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You could say that Fr. George David Byers really loves For Greater Glory November 6, 2012

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He loves it so much, he’s done a series of 10 posts on the movie!  Yikes (to quote the good Father), I think I did two!  The first such post is here, which I quote:

Even Catholics sacrifice their children in abortion and with abortifacient pills and injections and implants, just as much as non-Catholics. Some repent. And that is super wonderful. But, just to say, kids are being sacrificed by the tens of millions. This cannot go on. A persecution wrought by those who have such blood on their hands is already in the works, if you haven’t noticed already with the HHS mandate. Having such blood on their hands makes it really, really easy to take the next step against those who would proclaim the right to life, the preciousness of life, the beauty of life.

When people are being murdered in their churches and in their homes in their tens and tens and tens of thousands, do they have a right to self-defense?

Suffice it to say, Fr. Byers, who is living as a hermit to offer his life in prayer for the good of his brother priests, believes that yes, such a right definitely exists, as I argued here previously.  Even for priests and religious, even to the point of taking up arms, if necessary, to defend the rights of others and the rights of the Church.

The remaining nine parts are linked below, and very much worth your time, as we await the election results which may portend such events as depicted in For Greater Glory coming soon to the United States.

Part II

Part III

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Part VI

Part VII


Part IX

Part X

Viva Christo Rey!

Obama loving daughters demand mom vote for him so they can grow up to abort? November 6, 2012

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What is the message here?

Mom, please vote for O, so you can look forward to having your grandchild ripped limb from limb, scalded, impaled, vacuumed, and so on!

Mom, I plan on having lots of casual sex with random men, vote for Obama so I won’t be punished with a consequence!

Mom, I’m glad you didn’t kill me (but how many of my siblings did you kill), but please vote for O so I can have the “right” to kill my child!

Really, the very, very worst thing pro-aborts can do is to drag children into this debate.  It reveals the base hypocrisy of their belief system to a frightening extent.  Oh, these kids get to live, those others, we brutally murdered.  Choice!


Vatican II bishop argued for “one world ‘mass,'” allowing protestants to Communion November 6, 2012

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Catholic News Service is running an odd little blog, that posts the events that occurred 50 years ago to the day at Vatican II, today.  So, yesterday they reported “news” of a Vatican II intervention from 50 years ago, when a Bishop Duschak of the missions demanded a new ‘one world mass,’ a mass which would admit protestants to Communion.  It is interesting to see the many cries of heresy from the (2012) comments, which we NOT made in 1962, while at the same time, it appears much of what Bishop Duschak wanted, he got (my emphasis and comments):

Why shouldn’t the greatest ecumenical council in the Church’s history create a new rite — an ecumenical or world Mass — to which Catholics could invite their Protestant brothers who retain a love for the Eucharist? [It cannot be stated strongly enough just how powerful a driver this very sentiment was in the fabrication of the new Mass.  Not so much to admit protestants to Communion, but at least not to offend them so much with all that terrible going on about ‘sacrifice’ and ‘contrition’ and ‘unworthiness.’]

This was the question posed to newsmen by a German-born missionary bishop shortly after he had raised it at the council itself. [The media at the past council was a powerful ally of the progressives.  A very powerful ally.  Progressive bishops and periti, in what was really a severe breach of discipline, would report what had occurred on the Council floor moments after it occurred.  The media would then trumpet the progressive cause and attack those resisting it, leading to much pressure against the progressive’s opponents.  As the Council developed, this intense media pressure caused most opposition to the progressive’s efforts to collapse.  The Holy Spirit in action?]

Bishop William Duschak, S.V.D., Apostolic Vicar of Calapan, the Philippines, suggested that the ecumenical or world Massshould be in the common language of the people wherever it is celebrated. It would be, he said, “simple, grand and monumental” and composed in Rome.

Bishop Duschak said he spoke not as a liturgy expert but as a “practical missionary.” He has spent more than 30 of his 59 years in the Philippines.

The Bishop emphasized that he is not against Latin.

“I love the Latin language. It is and should remain the language of the Church.” [Pope Benedict XVI will almost certainly be the last Pope fluent in Latin for a very long time]

But he said that an unfamiliar language such as Latin or any tongue other than that of the people “deprives the people of their right to participate in the Mass.” [this is garbage reasoning.  It assumes a most simplistic level of understanding of ‘participation.’]

He said his idea for an ecumenical Mass is founded on two premises: that rites are man-made[I, and many others much more informed than I, would argue that this is totally false.  The Traditional Mass was the product of the Holy Spirit moving the Church over a long period of time, gradually and orgnanically shaping the Mass into what it finally became]and that the Mass should be based on the first Mass, the Last Supper. [the Last Supper, of course, being before the Sacrifice, thus ditching all that icky, unecumenical talk on Sacrifice]

He said Christ’s command at the Last Supper, “Do this in commemoration of me,” has four consequences. These are:

— The priest must face the people. “Nobody who invites guests to a supper turns his back on them.”

— The priest should speak in an audible voice, as a common courtesy.

— The priest, like Christ at the Last Supper, should speak in the language of those present.

— The priest should use the words of Christ Himself as much as possible. Words composed by ordinary men should be used only sparingly.

Well, again, there is some pretty paltry reasoning there, and it amazes me that thinking like this carried the day at an Ecumenical Council of the Church, but we know it did.

First, thank God that business on the “one world Mass and protestants at Communion” did not occur, at least formally.  Of course, we all know that protestants receive, illicitly, all the time, and many bishops and priests even encourage this scandal.

Even more amazingly, is that Bishop Duschak and his fellow progressives got pretty much all they wanted, didn’t they?  They got the vernacular, they got versus poplum, they got a changed consecration and the prior language of the Mass gutted and replaced with much content almost devoid of reference to sacrifice, sin, contrition, etc.

Has this Mass resulted in an explosion of faithfulness?  Do Catholics know the Faith so very much better than they did in 1960?  Do they have a much deeper belief in the Real Presence?  Do they accept the Dogmas of the Faith?  Have vocations or Mass attendance exploded?

And what of ecumenism? Has the New Mass caused millions of protestant conversions?  Has it “brought the separated ‘churches’ closer to unity with Rome?”

In short, what is the fruit of what Bishop Duschak (and many others) demanded, and got?

Then again, the parish from Illinois below was “renovated” in the late 50s.  Duschak’s push for his version of reform did not materialize from thin air – there was a fertile seed bed of liturgical agitation and abuse prior to the Council, mostly in Europe, but also in other places.

This blog on Vatican II could be a gold mine.

A thanks to all you good Catholics out there November 6, 2012

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I have been most edified to witness, over the past week or so, the efforts of hundreds of local Catholics who have engaged in serious efforts of prayer and mortification for the good of their fellow Catholics and countrymen.  I have witnessed so many people taking part in Adoration, Rosaries, daily Masses, and the like, that I have been humbled by this outpouring of piety. I know so many souls have been moved to pray that God’s Will be done this election, and to further pray that this cultural soul of this nation be healed and transformed into something far more reconcilable with that Will.  Compared to the past two elections, I believe that far more Catholics are putting forth serious efforts of the most important kind.  There are two primary means we can effect change in this present politico-economic system – voting, and prayer.  I have been heartened to see so much emphasis on the latter.

That does not mean the election will turn out as we would like.  God, in His inscrutable Way, may deem that this nation must suffer much more before a true conversion can take place.  If that is the case, so be it, we must accept it and do the best we can to be faithful, pious Catholics in the midst of the storm.

I was handed the following prayer today, and I thought I might share it with you.  I know not of its origin, but I thought it was very good in terms of its humble beseeching of God and invocation of the Church Triumphant.  I did make some small changes to it which I highlight in red:

Dear Jesus, King of Kings, we call upon all our relatives in Heaven, along with their Guardian Angels, and, indeed, upon every American in Heaven and their Angels, going all the way back in history to all of their relatives beginning with Your Apostles, to intercede with You to Our Heavenly Father to insure a resounding victory for the presidential candidate and all candidates most aligned with Your Will for the cause of protection of life from the moment of conception to natural death and for the full institution in this nation of Your Royal, Social Kingship in all levels of society and in the hearts of all men.

With serene confidence in Immaculate Mary, who the bishops of this country chose as Patroness of the United States, we call upon Her today. We beg You, Jesus, send forth the Holy Spirit, to crush any and all forces of evil prowling about our country seeking the ruin of souls. We call upon all Angels You have assigned to every governmental body, jurisdiction, and civic institution across this land, to vouchsafe the right to life for all.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, pray for us.

Saint Katherine Drexel and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, pray for us.

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha and Saint Marianne Cope, pray for us.

Saint John Neumann and all American Jesuit Martyrs, pray for us.

Little Flower St. Therese of Lisieux, who so many Americans love so dearly, help us.

Saints Joseph, Anthony, and Jude, pray for us.

Immaculate Mary, Patroness of the United States, crush the serpent’s head!

Jesus Christ, King of Kings, have mercy on us and on the whole world!

Father in Heaven, release Saint Michael the Archangel, now!  Amen!

God bless you for all you are doing to aid Christ and His Church!

A good place to vote in Collin County November 6, 2012

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If you haven’t voted yet, and live in southern Collin County (especially east Plano, Wylie, Murphy, Sachse, etc), I would recommend to you Cox Elementary School in Sachse.  I was just there at 10:20 and there was no line at all.  I have seen lines at several other polling locations.  So, it might be a drive, but it might wind up saving you time overall.

Finally, no more polls with crazy skews, no more analysis, we’re finally, mercifully, at the end.  We’ll see what happens.  No predictions from me.  I really don’t know what to predict.  Other than I pray that God be merciful and that His Will be done.