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Canon Francis Ripley on the Council, before the Council October 29, 2012

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I found this excerpt on p. 37 of Michael Davies Pope John’s Council, regarding Vatican II.  It is a portion of a letter sent by Canon Francis Ripley, the same one I have quoted so many times through his book This Is The Faith.  In it, Canon Ripley describes the condition of the Church in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France, immediately prior to Vatican II, in 1962.  Since the bishops and periti (experten) of those countries had such an enormous influence over Vatican II, and since we are in the midst of the Year of Faith celebrating the wonderful New Springtime, or even New Pentecost!!, of Vatican II, I thought I’d share Canon Ripley’s thoughts. To begin with, he stated “the desire now manifest in Germany is to present the Catholic mysteries in terms traditionally associated with protestantism…..”

Many visitors to Germany recently have been shocked by certain elements of the new approach [the “nouvelle theologie”]An eminent Australian asked a parish priest how he encouraged his people to visit the Blessed Sacrament since he had removed it form the high altar to an obscure side-chapel. “I don’t,” he said. All who have spoken to me after visits to Germany have been, to express it very mildly, disturbed by what they saw there. As another priest put it: “They are talking about sweeping away useless accretions to the liturgy; but they are in reality attacking perfectly legitimate developments which have meant much to the piety of the faithful. Pius XII warned against this very thing in Mediator Dei.”

Yet another visitor, an American priest, summed up his impression of Catholic scholarship in Germany like this: “I guess they’re waging a total war against tradition.” Nor is it confined to the liturgy. Some speak of “the tragic definition of the Assumption,” which came perilously close to dealing the “death blow to the ecumenical movement.” Others want us to drop reference to tradition as a source of revelation. [I can’t tell you how close Vatican II came to announcing, in direct contravention of 2000 years of Dogma, that there was only source of Divine Revelation – Scripture.  These nordic false ecumenists were very happy to throw Tradition out the window to please their protestant ecumenical confreres.  Of course, these ecumenically obsessed Germans were very narrow-minded – by pleasing the protestants they were enraging the Orthodox] And alongside all this is a calculated refusal to try to make individual converts on the excuse that conversion work will impede progress towards unity – again a practical reversal of the policy of the Church since apostolic times.

Thus, the environment in Germany and the rest of north-central Europe, on the eve of the Council. How could the English, Americans, Spanish, Filipinos, et. al., been so unprepared to deal with what was to come?

What a difference a century makes October 29, 2012

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I’ve been reading about Giuseppe Sarto, better known to most as Pope St. Pius X, of late.  This man was, in every sense, a Saint.  But I want to focus on one particular aspect of his sanctity and awesome leadership.  In the late 1890s, while Cardinal Archbishop of Venice, some masonic vandals broke into a Venice church, stole the Blessed Sacrament, and desecrated it by throwing it into the street.  Now, in today’s sick and fallen world, far, far worse things happen to consecrated Hosts.  But to then Cardinal Giuseppe Sarto, this was a calamity of the highest magnitude.

He took the loss personally.  He felt that this terrible assault against Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament had to be at least some commentary on his leadership as archbishop which was, in reality, exemplary.  But good Cardinal Sarto was so dismayed he rallied his entire archdiocese to a day of prayer and penance for this terrible assault against the dignity and divinity of our Blessed Lord, even penning the announcements which ran in the newspapers himself.  Cardinal Sarto truly led on this issue, so grieved he was to have had such a sacrilege take place “on his watch.”  Needless to say, the response of the faithful of Venice – always a very cosmopolitan, realpolitick, somewhat doubtful town – was extremely positive.  Tens of thousands took part in vigils, processions, rosary crusades, special Masses, etc, etc.  For as long as Pope St. Pius X was still Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna, such a terrible sacrilege never recurred.  I should add that, while Giuseppe Sarto was rather exemplary in his day, he wasn’t unusual – many other prelates in that time would have reacted to a similar degree, with a similar response – but perhaps not with the depth of feeling Sarto had.

I contrast that with what we witness, or fail to witness, today.  The tale has repeatedly been told, at local parishes, that discarded Hosts are found in pews, on the floor, trampled and crushed, outside on the grounds, in the bushes, sometimes even on top of a urinal. (How anyone can say that Communion in the hand doesn’t lead to profanation is ridiculous, to me).  This happens at most every parish in the Diocese, every Sunday.  And these are not attacks by enemies of the Church!  No, these are the callous actions of the “faithful,” who have been so poorly formed regarding the Blessed Sacrament via the pathetic casualness with which it is handed out by umpteen “communion ministers”, like so many party crackers, that they have not the slightest idea that they have in their possession the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of the King of the Universe.

The Blessed Sacrament is the Source and Summit of our Faith.  It is impossible to have too much care, reverence, or respect for the Blessed Sacrament.  And that care and reverence must start at the top.  Our bishops must lead by example.  But how many have responded even in the slightest to the routine outrages of indifferent neglect exhibited towards the Blessed Sacrament in their dioceses?  I can’t recall one – certainly not in the past 5 years, in a statement that has received any kind of publicity.  And I know that Bishop Farrell has not made any statements regarding the great care with which we should handle and receive the Blessed Sacrament.

Of course, there are reasons for this. In today’s Church, it would be considered too impolitic, too embarrassing, to challenge the manner in which the Blessed Sacrament is distributed, and received.  It might be taken as an assault against the abusive practice of Communion in the hand, and we just can’t have that!  It might upset the delicate constitutions of certain progressive elements.

But what a contrast!  Today, the greatest gift we receive from God on an ongoing basis, the very sustenance of our spiritual life, is dropped, stuffed in pockets, abandoned, walked on, crushed, and abused in every possible manner.  While, a little over a century ago, a great Saint was broken-hearted over one small incident when a few Hosts were thrown on the ground.  In response, he marshaled all his immense spiritual resources, and those of his entire diocese, to make reparation.  And today, we get, at most, a mild rebuke from the pulpit about treating the Blessed Sacrament with respect. No services of reparation. No article in the newspaper from the bishop.  No great group efforts of prayer and penance. For the most part, we just look the other way.

How far we have fallen.  One of our Mass intentions should be to make an act of reparation for all those who abuse the Blessed Sacrament, both through callous handling and through unworthy reception! We must beg God’s Mercy on those who, through ignorance or malice, treat this incalculable Gift as some trifling to be disposed of (then why bother receiving it?)  We must beg God’s Mercy, too, on the priests and bishops who fail in their duty to form the souls in their care in a right understanding of the Eucharist. And we must beg for God’s Charity to open the minds and hearts of those who, for whatever reason, allow this abuse to continue on and on and one.

Please, Lord, have mercy on us.  Pope St. Pius X, pray for us.

Another bishop condemns voting for candidates who support intrinsic evils October 29, 2012

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Is it just me, or are there more bishops sharing this plain truth with their flocks this election, than in ’08?  It seems like it, but perhaps only because I’m following the Church-perspective more closely.  By my count, this now makes an even dozen bishops who have made such statements (out of 205……we have a very long way to go):

Calling the 2012 election “a turning point in our country’s history,” Bishop David Ricken urged Catholics of the Diocese of Green Bay to remember “the set of non-negotiables” as they cast their ballots.

“These are areas that are ‘intrinsically evil’ and cannot be supported by anyone who is a believer in God or the common good or the dignity of the human person,” said Bishop Ricken. “They are:

  • 1. abortion
  • 2. euthanasia
  • 3. embryonic stem cell research
  • 4. human cloning
  • 5. homosexual “marriage”

“Some candidates and one party have even chosen some of these as their party’s or their personal political platform,” Bishop Ricken added. “To vote for someone in favor of these positions means that you could be morally ‘complicit’ with these choices which are intrinsically evil. This could put your own soul in jeopardy.”

Way to go, Bishop Ricken!  Yes, this is not exactly the model of saintly bishops like Anthony Marie Claret or Giuseppe Sarto, but it’s a step in the right direction. This truth needs to be stated over and over again, by all prelates – if you vote for or otherwise support a candidate (say, through monetary donations, or campaign work, etc) who is in favor of intrinsic evils, you are morally complicit in that evil and are committing a very grave sin.  A most likely mortal sin, although we can never fully know the state of any individual soul.  Even still, given that sin is the an unimaginable offense against God, and mortal sin an infinite offense (would that these facts were more known in the Church today, too! Let us hear bishops speak of sin, once again!) which completely kills, devastates, destroys, terminates one’s relationship with God, a bishop pointing out that to support a certain candidate is so sinful as to put one’s soul in jeopardy is a warning of the highest possible priority.  Sadly, since souls have heard so little of this for the past several decades, it is doubtful many will respond.

It will take many years of such warnings, along with strong pronouncements on the reality of judgment and hell, suffering, the need for Confession and penance, etc., to begin to reverse the decline.  Right now, it is nice for us, the converted, to hear such statements, but I doubt they have much impact. People have been allowed to be far too comfortable with sin, for far too long, for single statements to have much effect (and there are still plenty of bishops and priests who will tell souls exactly what they want to hear).  It’s going to take a sustained campaign to work a miracle of conversion.

Let us pray.

Wherein I beat down my good, peaceful, Catholic readership with more blatant militarism October 29, 2012

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As I have related on some occasions in the past, I had quite a history with military affairs.  I studied those things a great deal. And while almost all my time and energy go towards the Faith nowadays, of late I have been thinking about the dread subject of nuclear war in my off hours.  I’m not entirely certain why.  I think it does have a tie in with the Faith, because I am aware of moves to radically reduce the US nuclear arsenal (still further – from about 2500 strategic warheads down to as low as 300-500).  When I read about that a year or so ago, I was nonplussed.  Now, I’m not so sure.  So long as we have a vibrant defense.  For defense is moral, while offense is often very immoral.  Former Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin said as much at the Glassboro conference he held with LBJ in 1967, wherein the Soviet was exasperated that the US would want to limit defense systems against nuclear weapons, trusting blindly in Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD).  MAD has never been US doctrine, but under the disastrous reign of Robert Strange McNamara the US came as close as it ever has of endorsing that MAD-ness.

So, when I read the following, that a very complex test of missile defense systems involving multiple threats on different axes with a simultaneous time-on-target arrival (a really difficult defense scenario), I was heartened that the defenses scored 4 for 5, with the one probably failure not entirely certain at the moment.  The system that failed has been very reliably hitting targets for years, now, and appeared to be on track right up until the very moment of impact, when, for some reason, nothing happened.  Anyway, more like this:

The sprawling test took place over an area that included the Reagan Test Site on the Kwajalein Atoll in the western Pacific and Hickam Air Force Base on Oahu, Hawaii. The date of the test was location-dependent: For Kwajalein, which is in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, it took place Oct. 25; for Hickam it was Oct. 24.

The total cost of the test to the MDA was $188 million, according to Pamela Rogers, a spokeswoman for the agency. The targets and interceptors involved launched from ground-, air- and sea-based platforms, the MDA said.

A THAAD [Terminal High Altitude Area Defense] interceptor, operated by Army forces along with a tracking radar on Kwajalein’s Meck Island, destroyed a medium-range missile that was launched from a C-17 aircraft[Missile Defense Agency has routinely been using air-launched ballistic missile threats, which provides a great measure of surprise in terms of what direction the threat will come from] that took off from Hickam, the MDA said in a press release. It was the THAAD system’s first intercept of a medium-range missile, the agency said. [THAAD, like all missile defense systems, took time to develop.  There were problems.  But it now appears to be performing reliably]

Meanwhile, two Army-operated Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles successfully intercepted a low-flying cruise missile and a short-range ballistic missile almost simultaneously, the MDA said. The ballistic missile target was launched from an ocean-going platform northeast of Kwajalein.

Two more interceptors were launched from the Navy ship USS Fitzgerald, one at a short-range ballistic missile and one at a BQM-74 drone that simulated a cruise missile. The Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense system aboard the ship, consisting of tracking radars and a battle management system, was able to engage both targets, the MDA said. “However, despite indication of a nominal flight of the [Standard Missile 3] Block 1A interceptor, there was no indication of an intercept” of the short-range missile, the MDA press release said. [This should have been a slam-dunk for SM3, there have been a dozen or more intercepts against targets like this]

The engagement with the simulated cruise missile involved the Standard Missile 2 air-defense interceptor, a proximity-fused weapon designed to explode when it gets near its target. In a statement issued Oct. 26, the MDA said that during the test, the Standard Missile 2 passed within lethal range of its target, which would have been destroyed had the interceptor’s warhead been activated.

The silly article counted this last test as a miss, but that’s false.  If it passed within lethal range, it’s a kill.

Anyhoo, with the proliferation of both ballistic missiles and nuclear capabilities, wouldn’t it be nice to have a defense that can keep such a nightmarish threat from causing catastrophe, rather than having to attack some likely innocent civilians after the fact, who had nothing to do with the madman government or terrorists who launched the thing in the first place?  The main point of these defenses is to cause such doubt in an opponent of the likelihood of success, that they demure from the attempt.

Rant concluded.  Now, for videos!

SM-3 hitting an incoming short-range ballistic missile – terminal phase (missile on re-entry towards target):

Boost-phase intercept – interceptor catches up to target in ascent and downs it:


Special All-Night Adoration at the Carmelites this Friday, Nov. 2! October 29, 2012

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It’s All Souls Day, you should assist at Mass, offer up some additional prayers, and do some mortification!  What better way to do that than by coming to the All Night Adoration at the Carmelite Monastery in Dallas this Friday, Nov. 2.  Times are all the same, the Adoration begins at 4pm and goes to 7am the following morning.  TLM at 8pm and 3am.  Confession before and after Mass.

The focus of prayer, in addition for the souls in Purgatory, is the coming election.  I believe many faithful Catholics feel that this country stands at a precipice, and if this loathsome man Obama is re-elected, it will mean the end of the United States as we have known it and will bring nothing but dark times for the Church.  I’m not saying Romney will make everything wonderful, far from it, but he’s far better than the alternative.  Especially when the alternative Obama is seeking, is to cobble together an electoral coalition that will allow the democrats to run and win with a far-left (for America) program.  This program will be constantly, unceasingly hostile to the Church.

But even more than praying for a particular outcome to this election, we must pray for the conversion of this country.  We must pray for a conversion of the many souls who feel they reside in the Church but who reject what the Church believes, who put politics ahead of piety and self-will ahead of sanctity.  Obama is just a symptom of a country that is increasingly sick with sin and self. That is the main thing we must offer up prayer and sacrifice for, conversion of souls, especially nominal Catholics.

It is no coincidence that the collapse in the Faith over the past 50 years has been mirrored by a general societal collapse in countries that were predominately Catholic, or had a strong Catholic presence, like the US.  We reap what we sow.  There are so many lost sheep today, and many of them are lost for want of a shepherd.  We cannot convert society until we convert the many lost sheep of the Church.  So pray for faithful bishops and priests!  They are so desperately needed!

The nuns will storm Heaven! Will you?

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark October 29, 2012

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Who knows, this might be one of the last ones.  Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark in Plano at 7pm.  The drama, it’s palpable!  Will there be a massive increase in attendance?  Will throngs fill the pews, the aisles, the narthex, and out into the street?!?

Ahem.  We’ll see…….