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Whiskeybreath McCrazypants – pro-life just like sharia! October 18, 2012

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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, aka Whiskeybreath McCrazypants, recently stated on air, in one of his more hallucinatory moments, that pro-lifers are just like radical sharia-law enforcing muslims:

[T]here’s a grand canyon of difference between Obama, who’s very pro-choice, and, for example, the Republican ticket this year, which would give 14th Amendment rights, whatever that means, life, liberty, and property rights, to a fetus that had just been – or rather, an egg that had just been fertilized, right after sex, if you will.

And to have that notion that that would be a person under this personhood thing that [Paul] Ryan’s pushing, and under the 14th Amendment rights, the platform that [Mitt] Romney’s running on. [I wish he were running on this platform!  Like in so many cases, Chris Matthews has no idea what he is talking about. It would be very hard to reconcile personhood as it is usually defined with a rape and incest exemption.  This is a gross mischaracterization, typical of Matthews playing to an audience that views conservatives as, at best, strange aliens from another planet, and, at worst, Nazi monsters to be exterminated]

This is extremism!… [I]t’s almost like Sharia. You’re saying to the country, we’re going to operate under a religious theory, under a religious belief. [This is truly rich. If any group operates on an emotional level, without reason, with an almost religious adherence to constantly disproved concepts, it’s the left. Science and religion are perfectly in accord with regard to when life begins – at conception. This increasingly difficult reality is causing the left to experience massive cognitive dissonance] We’re going to run our country this way, to the point of making a woman’s decision to have an abortion, her reproductive rights, as criminal, perhaps murderous. [Until the Supreme Court made up a right “emanating from the penumbras,” abortion was considered murder. Abortion kills a child. Period. If you call it murder, manslaughter, termination, or a “choice,” the result is the same. A baby dies.]

This entire argument is just silly, wild-eyed pandering to a the tiny audience MSNBC attracts. I frankly shouldn’t even mention Matthews, for if it wasn’t for bloggers like me constantly pointing out his unhinged statements, no one would know who he is. I’m sort of playing the game, keeping his notoriety up by doing this.

But the reason I wanted to post is to make clear that the Romney/Paul ticket is not that pro-life……they’re certainly not anymore pro-life than the ticket Bush ran on a few years ago.  Was that also sharia law?  And I think Reagan ran on an even more pro-life ticket.  Funny, I don’t recall women wearing burqas or hajibs, being forbidden to drive cars, having to pay the jizya tax, or any of that stuff back then.  Nor do I recall the terrible Christian police going around forcing people to give their lives to Jesus, to make altar calls, watch the 700 Club, and all that.

I wish the Romney/Ryan ticket was much, much more pro-life.  I think a lot of faithful Catholics and other pro-lifers are pretty concerned about how pro-life Romney really is, because he’s been all over the map on this issue.  I think we have a lot of doubts, very well founded doubts. I am sorry to see Paul Ryan seemingly back away from some of his pro-life advocacy of the past in support of the Romney election campaign.

A note to Chris Matthews Whiskeybreath McCrazypants – AA works.  Try it.

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