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Plenary Indulgences for the upcoming Year of Faith October 5, 2012

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It starts next Thursday.  I was baptized at Sigler Elementary in Plano, which is where the Methodist church we belonged to then was going while they got started up.  Does that mean I can go there?

During the Year of Faith, which will last from 11 October 2012 to 24 November 2013, Plenary Indulgence for the temporal punishment of sins, imparted by the mercy of God and applicable also to the souls of deceased faithful, may be obtained by all faithful who, truly penitent, take Sacramental Confession and the Eucharist and pray in accordance with the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff.

“(A) Each time they attend at least three sermons during the Holy Missions, or at least three lessons on the Acts of the Council or the articles of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in church or any other suitable location.
“(B) Each time they visit, in the course of a pilgrimage, a papal basilica, a Christian catacomb, a cathedral church or a holy site designated by the local ordinary for the Year of Faith (for example, minor basilicas and shrines dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Apostles or patron saints), and there participate in a sacred celebration, or at least remain for a congruous period of time in prayer and pious meditation, concluding with the recitation of the Our Father, the Profession of Faith in any legitimate form, and invocations to the Blessed Virgin Mary and, depending on the circumstances, to the Holy Apostles and patron saints.
“(C) Each time that, on the days designated by the local ordinary for the Year of Faith, … in any sacred place, they participate in a solemn celebration of the Eucharist or the Liturgy of the Hours, adding thereto the Profession of Faith in any legitimate form.
“(D) On any day they chose, during the Year of Faith, if they make a pious visit to the baptistery, or other place in which they received the Sacrament of Baptism, and there renew their baptismal promises in any legitimate form.
“Diocesan or eparchal bishops, and those who enjoy the same status in law, on the most appropriate day during that period or on the occasion of the main celebrations, … may impart the papal blessing with the Plenary Indulgence”.
The document concludes by recalling how faithful who, due to illness or other legitimate cause, are unable to leave their place of adobe, may still obtain Plenary Indulgence “if, united in spirit and thought with other faithful, and especially at the times when the words of the Supreme Pontiff and diocesan bishops are transmitted by television or radio, they recite … the Our Father, the Profession of Faith in any legitimate form, and other prayers that concord with the objectives of the Year of Faith, offering up the suffering and discomfort of their lives”.
Thanks to Rorate Caeli.

Archbishop demands gay marriage supporters refrain from Communion October 5, 2012

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It’s not quite what Fr. Rodriguez has been pleading for lately – bishops to demand all their priests to present the Church’s constant Truth with regard to marriage, sexuality, chastity, etc. – but it’s an improvement over the status quo.  Archbishop John Myers of Newark wrote a pastoral letter to his flock directing those who support the state recognition of gays simulating marriage to refrain from receipt of Holy Communion – and instantly gets pushback from the institutional Church:

While his flock is not voting on marriage equality this fall, the Archbishop of Newark, N.J., has advised those Catholics who are backing same-sex marriage to refrain from receiving holy communion at Sunday mass.

Support for gay marriage “seriously harm(s) their communion with Christ and His Church,” Archbishop John Myers wrote in a pastoral letter…..

…..Seattle’s Catholic Archbishop J. Peter Sartain has written letters and recorded a video espousing Church dogma and urging a “No” vote on Referendum 74.  But neither Sartain nor fellow bishops have questioned the faith or threatened to penalize those who disagree with them. [It is a dereliction of duty that they have not. For those who reject Church Doctrine place themselves outside the Church, are persisting in a state of grave sin, and have placed themselves outside the Body of Christ.  According to 1 Cor 11:23-30, those who receive the Body and Blood of the Lord unworthily are guilty of grave sacrilege, adding sin upon sin]

Myers showed no restraint in his lengthy letter.  “I urge those not in communion with the Church regarding her teachings on marriage and family . . . sincerely to reexamine their consciences,” wrote the Archbishop.

“If they continue to be unable to assent to or live Christ’s teachings in these matters, that they must and in all humility refrain from receiving Holy Communion until they can do so with integrity,” Myers wrote. [I don’t know why they feel he is  unrestrained. He seems to be presenting the clear, unvarnished Truth.  If it were me, I’d probably way, way harder]

The issue of marriage equality has deeply split the faith community.  In Washington, Maryland and New York, Catholic governors have pushed for approval of legislation to legalize same-sex marriage. [And it is a catastrophe that their ordinaries have not spoken out similarly to Myers. In fact, that failing to speak out publicly on this issue was a huge reason why that so-called gay marriage legislation passed]

Methodist and United Church of Christ clergy are appearing in TV commercials for Referendum 74.  Luthernas marched for R-74 in north Seattle last weekend.  Episcopal Bishop Greg Rickel has written a statement in support of same-sex marriage.  The ecumenical Faith Action Network lobbied for same-sex marriage in Olympia. [Yes, we continue to watch the mainline protestant churches commit suicide, falling all over themselves in attempting to surrender fastest to the perverse world we live in.  No sign of contradiction, there]

[Wait for this……..] In the Mirror of Justice blog, described by National Catholic Reporter as “dedicated to Catholic legal theory,” Cornell University Law Professor Steve Shiffrin argued that Myers is marginalizing himself rather than Catholics who support gay marriage. [Oh dear me.  I haven’t followed this blog much, and I for sure won’t now]

“If Myers is right about this, it seems to me that the overwhelming majority of American Catholics should not be receiving communion,” Shiffrin wrote. [That’s right!  That’s exactly, terribly right!  That is the terrible situation we find ourselves in today, where decades of pastoral neglect have left millions of souls totally lost, without a real shepherd.  They still know the Truth on some level, but have been coached and coddled into rejecting it, by the culture but even more devastatingly by their own shepherds, either be act or omission]  “To reject the Church’s teaching on contraception is to reject the teaching authority of the Church, and the overwhelming majority of American Catholics do exactly that. [Yes, they do….now for the pathetic rejoinder….]

There is already a crisis in the teaching authority of the bishops.  If they follow the lead of Archbishop Myers in being specific about which moral teaching cannot be rejected while continuing to receive communion, Catholics will either leave the Church or contumaciously receive communion anyway.”

“In other words, the emperor will lose many of the clothes that are left.”

This makes absolutely no sense Shiffrin diagnoses the problem – that the vast majority of Catholics are apostate at present – but his cure is……what?  More of the same?  Leave them in their sin, constantly receiving the Blessed Sacrament unworthily, piling sacrilege upon sacrilege?  How does this save them, or get them on the path of sanctification?  I would say the above is so perverse as to diabolically disoriented. Shiffrin is apparently arguing that bishops should not correct their flocks, out of concern that it may make them mad or make them rebel even more.  And then what?  Leave them there, in their sins?

Shiffrin almost seems to be saying that if the bishops leave people ignorant, they are not culpable for their sins. I think this is a serious and debilitating pastoral trend in this country. But I say hogwash – the vast majority of American Catholics know Church Doctrine on issues like contraception, abortion, gay marriage, all the hot button issues, they’ve just convinced themselves, or been convinced, they can reject it.  Their culpability remains. The percentage who are truly ignorant of Church Doctrine and err because of it is relatively small, in  my experience.  Less than half, certainly.  And pastors will be judged on how well they have proclaimed and revealed the Truth – keeping their sheep ignorant, willfully…….I don’t think that would go well for them at their  judgment.

Myers is not “over-reaching.”  He is simply, finally, stating what the Church believes.  I know, it’s a radical thing, almost unprecedented in this perverse age in which we live, but how does that reduce the bishop’s authority?  It is precisely because so few shepherds have done so for so long that they have collectively lost most all their moral authority.  Continuing on this same, wide path to destruction will not help them regain it.

Look, if we really believe that there will be both a personal and general judgment, that hell really exists, then it is absolutely imperative that souls be told the Truth, constantly and unflinchingly!  To be concerned about other matters, like how that Truth will be received, or how many people may rebel, reveals a worldly focus completely bereft of the impulse that sent this Church exploding out upon the world from an imperial backwater 2000 years ago. It reveals to me a horrific disorientation, a lack of true zeal for souls and an indifference to their fate- or, conversely, a modernist disbelief in the reality of judgment and hell.  It reveals…….exactly what has been wrong in the Church for the past 50 years.  The result of the ‘soft touch’ Shiffrin seems to advocate has been too disastrous to contemplate.  I pray for the souls lost every day.

Our Lady, pray for us!  Dear Lord, have mercy on us!