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Want to get involved in a very in your face pro-life effort? October 8, 2012

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Jill Stanek has blogged on this guy Todd Bullis and his associates a number of times in the past.  Starting a few years ago, Bullis started protesting with graphic signs outside pro-abort, ostensibly Christian churches (I say ostensibly because, Unitarians, etc, in addition to the whole abortion thing).  Since relocating from California a year or so ago, Todd has been setting up shop right outside Custer Road United Methodist Church in Plano.  The methodists, it can be irrefutably shown via their own website and other online statements, support a woman’s right to choose (to murder her baby), at least at the national level.  I can’t imbed the videos, unfortunately, but go to Stanek’s site and read her post, and if you feel the call, go out there with Bullis and point up the hypocrisy of Christians who reject a Church Doctrine that’s only been extant since the 1st century Didache.

I’m always intrigued by the responses pro-lifers get for showing graphic photos of aborted babies in front of pro-abortion churches on Sunday mornings. I hope these protests continue and expand.  Parishioners may not understand, but pro-lifers are trying to help them. Their worship services are repugnant to God. Just read Isaiah 1:10-17. [Stanek is protestant.  There is way too much to unpack here.  Move along…….]

In September World Life Organization’sTodd Bullis and Andy Moore and their team stood for the 11th and 12th time in front of the Custer Road United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas. I’m always impressed by the wise, Godly words they have ready to offer.

Church members walking past the signs either ignored them, expressed support for abortion, or got angry, such as one man you’ll see on the first video who absolutely refused to believe UMC is pro-abortion. Todd told me the man followed up with a phone call but still denied the truth even after Todd led him online to the denomination’s statement.

The pastor at Custer Road, Dr. Ronald D. Henderson (pictured left), engaged in the worst form on deception, claiming from the pulpit his church and denomination “support(s) life and we believe in the sacredness of life and the sanctity of life… from the cradle to the grave.”

Pro-lifers will immediately pick up on the bait and switch. “Cradle” is post-birth, of course.

But did his parishioners? I doubt it.

Me, too. I would wager a large number of CRUMC’s members believe they are pro-life. Maybe even a majority. But there’s pro-life, and then there’s pro-lifePro-life people probably wouldn’t personally have or take part in an abortion, and might try to talk their loved out of one, to a point.  Or, they might cave and panic and tell their 17 year old daughter her life will be ruined including the scholarship to Dartmouth if she doesn’t have an abortion RIGHT NOW!  Pro-life people, however, hate abortion with a passion, recognize it as probably the greatest moral evil in the world today, a new form of human sacrifice very acceptable to satan, and take frequent concrete steps to fight against abortion.  Viewing the videos at Stanek’s site makes plain the difference – let alone the pastor’s parsing words.

Money says he’s an old Aggie.

How does the, still (and this is even taught from most pulpits, in my experience) pro-life Catholic Church engage in “ecumenism” with the pro-abort Methodists?  If you can’t agree on the sanctity of life, do you think you can hammer out a statement on Justification or the Real Presence?

UPDATE 01/13: I no longer support this. See post on March for Life 2013.

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