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Things are getting ugly out there October 16, 2012

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Similar to a prior video I saw a month or two ago from Brazil (that I did not show on this site), a group of lesbian feminists, attacked the Cathedral in Buenos Aires in celebration of their feminist conference and in pursuit of their desire for abortion and – of course – state recognition of gays simulating marriage.  I suppose there was a pogrom, directed at the Church, since it will not yield on this issue.   Why would you attack and deface a Church you so desperately crave the approval of, unless it’s got nothing to do with “marriage,” or religion, and it’s all just been a bunch of BS aimed at making you feel better. What they really crave is confirmation in their sin, but as I’ve said repeatedly, it won’t work.

A group of young men (and some women) then stood outside the Cathedral to prevent its further desecration.  These men were subsequently spat on, spray painted, shouted at, and otherwise attacked for what seems like a very long time. Is there no policia in Buenos Aires, or is it so corrupt that it only protects the civic order when it suits the government’s interest?

The blasphemies they make are beyond description, especially those directed at the Blessed Mother, who loves each of them more than they are capable of imagining.

Yet, after watching the whole video, it’s obvious most of these souls are lost in the hell of perversion and radicalism.  As much as their actions are despicable, much of this is acting out great internal pain.  I pray their hearts may be softened for conversion.  It’s unlikely.  I thank the men (and women) who proudly witnessed to the Faith through horrific provocations by peacefully praying the Rosary.  Good on them, what a cooperation with Grace!  While terrible to watch and very much worse to go through, what a blessing!  The Lord felt them worthy to be badly persecuted!

NUDITY WARNING.  No, there is nothing even slightly arousing about it, but I have to say it.

It won’t be long before this kind of thing is happening here, and worse.  I know it does to a small extent, but not like this, and not with the civil authority totally looking the other way.


1. Nancy CNM - October 17, 2012

Thank you for posting this. I took the opportunity of praying along with them as I was watching it. Hopefully others will do the same. How horrific.

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