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A Cardinal seems to be getting it…. October 16, 2012

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…..or maybe not.  Cardinal Antonio María Rouco Varela of Madrid stated that the Church can’t get a New Evangelization going until it stops its fall into worldliness:

There is no way of getting away from the “Sitz im Liben” of the New Evangelization, if we want to apply and carry it out properly. [Odd that he would use a term drawn from modernist, protestant German biblical “higher criticism” to make his point…..] Secularism is perhaps its most characteristic mark. The story of secularization which began in the 17th century culminated in the 20th century with the postulation of the “death of God” and the exaltation of the “Superman” [protestantism->rationalism-> enlightenment->modernism-> secularism->atheism] . The two most terrifying totalitarianisms of the time – Communism and Nazism – like the two World wars are inexplicable without these two theses that went into crisis after 1945. [Uhhh…..maybe it’s the translation….] Vatican Council II, called at that historic crossroads to update the doctrine and pastoral [but which are which?!?] of the Church, opened the way for her to surpass herself “ad intra” and “ad extra”. [Ah, yes, there’s been so very much excellence all around, I have a hard time naming all the superlatives]
Nevertheless the “revolution of 1968″ relaunched it and radicalized it to the extreme of denying the dignity of every human being: the healthy offspring of a chimpanzee is worth more than a disabled child, according to a famous English-speaking anthropologist. [I’m not sure what the “it” is, here.  The culture? The Church? The “new springtime?”]  Has the Church – bishops, priests, religious and lay people – been up to this challenge? [By any objective measure, whatever Vatican II was called to achieve, has been a complete failure. Unless it was called to institutionalize failure, but I’m not quite that cynical]Have they perhaps sometimes been influenced by the secular ideology? Has it not cost us sometimes showing what and who we are inside and outside of the “public forum of history” (Benedict XVI). The Holy Father called us to “deworldification”. We have to respond by examining our consciences and with the conversion of our hearts. Without this profoundly spiritual premise, the undertaking to evangelize would be pointless.

So, finally at the end, we get to the good stuff.  I was actually much more hostile to his comments the 2nd time I read through them (see all the red above) than I was the first time.  It should be pointed out that Cardinal Varela is a big fan of Kiko Arguella of the disastrous neochatachumenal way, and even allowed Kiko to help redecorate the Cathedral.

It’s a bit ironic that a Spanish Cardinal – of all places, if you know the history of the Church – would use a modernist German theological term in order to advance his point about how the Church needs to be more worldly.  So while the Cardinal seemed to get it at the end, I am left perplexed, wondering if his entire philosophy is not such that “deworldification” might mean something radically different to him than it would to, say, you or I or St. Teresa.  And that, is the entire problem in a nutshell.

Pretty words mean little.  Pray for action.


1. Woody - October 17, 2012

Yes, actions speak louder than words. I have read the quote twice and have no idea what he means. I’m thinking that they should change the color of their clothing. Prior to VII, black and white was appropriate. Now, they should wear grey.

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