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Bishop Paprocki: love God more than political party October 26, 2012

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Or a politician, for that matter.  In essence, don’t put your political preferences ahead of the Faith.  In the context of modern American politics, however, that means it is very difficult to vote democrat.  I disagree with the bishop a bit – he states (not quoted here, see the link below) that it is fine to vote for an individual democrat who doesn’t endorse any of his party’s morally depraved views – abortion, contraception, gay marriage, etc.  I’m not sure that’s the case, or that it’s at least very morally perilous, since so many dem’s run on a more morally acceptable ticket to get elected, then promptly vote along with the majority of their party for various moral evils – witness the “pro-life democrats” vote in favor of the abortion=loving Obamacare.  That aside, Bishop Paprocki:

Some who try to navigate this labyrinth of moral analysis simply rationalize their way to a desired conclusion, for example, by saying that voting for a pro-choice candidate is justified by their support for other “social justice” causes. But such people should apply the Golden Rule by placing themselves in the shoes of the people who are going to be killed by abortions. Would these voters really think it is more “just” to vote for the “pro-choice” candidate if they or their own children or their brothers and sisters were going to be deliberately killed — along with 1.3 million others? Not very likely, is it?  [Brilliant!  Why have I never heard this before?  Every bishop should be saying this, constantly, using just this example!]

Perhaps the phrase that most rattled people, though, was saying that there are actions that could place “the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy.” [Of course it rattled them, the vast majority haven’t heard anything about death, judgment, Heaven, or hell, in the past 40 years or more, aside from the odd instant canonization at funerals they’ve been to.  You harshed their mellow, Bishop Paprocki!] All of us, myself included, must diligently cooperate with God’s graces to be saved.  To presume that one will be saved no matter what we do here on earth is called the sin of presumption. But neither would I presume to declare that someone is or is not going to hell. I leave that to God’s judgment. [Seriously…..how often have you heard a bishop provide such good guidance on the last things?  Rarely, at best?  Good on Bishop Paprocki!]

Does God love Democrats?  Does God love Republicans? Yes, of course he does. God loves Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, in short, God loves everyone. But that’s not the question at issue here. The key question is whether we love God more than a political party or candidates that promote intrinsic evils and serious sins. The first commandment is that we not worship false idols. That means God comes first and his moral law trumps politics. [Woot!  Exactly!]

May God give us this grace. Amen.

This statement from Bishop Paprocki above, of course, was in response to the backlash he has received over his previous statement that voting for democrats who support intrinsic evils like abortion involved a material complicity in evil, and places one’s salvation at risk.  Apparently, that caused many heads to explode, or very nearly so.  Better to have your head explode, than to lose your eternal soul.  I’ve been reading some Aquinas of late, especially his exposition on the Nicene Creed, and the Angelic Doctor repeatedly emphasizes that WE WILL BE JUDGED!  I pray that more people would really meditate on that, rather just assume this nonsense of universal salvation, or at least that they’ll be saved.   It won’t just happen.  We must work out our salvation with fear and trembling – if even St. Paul thought so, how much more should we, then, tremble?

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