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Angels! October 15, 2012

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Finally, the angels arrived, in addition to the ‘stained glass.’

The kids were so happy.  It’s so wonderful to see those angels kneeling towards the Blessed Sacrament.  It really helps clarify Our Lord’s Presence.  Awesome.

And as much as I like flowers, or potted plants……..much better.

The full effect, with a better picture, sent in by an occasional reader. Thanks!

A wicked claim against Lefebvre, SSPX? October 15, 2012

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The Tablet, Britain’s equivalent to the National Catholyc Distorter, has run an incredible, unsubstantiated hit piece against +Archbishop Lefebvre and, I guess (it’s not entirely clear) the SSPX.  First, the hit, then, the commentary:

Supporters of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of Society of St Pius X, branded the future Pope Benedict XVI and the late Jesuit theologian Karl Rahner “heretics” during the Second Vatican Council, reports The Tablet. [Well, Rahner most certainly held a great number of heterodox beliefs. It’s no question in my mind that he was a modernist. He was also the man, in addition to the Dutch Schillebeeckx, who most influenced the documents the Council produced. His closest living analog is Hans Kung. You decide if that makes him a heretic. Pope Benedict was, at one time, his protege, but then Fr. Ratzinger distanced himself from Rahner and took a much more traditional path as time went by.  Rahner’s influence on both Ratzinger, and the Council, peaked in the second session of 1963. ]

A previously undiscovered letter written by Karl Rahner to his brother, Fr Hugo Rahner SJ, during the council in November 1963 has revealed that the French Intégristes – followers of Lefebvre – accused him and Fr Joseph Ratzinger as “heretic[s] who deny the existence of hell and are worse than Teilhardt de Chardin and the Modernists”. [Wait….so this is Rahner saying this? Rahner who was in battle with the very disorganized conservative elements at the Council to implement his progressive agenda?  Is this a direct quote by Rahner of someone, or his interpretation? This is like me writing something about Lefebvre, and then someone turning around and claiming Lefebvre said it. It makes no sense…… Another thing, the SSPX did not even exist in 1963. +Lefebvre was a Council father. He had very little influence at this time, he was just one bishop, and not the head of a major traditional community. He had no “followers,” like he had later.This whole complaint, then, seems strangely “out of time.”  Lefebvre, in fact, voted for most, if not all, Conciliar documents. It was only later he felt, in conscience, he had to oppose many of the changes being implemented. Note, also, the attempt to drag Pope Benedict XVI into this.  Was he really in whatever quote, if there even is one, that is being attributed to Lefebvre and these “integrists?”]

The letter, part of an exhibition in Munich, states that Rahner consoled himself with the knowledge that the pamphlet in which the accusation appeared also called Pope John XXIII “a harbinger of the Anti-Christ” and attacked Cardinal Giovanni Montini, the future Pope Paul VI.

So, where is this pamphlet?  Is it possible Rahner exaggerated a bit?  He was certainly not above exaggerating or…..putting a certain spin on things, to use a more modern term – in order to achieve his ends. Calling Pope John XXIII a harbinger of the Antichrist is a bit over the top, but there are many who have grave concerns regarding Pope Paul VI, both as Pope and especially before, when he offered illicit Masses where lay people took part in a weird, joint Consecration.  That is historical record.  There are many other concerns about then Cardinal Montini, which is why many are rather nonplussed at his apparently looming beatification.

As I’ve mentioned before in the past week or two, I expect there to be a strong pushback against whatever gains faithful/orthodox/traditional/whatever term you want to use Catholicism has made in the past several years, which have been small but noticeable. There is the beginnings of a restoration of the Faith to it’s timeless practice, but there are still many, especially in very influential positions, who are totally opposed to this restoration. They will use this 50th anniversary of Vatican II to try to both trumpet the glories of the Council and discredit the Church prior to Vatican II, just as Bishop Anthony Taylor so clumsily attempted to do.  It might be a long year, with a lot of repetitive posts, shooting down the same tired canards.

He who desires to follow the heart of Jesus must withdraw his heart from the world October 15, 2012

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Maybe Woody is finally getting through to me! From a really very good book my wife got me, The Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Book 1 Chapter XVI.  A note – the term ‘world’ used below could be replaced by ‘the culture’ or ‘society’. I don’t believe the author is referring to creation like trees, rivers, countryside, mountains, oceans, etc:

Woe to the world, My Child: woe to the heart that clings to to its allurements and vanities!

It is not enough to cast Satan out of thy heart, thou must also expel the world. If thou inwardly cherish the world, whatever else thou mayst do wholly to amend thyself, shall avail thee little.

For if the world will continue to infect thy heart, it will doubtless pervert, and finally, betray thee into the power of the demon.

What is the world, except an inordinate or perverse love of pleasure, riches, honors; whereby its votaries are themselves corrupted and corrupt others?

If thou desirest to know what thou oughtest to think of the world, consider what I myself have judged of it.

Behold! I passed through life doing good to all; I loved the enemies that persecuted Me; when fastened to the Cross, I prayed for those that crucified Me; but for the world I prayed not. [That…..that is very interesting, isn’t it?  Jesus was never concerned about groups, whether they were tribes or nations, he was always concerned about souls]

The world is of the devil, is wholly placed in wickedness, and cannot possess My Spirit; even as falsehood cannot be truth, as corruption cannot be purity.

The world is itself a proof, not only of the undeniable existence, but even of the necessity, of hell.

What can there be in common between the world and My Heart, since the world either openly or secretly, favors every vice; whilst My heart breathes naught, except what is holy?

The world is in league with Satan, its prince, seeks for souls to destroy them forever; My Heart longs to save them all.

Thou canst, therefore, not serve the world and Me: for, if thou art the friend of the world, thou becomest the enemy of My Heart.

If thou art a votary of the world, thou wilt perish with the world: but if thou followest My Heart, thou wilt go into life everlasting.

If thou drivest the world, and the maxims of the world, from thy heart, so as to offer it wholly to Me, the offering will be pleasing and honorable to Me, and full of glory and merit to thyself. The Angels and the Saints will applaud the deed, and the world itself shall be compelled to admire the lofty heroism of thy mind. [YES! This is the right approach for “aggiornamento,” or engaging the world!  Show the world how a faithful Christian lives, and you will have converts.  Say to the world, “wow, you have some wonderful ideas there, maybe we should adopt some of those,” and the world scoffs, for it knows it has you.]

Blessed is he, My Child, who withdraws his affections from the things of the world, and consecrates them to Me alone!

What findest thou in the world, on account of which thou wouldst love it? Behold! All that is in the world, is the desire of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. And the end of all these is death and hell.

If, then, thou lovest the world, or the things which are of the world, thou takest into thy embrace everlasting perdition.

What good has the world done to thee, that thou wouldst devote thy affections to it? It has done, and never will do thee aught but evil. How, then, canst thou give thy heart to it?

Trust not, my child, to the smiles and blandishments of the world; they show only a covert desire to deceive and destroy thee.  But hearken to the invitings of My Heart, that longs to save thee from the everlasting misfortunes, which the world is preparing for thee.

————————-End Quote—————————-

Wow.  A lot to chew on, there. Certainly, a radically different view of our interaction with the world than the overwhelming materialist view of today, which forgets, or at the least minimizes to triviality the spiritual and the eternal, in favor of earthly good works (necessary for salvation) but especially the ultimate end of giving glory to God.

That is the purpose of the Church – to render glory to God though the salvation of souls. All else is subordinate to that – or should be.

This…..this is the work of a lifetime.  I must get cracking.

Persecution of Christians in the Mideast/prayer request October 15, 2012

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I have a friend who is a devout evangelical protestant who is also from a country in the Mideast.  A country where Christians are heavily persecuted. She has been involved in bringing dozens of people to Christianity in her native land, even though she has mostly done this remotely, from here in the US. Please pray for her (call her Shebaz – not her real name), she’s leaving for Iran very soon and things there look very bad:

Up to 400 evangelical Protestants have been arrested in the last two weeks in Iran, according to a news site that chronicles the persecution of Christians.

“We have learned that at least 100, but perhaps as many as 400 people, have been detained over the last 10 days,” said Firouz Khandjani, a leader in the evangelical house-church movement.

“It has become clear that Protestant Christians are now viewed as enemy number one of the state,” he added, as he spoke of the nation’s intelligence service disrupting worship services in three cities.

Evangelical protestants are a threat, because they have been converting thousands of Iranians. Were that Catholics were viewed an equal threat!  In a sense, “things” in Iran look very good, for persecution must mean there is some success in evangelization!  And while evangelicals may not have the full truth, they have far more, in my opinion, than Shia muslims.

Another Mideast report, this sent in from an alert reader:

Here is information you won’t see on your TV screen or mainstream newspaper in the United States: Conservative Party Member of British Parliament Mark Field writes in theIndependent today that “rent-a-mob jihadis are tormenting a benighted Christian minority in Bashar al-Assad’s Syria.”

Writes Field:

“…for the two million plus Syrian followers of Christ, whose lineage goes back 2000 years to St Paul’s proselytising in the first century AD, these are especially desperate times. Ethnic cleansing is an ugly phrase, but that’s just what is going on right now for Christians in Syria. The unspeakable truth now is that the sizeable Christian communities in war-torn Syria are at greater threat of ethnic cleansing from their ancestral homes than has been the case for generations — often at the hands of the self-styled freedom fighters so feted by the Western press.”

Field notes that after the US invasion of Iraq, some 300,000 Christians fled that “liberated” country for Syria — one of the few places in the Middle East where Christians could feel safe and go about their lives unmolested. US/Saudi/Qatari/Israeli-supported “freedom fighters” — who as German intelligence finds are as much as 95 percent non-Syrian  — are putting an end to that, threatening to completely eradicate a Christian population that goes back to the time of Christ. What do American Christians do? Cheer on the rebels as they kill Christians left and right in Syria because their government tells them they are “freedom fighters.” What a sick joke.

I disagree a bit with the article above, regarding who is supporting this insurrection in Syria – Turkey and Iran are fighting a proxy war for dominance in terms of radical islam leadeship, and Turkey is the predominant support for the rebels, although the US is certainly in their corner to a much, much smaller degree.  And I totally agree that a large majority of the jihadis in Syria are not native-born, and neither is their equipment obtained within Syria.  I saw a report today that the majority of war material entering Syria is going to the rebels. I’m sure sunni Saudi money is playing a big part in this, along with Erdogan’s dream of a new Caliphate.  I don’t know about Israeli involvement – I would think the Israelis would be smart enough to know that, with Assad, they at least have a somewhat rational actor.  Any replacement is much less likely to be so.  I don’t know why Israel would be interested in being surrounded by radical islamic regimes – they already have one now to their west in Egypt.

If I were Jordan’s King Abdullah II, I’d be getting very nervous right now.  Part of this war is just plain ‘ol Arab tribal warfare, with some old scores being settled against Hashemites.

The part about the persecution of Christians in the above is spot-on, and it’s largely ignored by the willfully ignorant Western media.


Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark October 15, 2012

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Novus Ordo Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark @ 7pm.  Today is the feast of the glorious St. Teresa of Avila, foundress of that religious order that is so dear to my heart.  I believe Fr. Hopka has some special plans for tonight.  If I told you, I’d spoil the surprise.

Come and see!

So many awesome Saints are Carmelites!  And how amazing was the Faith in Spain in the latter half of the 16th Century!  3 doctors of the Church from the same place and time! There is so much awesomeness in the history of Spain, which I am only beginning to open up.  Having been an Episcopal/Anglophile type, I had actually viewed Spain as the enemy for a large portion of my life (at least, historical Spain).

No more!  It’s awesome!

Some really bad advice at the Synod of Bishops October 15, 2012

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The Synod of Bishops – one of those ‘collegiality’ novelties promoted at Vatican II – has been ongoing in Rome for the past week or so.  There have been many speeches by many bishops, most of which have received little play.  I’ve tried to stay on top of many of the more important comments.   I had not seen much that I found terribly inspirational, nor much that I found wrong-headed.  Until now.  A Bishop Brian Dunn of Nova Scotia argues that the reason why the Church is so struggling today is that the reforms of VII did not go far enough (not in those words, but I think you’ll agree, that is his core message):

Bishop Brian Dunn of Antigonish (Nova Scotia), whose predecessor (Raymond Lahey) was convicted on child-pornography charges,[and who will be in prison for the rest of his life, in all likelihood] called for a greater role of women and lay ministers in the Church.

“How do we evangelize those who have been deeply hurt by clergy who have been involved in sexual abuse? … Provide real opportunities of listening and discerning together to appreciate the depth of hurt, anger and disillusionment associated with this scandal,” he said. “This listening ministry could become a part of every diocese in the form of an office of mediation where people could bring their hurts and seek appropriate reconciliation.[Are you kidding me?  A “complaint’s office?” Who gets that job?  Do you think Bishop Dunn will volunteer?  And do you think this complaints office will have any ideological agenda? Do you think it will be sympathetic towards the concerns of traditional Catholics, or those who want to complain of Fr. Bob extemporizing the words of Consecration? Give me a break.]

“Consider the reasons why this crisis has happened,”  he continued. Put into place measures which will create safe environments for children and all who are vulnerable in the faith community.” [Knowing the what the official response has been, and how priests have in general been thrown under the bus to save the episcopal skin, this is just sad.  But I strongly agree, let’s put in place measures that keep active homosexuals out of the priesthood, as that is the sole cause of 90+% of the abuse]

Bishop Dunn also called for

“change in certain structures of the Church and in the mentality, attitude and heart in the ways of working closely with lay persons. These changes could include the appointment of pastoral teams consisting of clergy and laity, [does he mean lay people taking more roles in the Mass?] an official reflection on and recognition of lay ecclesial ministers, [again, what does this mean?] a deliberate and systematic involvement and leadership of women at all levels of Church life, e.g., permitting women to be instituted as lectors and acolytes and the institution of the ministry of catechist.[in other words, several long steps down the road towards “women priests”]

When this happens, the Gospel will be heard anew, our faith will be passed on more effectively, we will be renewed in our faith and our witness will become more authentic in our contemporary world.”

Yes, surely, for these 2000 years the Church has existed without having women fill these roles – and the ultimate target, the priesthood – the Gospel has not been heard, our faith has not been passed on effectively, and there has been no renewal.

How does having women in these roles, or greater lay participation in the Mass (good Lord, we desperately need to move in the other direction), renew our faith and make the Church “more authentic in our contemporary world,”  exactly? This is exactly the kind of unsubstantiated, underpants gnome kind of statement I’ve been reading ad nauseum in The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber – just a bald assertion with absolutely no substantiation, a caving to the wisdom of the world that meets with great approbation from the media and others associated with this darkly fallen place, but which have nothing in the way of support from theology or Tradition.  It’s just playing to the elite opinion of the secular left, and nothing more.

This is really some dirty pool, and a tactic I’ve seen often from the progressive elements in the Church – using the clergy abuse disaster as a means to advance the progressive agenda, and in particular, their shibboleth of womyn priests. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the parallels between Bishop Dunn’s tactics, and those of the small progressive wing (never more than 200 bishops, out of 2000) that dominated Vatican II.

I pray his recommendations are duly ignored.

Baumgartner sets amazing record October 15, 2012

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So, I guess this has been all over the TV and what not, but since I haven’t got one, it’s news to me:

That’s an amazing achievement.  Just thinking about jumping out into that abyss makes my heart want to skip a beat.

I think it is really classy and cool that they involved Col. Joseph Kittinger in the project.  Kittinger held the previous record for a parachute jump of 102,800 ft, but when he did it, he didn’t ascend in a nice, pressurized capsule with all kinds of computer controls and a very high-tech pressure suit.  He did it in an open gondola made of wood and canvas (ok, and aluminum) and an early pressure suit that had developed a leak, causing his hand to freeze.  Those early pressure suits were very dicey, nothing like the refined art of today.

Kittinger went on to perform other high altitude balloon experiments, including a series of astronomical studies conducted at 80,000+ feet for periods of up to 18 hours.  Later, he did three tours of duty in Vietnam, two in B-26K Counter-Invaders and one as commander of the famous “Triple Nickle” 555th TFS and Vice Commander of the 432nd Tactical Fighter Wing flying F-4Ds. He shot down one MiG-21, but was shot down himself on May 11, 1972, and was a POW for 11 months.  He resumed his USAF career after that, eventually retiring in 1978.

This is not to take anything away from Baumgartner’s new record, which smashed Kittinger’s by nearly 25,000 ft.  It is an amazing achievement.