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Zeal for Souls October 4, 2012

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From Day 317 of Divine Intimacy, a wonderful exegesis on the all-consuming zeal we should have for the conversion and salvation of souls:

According to the measure in which the love of God takes possession of our heart, it creates and nourishes in us an ever increasing love for our neighbor; this love, being supernatural, seeks only the supernatural good for our fellow men and thus becomes zeal for the salvation of souls.

If we have little love of God, we shall have little love for souls, and vice versa; if our zeal for souls is weak, this means our love of God is also weak. In fact, how could it be possible to love God sincerely without loving those who are His children, the object of His love, of His care, and of His zeal? Souls are, as it were, God’s treasure; he has created them to His image and likeness by an act of love; and by an even greater act of love He has redeemed them with the Blood of His only begotten Son. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever should believe in Him may not perish, but have everlasting life” (Jn 3:16). One who has penetrated the mystery of God’s love for men, cannot remain indifferent to their fate: by the light of faith, he has understood that all that God does in the world is for man’s good and for his eternal happiness.  He longs to have some share in this action, knowing that he can do nothing which will be more pleasing to God than to lend his humble collaboration for the salvation of those who are so dear to Him. This was always the desire of the Saints, as St. Teresa of Jesus writes: “This is an inclination given me by Our Lord; and I think He prizes one soul which…….we have gained for Him, more than all the other services we can render…..”  It is true that the primary end of God’s action is His own glory, but He who is infinitely good wills to obtain this glory especially through the salvation and the happiness of His creatures. In fact, nothing exalts His goodness, love, and mercy more than the work of saving souls....

Zeal for souls finds its source in charity, and in the contemplation of of Christ crucified. His wounds, His Blood, the excruciating sufferings of His agony, all tell us how much God values souls, and how much He loves them.  But this love is unrequited, and it seems that ungrateful men strive more and more to elude His action. It is this sad spectacle of all the ages which is renewed even today[ho boy,I would say especially today!] as though men wished to insult Jesus and renew His Passion.  “The world is on fire. Men try to condemn Christ once again, as it were, for they bring a thousand false witnesses against Him. They would raze his Church to the ground” (St. Teresa of Jesus, Way of Perfection, 1). If Teresa of Jesus could speak these words in her century which was troubled by the protestant heresy, how much more can we say it in ours, when the struggle against God and the Church has increased immeasurably, and has now spread over the entire world. [Think of all the God-hating, Christian-bashing media figures and “entertainers” and politicians there, how often you see God spat on and derided in internet comboxes and in TV programs or movies……the world despises God and His Church, which is why “engagement” can only be done under extremely careful circumstances, and why the Bastions must be stood up again] Happy shall we be if we can say with the Saint: “It breaks my heart to see so many souls traveling to perdition. I would the evil were not so great……..I felt that I would have laid down a thousand lives to save a single one of all the souls that were being lost.” (Way of Perfection, 1)  But it is not a question of merely formulating desires; we must work, act, and suffer for the salvation of our fellow men.

St. John Chrysostom affirms: “Nothing is colder than a Christian who does not care about the salvation of others.” This coldness comes from a very languid charity. Let us kindle and revive our charity and it will inflame us with zeal for the salvation of souls.  Then our apostolate will no longer be merely a duty which is imposed from without, one which we are obliged to attend to because of the obligation of our state in life, but it will be an exigency of love, an interior flame of charity which burns spontaneously.

Devoting ourselves to the spiritual life does not mean shutting ourselves up in an ivory tower to enjoy God’s consolations undisturbed, with no concern for the welfare of others. It means concentrating all our powers on seeking God, working for our own sanctification in order to please God, and thus acquiring a power of action and impetration [??] capable of obtaining the salvation of many souls.

St. Teresa of Jesus says:

O my dear Lord, how much oppressed are you by those to whom You have shown so much good! It seems as though these traitors [ME!!] would send You to the Cross again and that You would have nowhere to lay Your Head. My heart cannot conceive this without being sorely distressed!

O eternal Father! Surely all these scourgings and insults and grievous tortures will not be forgotten. how, then, my Creator, can a heart as loving as Yours endure that an act which was performed by Your son in order to please You the more and to obey Your commands (for He loved You most deeply, and You commanded Him to love us) should be treated as lightly as the heretics treat the most Holy Sacrament today, destroying His tabernacles and demolishing His churches? [Can you imagine how the great St. Teresa would see the Church today?!?!  Today, the destruction comes not from without, but from within!  It is to weep…..] Could it be that Your Son failed to do something to please You? Has He not fulfilled everything?….Has this most loving Lamb to pay once more whenever we relapse into sin? Permit it not, my sovereign Lord! Look not upon our sins, but upon our redemption by Thy most sacred Son, upon His merits and upon those of His glorious Mother and of all the saints and martyrs who have died for You!……

…..Behold my desires, my God, and the tears with which I beg this of You; forget my sins, for Your Name’s sake, and have pity on all these souls who are being lost, and help Your Church (The Way of Perfection, 1-3)

Wow and ouch and maybe….. October 4, 2012

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…….prepare to cry.  What do you think of this?

That’s a pretty brutal presentation of what I think many women go through – I could see this as being traumatic for some with post-abortion syndrome.



I have failed you yet again October 4, 2012

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OK, so I was out of town when it started, I never even gave you a heads up beforehand.  Shame. On. Me.

40 Days for Life in Dallas started Sept. 26!  It runs until Nov. 4, two days before the day of doom.

All the relevant details are here.  Get out there and pray!  One thing you could do is to go cover a mill that will be left uncovered by all the focus on the 40 Days for Life activities at the mill on Greenville. At Routh St. you’ve got a much better shot of counseling the women before they enter and  you can harass the doctors and security guard!  It’s win-win!

But either way, get out there are witness for life!

I have been remiss in praying outside mills!  It’s been a long time since I’ve done it.  I must do so this year, at least twice.

If I fail you again, you can do this to me:

The less Lucas had to do with the Star Wars movies, the better they were.

On the radio tonight! October 4, 2012

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I will be on Fidelis Radio tonight with my Salve Regina radio show.  You can listen live, right here!  Tonight’s guest will be Fr. Michael Rodriguez.  We will discuss marriage and the attacks against it in our culture, especially so-called gay marriage. Fr. Rodriguez is a very faithful priest who has written and spoken extensively in the defense of marriage, and has suffered persecution for his forthright defense of Catholic belief.  Listen in tonight to understand how to approach this issue from a Catholic perspective with utter fidelity to the Faith and charity for those who suffer with the cross of same-sex attraction.

And feel free to call-in (626-226-1464) or join the chat room!

Remember, Saturday night at 9p I will have a special Salve Regina show with Steve Kellmeyer!  Listen in as we discuss islam and its constant hostility towards Christianity.

Just a Wednesday night in Texas… October 4, 2012

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…..but it was wonderful getting to venerate a first class relic of St. Therese.

Another parish had a first class relic of St. Francis, today.  More like this, please.

I probably shouldn’t take pictures like that, but sometimes I can’t help  myself.  I was blown away again last night at the mystery, the majesty, and the glory of the traditional Mass.  I love it so much.  It really captivates the soul and uplifts so very much.  And that was just a daily low Mass, nothing particularly special.

But, the priest did tell the tale of how a first class relic of St. Therese played a huge role in converting a score or so implacable Eskimos in northern Canada to the Faith – Eskimos/Inuit being, apparently, exceedingly resistant to the Faith both then and now. This miracle of conversion formed some part of her being named patroness of missions.

I know everyone loves her, but St. Therese and I have been close for some time.  She helps me out a lot.

Bishop Vann to Orange, CA October 4, 2012

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This news broke on the day I left town two weeks ago, so sorry for just getting to it.  Bishop Kevin Vann of Ft. Worth has been named the next bishop of Orange, CA, replacing the departed Bishop Tod Brown:

The incoming leader of the Diocese of Orange – a bishop from North Texas with the Virgin of Guadalupe stitched into his cowboy boots – promised to “love you and do my best to serve you” as he was introduced Friday. Fort Worth Bishop Kevin Vann will succeed Bishop Tod D. Brown in December, becoming the fourth bishop to lead the nation’s fastest-growing diocese. Brown has led the diocese through 14 years of growth, change and painful revelations of clergy sex abuse; he reached the mandatory retirement age of 75 late last year…….

…..Vann said he sees similarities between Orange County and his diocese in North Texas, especially the fast pace of its growth and its diversity. In introducing him as the new bishop, the Orange County diocese highlighted his work to encourage immigration reform. He also oversaw the construction in Texas of one of the largest Catholic churches in the nation to serve a Vietnamese congregation.

He made headlines in 2004 when, as a church priest in his hometown of Springfield, Ill., he said he would be hesitant to give Communion to Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, because of Durbin’s support for abortion rights. [I’d like to think it’s a totally, clear, cut and dried situation, not something to be hesitant about. Durbin is a  notorious catholyc pro-abort.]

……Among Vann’s immediate challenges will be overseeing the development of the Crystal Cathedral as the Catholic center of Orange County. He also takes over a diocese that has struggled for more than a decade with a clergy sex-abuse scandal.

Bishop Tod Brown took the highly unusual – and, in terms of episcopal etiquette, incredibly rude – step of purchasing the protestant Crystal Cathedral for the next cathedral for the Diocese of Orange, saddling his successor (he had already turned in his resignation) with a large bill and a facility that few think is well suited to be a Catholic church, let alone an episcopal seat.  I don’t know if there is any way for Bishop Vann to overturn this decision, or if he would even want to.  I pray he can, and will, because that structure seems totally unsuitable to me.  But, then again, that doesn’t mean a built from scratch cathedral wouldn’t be worse, like the disaster in LA.

Fellow parishioner and former episcopalian Taylor Marshall has some kind words for Bishop Vann here.  It was Bishop Vann that helped bring the former episcopal minister (and Catholic university professor) Marshall into the Catholic Church. I honestly don’t know much about Vann, save that I have gotten the impression he’s pretty solid on life issues, and perhaps was the prime instigator of the joint letter he released with Bishop Farrell prior to the ’08 election in which the two bishops corrected the execrable ‘Forming Consciences‘ Catholic voter guide and made plain that prudential issues like how much to spend on welfare did not outweigh or counteract a politician’s support for abortion or other intrinsic evils.

Hopefully, Bishop Vann will be less hostile to tradition than outgoing Bishop Brown. I think he is.

Now, we wait and pray for the next bishop of Ft. Worth.

Conservative Catholics staying home Nov. 6? – UPDATE October 4, 2012

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UPDATE: I updated this because I went a bit overboard in some statements. It is acceptable to stay home provided you are doing it for a morally justifiable reason.

I have seen, in e-mails, on Facebook, on websites, and heard in conversations, that at least a fair number of some of the most orthodox, conservative-type Catholics are thinking of either staying home and not voting in the presidential election on Nov. 6, or they are strongly considering voting for some 3rd party, even writing in f necessary.  I am extremely troubled by this phenomenon, which seems to be growing.

I share these Catholics lack of enthusiasm for Romney. He is not a good candidate from the Catholic perspective, most tellingly because he is obviously a total, complete squish on abortion.  He is “pro-life” now strictly for convenience.  He has flip flopped so much on this issue over the years that no one knows what he really believes.  And he’s hardly a conservative culture warrior, dedicated to rolling back the left-wing inspired collapse of morality in our culture.

But, he’s also not Obama.  And that, to me, makes all the difference.  Because as bad as Romney is, as disgusting as it seems that, once again, the huge money donors who really drive the Repubniks picked the party candidate well before the primaries and the rest was almost window dressing, there is an enormous difference between Obama and Romney.  One is moderately bad, the other is totally, completely evil.

While Romney may be a squish on abortion, Obama is a pro-abort ideologue the likes of which this nation has never seen before. I truly doubt that there is any policy objective more important to Obama than spreading abortion and making it an unassailable right, something that will never, ever go away.  I think that is a very big part of what Obamacare is all about – totally and irrevocably entrenching abortion and the whole contraceptive mindset in our nation’s culture, such as it is.  Obama is such a dedicated pro-abort that he is willing to expend enormous political capital to advance a woman’s right to murder her child.  I don’t get that sense at all from Romney.

In addition, Obama is waging an all-out war against the Catholic Church, the likes of which is unprecedented in US history.  There has never been another president with such an obvious antipathy for the Church.  If re-elected, one can expect Obama to perform some illegal executive order to make gay marriage “legal” in all 50 states, and you can expect his inJustice Department to use that order – or something similar, maybe just the mechanisms of Obamacare – to horribly persecute the Church.  Again, there is nothing to suggest that Romney has such an innate hatred for the Church.

I could go on – Obama’s economic policies will further corrupt the culture, driving it towards socialism which is the death of faith, he will play his part in generally driving the culture to a more atheistic, anti-Christian attitude – these, and many more things I do not believe Romney will do.  Romney may not fight against them well enough, he may ignore many matters of critical import to Catholics, but he will not be such a complete, total enemy of the Faith.

There is a choice.  There is a huge distinction between the candidates.  To insist on Catholic or conservative purity (I’ve seen both reasons touted for not voting for Romney) at the expense of possibly helping to keep Obama in power may be understandable, but on a practical level I just can’t accept it.  We have the candidates we have – that’s not going to change this election.  One individual staying home almost certainly won’t make a difference, but I think this phenomenon is much more widespread than that, and hundreds of thousands of disaffected, disillusioned conservative Catholics staying home or voting 3rd party is exactly what Obama and his media abettors want. In fact, such is a significant part of his re-election campaign, trying to muddy the waters against Romney sufficiently to keep conservatives at home.  You’re playing right into the hands of the most evil president this country has seen, in my view.

To sum up: neither man is a truly acceptable candidate from a Catholic standpoint, but there remains such a huge difference between the two that there is a clear, real choice.  While our support for Romney may be muted, we absolutely must oppose Obama by choosing the candidate with the best shot to get elected who [I hope, although the evidence he will do so isn’t real encouraging] will at least overturn or stop Obama’s most egregious policies.  That man is, as disappointing as it is, Mitt Romney.