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Pro-Life Warrior Eduardo Verastagui releases hardcore anti-abortion film October 31, 2012

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Wow, I watched the full-on, hardcore anti-abortion film Obama Must See and I was floored.  I have seen a lot of abortion footage but they put together some truly horrendous scenes.  I can’t/won’t post it here, but you can see the G-rated version below.  You can go to Obama Must See or http://www.durarealidad.com/ for the full-on nightmarish scenes.  I doubt even the grotesque-beyond-belief reality of late-term abortion will soften Obama’s obsidian heart:

This guy rocks.  Good for Eduardo Verastagui!  Did you know that he took a vow of celibacy and consecrated himself to our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart?

Become a traditional priest already!  j/k

Prayers from a 50s wedding Mass October 31, 2012

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The prayer below was taken from a book called the Key of Heaven which was my mother-in-law’s, God rest her pious soul.  It is a book of many prayers including some ordinary portions of the Mass.  One of the Masses is a Nuptial Mass, and there is a prayer in the book, between the Secret and the Communion – I guess it is a preface, or a prayer inserted before the Canon?  Anyway, here it is (this might be a bit controversial, my wife loved it):


O God, who by the might of Thy power didst make all things out of nothing; who when the foundations of the world were laid, and man was made on the image of God, didst so ordain the inseparable aid of woman, as to give her body its origin from that of man: teaching thereby that what it had pleased Thee to fashion out of one could never be lawfully put asunder: O God, who hast consecrated wedlock to so excellent a mystery, that in the marriage covenant Thou wouldst foreshow the mysterious union of Christ with His Church: O God, by whom woman is joined to man, and that union , established in the beginning, is gifted with a blessing, which alone was not taken away, either in punishment of original sin, or by the sentence of the Flood: look graciously down upon this Thy handmaid, now about to be joined in marriage, who heartily desires to be strengthened by Thy protection: may it be to her a yoke of love and peace; faithful and chaste, may she marry in Christ and be a follower of holy matrons; may she be pleasing to her husband like Rachel, wise like Rebecca, long-lived and faithful like Sarah. In none of her deeds may that first author of transgression have any share; may she abide firmly knit unto the faith and the commandments; joined in one union, may she remain forever constant thereto; may she fortify her weakness by the strength of a chastened life; in shamefacedness be grave, in modesty worthy of respect, in heavenly doctrines learned; may she be fruitful in offspring; may she be approved and blameless; and attain unto the rest of the Blessed, and unto the heavenly kingdom, that they both see their children’s children unto the third and fourth generation, and arrive at a happy old age. Through the same our Lord Jesus Christ, etc.

———————-End Quote————————

I do not see a similar prayer for the groom. Which just goes to show how chauvinist the Church used to be, and will remains until it has a woman Pope or twenty?  In a row?  By state order?

I found it interesting that my wife would find that prayer in an old book she was randomly looking at, on the day when the Epistle first reading in the Novus Ordo was St. Paul’s exhortation to husbands and wives in Ephesians 5 (Wives, be subject to your husbands………husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the Church).

I love these random, Providential moments, and trying to understand what God is trying to say.

I agree with Dr. Jeff Mirus, this priest should be sacked October 31, 2012

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An apparently thoroughly modernist pastor of a parish in Baltimore took the occasion of the upcoming vote on whether to allow for state recognition of gays simulating marriage to inform his flock that not only is “gay marriage” wonderful, but that Catholic Doctrine should and will change to accept it:

A priest who has served as pastor the same Baltimore parish since 1973 has preached in favor of same-sex marriage,

Fr. Lawrence. better known as “Dick,”
according to his bio

gaining a standing ovation from his parishioners. [I thought it was normal to move priests around? How is it he has been at the same parish for almost 40 years?  As you will see below, the damage this one man has done to the souls in his charge appears incalculable]

“I will continue to stand in genuine awe of all those couples–straight, gay and lesbian–whose day-to-day, year-to-year, and decade-to-decade faithfulness to each other is to me a sacrament, a believable embodied sign, of the absolute faithfulness of God to us all,” [Except, the vast majority of gay couples are not faithful, men especially.  A very large number of so-called gay marriages involve an “open relationship,” in which infidelity is not only tolerated, it’s expected.  That puts to the lie the entire basis on which this priest has chosen to lie to himself about this embrace of depravity]  said Father Richard T. Lawrence, pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Church, after reading a letter by Archbishop William Lori urging Catholics to vote against an amendment that would permit same-sex marriage in Maryland.

“We could come to recognize the total, exclusive and permanent union of gay and lesbian couples as part of the sacrament of matrimony,” [once again, Father’s assumptions are horrible flawed. Their relationships are very

His parish

frequently short lived and far from exclusive. And that’s just the practical aspect, leaving outside the natural law argument that allowing two people of the same sex to “marry” makes a complete mockery of the Sacrament and God’s Law] he continued. “Even if we do not believe that gay marriage ever could or should be allowed in the Church, we could live with a provision that allows civil marriage of gay and lesbian couples.” [No, we couldn’t]

“Personally, however, I would go farther than that,” he said. “I personally believe that this is a possible line of future development in theology and perhaps eventually even in Church teaching. And if this is even a possibility, could we not judge that civil marriage for gay and lesbian couples ought to be allowed by the state at this time?” [Thus, the modernism. The Truth Christ has revealed through His Church is not timeless, unchanging, it’s constantly evolving to change with the mores of any given time period.  That is the essence of modernism. And this man has led this same flock for 40 years!  Is it a surprise they have a women’s fake ordination group at the parish?]

The link above closes by noting that Fr. Lawrence received a standing ovation from the flock this obviously aging hippie has been given the opportunity to so malform over the past several decades.

Dr. Jeff Mirus, whom I often disagree with, argues that a priest that is this wrong on such a core issue has earned a good de-frocking.  I wholeheartedly agree (my emphasis):

So the mind boggles at Fr. Lawrence’s theology, but the mind does not boggle at the standing ovation he received from those attending the Mass at which he preached his defiance. Overall, most Catholics who attend Mass regularly understand that same-sex marriage is contrary to both right reason and Divine law, but where the

“Altar Bible” – is this approved?

tendentious ministry of a bad pastor goes unchecked for an extended period of time, that parish becomes a haven for “Catholics” who have lost much of their faith but still wish to be part of a religious community (very likely primarily to feel spiritually validated). [Exactly, but far too many weekly Mass-goers believe a radical make-believe redefinition of marriage is fine. That is because there are far too many pastors out there like Fr. Lawrence]  A Modernist pastor gradually cements a following as sound parishioners go elsewhere, and the unsound are drawn like iron filings to a magnet[We could play a game……name a parish in the Dallas Diocese that fits this description!  I can think of several!]  In a similar way, it will take several years of hard and very courageous work for a new pastor to come into this kind of situation and turn things around. [and the souls so badly formed by his predecessor will make his life as unpleasant as possible, if they don’t manage to get him fired.  That’s certainly happened more than once…….]

…….I will be very interested to see whether Archbishop Lori moves promptly to discipline Fr. Lawrence. If, as I have frequently argued in the recent past, our hierarchy is gradually getting significantly healthier, we would be very right to hope some action will be taken—and very right to be disappointed if it is not.

These things often take some time to work themselves out, but let me be frank here: What Fr. Richard T. Lawrence has done merits his prompt removal from ministry in the Diocese of Baltimore. I recommend prayer for Archbishop Lori, Fr. Lawrence and his parishioners. I also recommend that you stay tuned.

Yes, will the current crop of bishops ever start to implement discipline on a wide scale? Or even on a narrow scale?  Or will they cower before the apostasy of their priests, the fear that if they take any action against one a number will rise up in rebellion, and cause the bishop all  manner of problems?

I certainly pray that we will see this man removed from ministry. But I won’t hold my breath. Pity (and pray for) the poor souls he has so formed in worldly, materialist modernism. This priest is 69, if no action is taken, he could continue to distort and corrupt souls for another 6 years or more!

You can watch this sad priest apostasize here, including the riotous applause he received.  Don’t they know what the Holy Father said about applause in Church?  BTW, the pastor uses “Vatican II” as the justification for his apostasy.  The New Springtime!

One last thing. The more I learn about this parish, the more disturbed I am.  This parish has a lay, “pastoral associate” listed in the staff directory below the pastor but above the ordained “priest in residence.”  This “pastoral associate” is married, and his wife is a Methodist minister!  What role does the “pastoral associate” play in the parish?  You got me.

But what this pastor has done, is to create a parish designed to run without a priest.  I would imagine that has been a very conscious, deliberate effort. He admits he encourages lay people to “do a lot of things  they are not encouraged to do in some other parishes,” especially within the Mass.  Like what…….”consecrate?”  This man has likely turned thousands of former Catholics……into protestants.

There are thousands of aging priests out there like this.  The “spirit of Vatican II,” that false, chimerical, devastatingly poisonous spirit of the world, personified.

Sancta Maria, gratia plena, ora pro nobis!  Dominus…..miserere nobis!

The French Revolution as a type of the apocalypse October 31, 2012

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A reader friend sent me this video, showing the end of the Carmelite martyrs of Compiegne (in French):

There’s something about the way in which that scene was shot that is so French, especially post-modern French – it is sympathetic to the martyrs, while also being coldly brutal itself.  Almost a bit disdainful, aloof.

Anyway, the video reminded me of a glorious pair of sermons given by a local priest, long before he was a local priest.  They are very much worth your time:



The  martyrs were beatified by His Holiness Pope St. Pius X in 1906.

Persecution is not pretty. It is horrid.  But, the blood of martyrs has frequently led to much Grace that tremendously benefited the Church as a whole, frequently at some future date.  Many trace a direct line from the sufferings of these martyrs to the fall of Robespierre, the end of the Reign of Terror, and the setting up of the directorate.  Of course, France had a very long way to go before it would overcome its revolutionary nightmare, and in some ways the worst was yet to come (like, Napoleon’s sacking of Rome and holding the Pope hostage).  But many feel a turning point occurred with the willing offering of those Carmelites in reparation for the awful, indescribable madness which had descended on France.

It is amazing how something can be so terrible, and so glorious, at the same time.

Are we headed for something similar?  As that priest above would say, you better get prayed up.

There’s a little horror for your All Hallow’s Eve.