. One diocese that I am skeptical about finding a reverent Mass is the Diocese of Richmond, which was known for heterodoxy throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

In the Diocese of Corpus Christi, I suggest taking the time to drive to Fr. James Farfaglia’s parish. Fr. James Farfaglia is a good, solid priest.

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