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Two beautiful videos October 24, 2012

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Both from New Liturgical Movement:

The first, a Solemn Mass from 1948 Britain, in color!

Second, it’s too bad I can’t do alcohol in moderation, or else I’d buy some of these guy’s beer!  Please support the Benedictines of Norcia in any way!  They are great!  Maybe commenter Michael M could try some?

Lots of Br. Francis Davoren in that video.  He’s from St. William in Greenville, home of a wonderful NO Latin Mass everyone should check out at some point.

CCHD still funding dozens of problematic/anti-Catholic groups October 24, 2012

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And the worst part is, every year they get worse.  The Reform CCHD Now coalition has released its analysis of the 2011-12 grant recipients from the Catholic Campaign for Hoodwinking Donors Human Development (CCHD), and, guess what!  Dozens participate in actions that are counter to the Faith, either directly or in coalition with other leftist organizations.  Progressives loooove coalitions, and love for abortion/contraception/fake gay marriage is so widespread on the left, it’s almost impossible to form a coalition that does not include support for one of the above.  But even more disturbing this year is the 30 odd grant recipients who themselves take actions or otherwise support things counter to the Faith (up from 11 in 2010) – so a few million dollars more goes to the Church’s ideological enemies.

Review and Renewal Audit: ALL’s study of 2011–2012 CCHD grants found that 46 of the 195 Catholic dioceses in the United States had grantees in violation of the CCHD’s Review and Renewal guidelines:

  • 27 of the 192 grantees currently funded by CCHD are directly involved in activities contrary to Church teaching. In addition, 45 are actively involved in coalitions promoting such activities.
  • The total number of grantees in violation of CCHD grant guidelines is 72, or 37 percent.
  • Two additional grantees are included in the report due to the actions of their leaders, bringing the total number of grantees profiled to 74.
  • The total amount granted to offending groups is $2,889,500, which is an increase of $1,026,500 from the amount granted to offending groups in 2010–2011.
    • Thus, 38 percent of the $7,658,500 granted by CCHD in 2011–2012 went to grantees in violation of CCHD guidelines.

CCHD can’t seem to keep from funding far-left, pro-abort, anti-Catholic (in their beliefs) work.  Every year, it’s the same story – actually, it gets worse!

Some graphs, for easy comprehension:

In point of fact, the very mission of CCHD – to “empower” the poor through left-wing political action (how about helping them get jobs, so they can empower themselves?) – is the root cause of this constant failure to uphold Catholic Doctrine in delving out money to grant recipients.  As I stated before, almost all left wing social justice type organizations support abortion on demand, contraception, fake gay marriage, and myriad other things contrary to the Faith.  Frankly, even the vision of social justice CCHD espouses – more government money, more government interference in the daily life of Americans, more obeisance to the state as the ultimate totality of human existence – is antithetical to the Catholic Faith.  So, CCHD by it’s very existence, by what it seeks to achieve, and by who it works with, is always going to be in tension (at least) with the Faith.  As we have seen over the past decade or more, in point of fact, CCHD has proven it cannot operate without violating Catholic moral doctrine, even after numerous attempts at reform and close oversight from the USCCB.

I think we are well past the point, where reform is not called for, but disestablishment.  Shut it down.  It is problematic, at best (I really believe it antithetical) to the Faith.

Here is the full report.  And here (pdf) is the report of a respected moral theologian who reviewed the CCHDs own grant-making guidelines and found the organization repeatedly in violation of them.

Will the Supreme Court ‘Roe’ gay marriage? October 24, 2012

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What do bears do in the woods?  Who thinks the Supremes would do the same to marriage?

Thirty-two states have voted for constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. Unprecedented efforts by Catholic bishops and other religious leaders have sparked a national conversation on the importance of marriage and why it’s worth saving. The indefatigable National Organization for Marriage has done amazing work as well. [polls make it appear that at least 2 more states will also add gay marriage bans in a couple of weeks, but Washington state could be the first to vote it into law, as opposed to making it law by legislative action or judicial fiat]

But after all this effort, I’m wondering if the Supreme Court might just “Roe” us on gay marriage? With two recent court rulings going against the Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 federal law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, it’s growing increasingly likely that the Supreme Court will take this issue on. It’s hard to know which case they might take on Justice Ruth Vader Ginsburg recently said she thought the court would consider same-sex marriage this term.

And that should concern us. In one ruling, nine justice in robes could overrule the will of thirty two states, never mind thousands of years of culture. [and there are more states where a defense of marriage act would pass, but they just haven’t done so, for various reasons.  The number of states where the population is really in favor of this kind of thing is probably less than 10]

I know what some might be thinking. The Supreme Court as currently constituted would never do that. Conservatives have a 5-4 majority. But is there anyone who actually knows how the Court will rule on anything. If Obamacare taught us anything, it’s that nobody knows how the Court will rule.

Predicting court decisions is like predicting which direction a tornado will choose. Nobody knows. All we know is that previous ones have ruined a lot of people’s lives.

And to be clear, when we say that we don’t know how the Court will decide, what we’re actually saying is that we don’t know how the so-called conservative judges will rule. Let’s face it, do you think there’s a chance that you might be surprised by Ruth Vader Ginsburg or Sonia Sotomayor’s ruling on gay marriage? It’s not likely. But Roberts? Who knows? Alito? Could surprise us. Kennedy? I’m not sure he knows. [I disagree – Alito is solid, he’d never go for a redefinition of marriage, nor would Thomas or Scalia. But it is tiresome that the libs are always dead locks, whereas we always have a justice or two that could go either way.  What a ridiculous system that allows a few totally unaccountable people in robes to radically change society or allow the deaths of millions]

But the scary thing is that this issue could easily be taken out of the people’s hands and settled by judicial decree. In fact, that seems pretty likely, given the court’s history of overreaching.

Those in favor of gay marriage don’t particularly like the fact that democracy hasn’t really worked in their favor on this issue but somehow we’re all led to believe that resistance is futile. We’re told to just relax and accept their inevitable victory. Gay marriage advocates are like the New York Jets They keep losing but that doesn’t stop them from predicting Super Bowl victory.

And you know why gay marriage advocates are confident? It’s because they have the media. They have academia which teaches our children. And let’s face it, they’ve got the judges. [right, and history shows that those 3 in combination have led almost inexorably to victory for the “progressive” destroyers of civilization]

They know that even if democracy doesn’t work out for them, just have the Supreme Court call it a right.

Folks who want to uphold traditional marriage can’t be comfortable with a majority on the Court. We need a super majority just to give ourselves some elbow room for the one or two surprises we’re bound to get who suddenly decide that they want editorial boards to love them.

Abortion was taken out of the hands of the people. Nine justices short circuited democracy and ruled that abortion was a “right.” They could very well do the same on gay marriage. [it was actually 7, not 9, but whatevs]

Father Rodriguez and I have spoken about this, and we both feel the same way – while we fight against gay marriage with all our weak human faculties allow, we both know that one day, not far from now, state recognition of gays simulating marriage will be the enshrined in US law.  At some point – a lawsuit here, an act of Congress there, a president election…..it will happen.  And it won’t be too long.  I view a terrible, 5-4 Supreme Court decision as the most likely venue, and it could even come next  year. Then the homosexual lobby will shout and cheer, declare the party of the century (until next month’s), have fabulous, 250k weddings, and still wake up the next morning feeling totally empty and alone.  But the Church will be on the defensive, infinitely more so than now.  It will be the true beginning of persecution.

Uruguay bishops – politicians who voted to legalize abortion automatically excommunicated October 24, 2012

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Well, yes, it’s true, and while Uruguay is not exactly the center of the Church, it is still nice to see some episcopal conference make public the fact that holding beliefs or taking action contrary to Dogmas of the Faith – such as the sanctity of life – puts one outside the Church, making one ex-communicant (no longer in communion, or a communicant, of the Faith), or excommunicated.

The secretary of Uruguay’s episcopal conference says that lawmakers who recently voted to legalize abortion are automatically excommunicated.

“Automatic excommunication is for those who collaborate in the execution of an abortion in a direct way,” said Bishop Heriberto Bodeant Fernández of Melo. “If a Catholic votes…with the manifest intention that he thinks the Church is wrong about this, he separates himself from the communion of the Church.” [I’m not sure one has to have the manifest intention that the Church is wrong about this or any other subject to incur excommunication.  Is that right?  Or can one simply doubt the Church is right and take an action based on other priorities, like perceived “good” coming from the slaughter of innocents?  Would that still not incur excommunication, removing one from unity with the Church?]

“Excommunication means you are not in communion with the ecclesial community to which you openly claim to belong by doing something that puts you outside communion, and therefore you cannot participate in the Eucharist,” he added.

It’s good he added that last bit.  And, further, public scandal – such as being a Catholic politician and taking a public action counter to the proclaimed and widely known belief of the Church – demands public redress before the excommunication can be overcome. It is not enough simply to go to Confession and say you were wrong, privately, the politician must say so publicly and ALSO publicly act to redress the scandal he gave, perhaps by voting against abortion or doing something else to eliminate this scourge from society.  I pray that in Uruguay, as opposed to this country, the politicians still care enough about the Faith – and cannot find apostate priests to lead them down the primrose path, assuring them their actions are “fine” – that this strong warning from the Church of the peril of their souls will bring them back to sanity.

Uruguay voted to legalize first trimester abortion – with what may be many restrictions – last week, the first Latin American country outside Cuba to do so.   I would imagine the Obama Administration/federal government had a great deal to do with this, probably using leverage through the IMF, the World Bank, and direct aid to help intimidate Uruguay’s government in this direction.  Certainly, they’ve been doing that around the world, so why not Uruguay?  But, then again, there are large, endemic left wing movements throughout S. America that constantly push for this kind of dark descent into the culture of materialist death, so who knows?  We certainly saw evidence of that last week in that terrible video from Argentina.

“Rape” and “incest” exceptions still kill a total innocent October 24, 2012

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Rape and incest are horrific crimes, especially the latter, which is really soul-murder of a child, and should be treated as equivalent to murder.  But, as despicable as these crimes are, they do not justify the murder of the child which may be the product of these heinous acts.  The child is a total innocent. It is a depravity to claim that the child must be destroyed to preserve the mental health of the mother, so that she will not be reminded of her the atrocity committed against her.  Many women do keep such a child, and I have yet to read the story of one who wished they hadn’t.

I get it that with the case of a child victim of rape or incest, there are many additional considerations.  But in this land of such tremendous excess wealth, even in this economy, and with so many childless couples who would dearly love for a child to care for, any child, is murder really the only recourse?  How far have we fallen as a culture that a vast majority of Americans still cling to the “rape and incest” availability of abortion, even if they are against abortion generally, especially for irresponsible behavior (repeat abortions)?  These very rare cases – rape, incest, and “life of the mother,” are the foot in the door that keeps abortion legal.  They are the wedge issues that the left and abortion supporters in particular use to keep abortion legal, playing on people’s confused morality and horror stories of women or children who suffer horrific abuse.  This “wedge” – which about 70% of Americans reliably support – keeps people thinking that there may be circumstances that merit the murder of a perfectly innocent child, and thus keep the abortive mentality operative in our culture.  The purveyors of abortion know this, that is why they focus so much on the 1-2% of abortions that are the result of rape/incest, or some medical problem with the mother.

But these “products of conception” sometimes become real, living people.  And they put the lie to the rhetoric that only evil can come from such terrible acts.  Sometimes, good can come, such as a child that brings light and hope and happiness to a terribly afflicted heart.  Such as a smile that lights up a room.  But, we never hear about these people, those who manage to survive even though they may have been “unwanted,” or who are associated with the most terrible of circumstances.  It’s time we start showing these people to the world. These fortunate few who may have resulted from the worst of circumstances, but who have every bit the same right to life as any one of the rest of us.  We must make these “products of conception” into the real, beautiful, creatures of God they are for a world that would rather look the other way.

I love this ad.

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