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Catholic nun blasts US, NATO, for supporting Syrian rebels October 18, 2012

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This is a very powerful interview.  A Melkite Catholic nun, Mother Agnes Miriam, foundress of the Monastery of James the Mutilated in Damascus, Syria, discusses the horror of the ongoing civil war in Syria, as well as the terrible persecution of Christians and the West’s seeming support for this largely foreign insurrection (that is to say, most of the insurgents are not native Syrians, but Saudis, Pakistani’s, just jihadis in general, but largely non-Syrian born).  God Bless Mother Agnes and her order:

Here is a video from last Easter at the monastery, which apparently has both male and female religious:

Syria has the largest remaining Christian population in the Mideast, save perhaps for Lebanon.  The two communities are about the same size, although Lebanon’s is proportionately much larger.

Please pray for them!  I understand that before the most recent violence, Catholicism was making some modest inroads in converting muslims to the Faith!

But now, the jihadis are especially targeting Christians and the entire community is under grave threat. This could be Iraq all over again.  The jihadists are gaining more and more freedom of movement around the Mideast.  You can’t build enough drones to track them all.  Is this the fruit of our Mideast policy for the past 10 years?


1. disnas - October 19, 2012

How very un-American of Mother. Does she not know we are busy building empire in her poor country to make it safe for democracy? What an ingrate.

It is also quite possible that Syria is where those WMDs are hidden that we invaded Iraq to find.

Making the world safe for McDonalds and Fredericks of Hollywood.

2. servo - October 19, 2012

I bet the neos don’t know what to think now. Their ‘democracy-at-gunpoint’ scheme is working, but now how they imagined…

3. Frank - October 19, 2012

Perhaps the sister should have considered a career in politics since that is of more concern to her than her spiritual calling.

servo - October 19, 2012

Yeah, religious should never speak out about injustice.

tantamergo - October 23, 2012

No, I think it not inappropriate for a religious, even a cloistered one, to point out terrible persecution like those being suffered by Christians in Syria. After all, her monastery was bombed, twice. I think she has a right to speak.

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