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Change I can believe in! November 8, 2012

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And do!

h/t Fr. Larry Adamcyzk

Some data on the Catholic vote for Nobama November 8, 2012

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Even among those who claim to go to Church weekly, 42% voted for America’s favorite abortionist!

Am I alone in thinking that, of those who assist at Mass weekly, that number should be about 0%?

If the Church cannot be the Light of Truth to a culture and nation, then nothing can, and a collapse into immorality is all that can be expected if the Church vacates its role.  And yet, the vast majority of Diocesan priests (and bishops) are loathe to demand of the faithful that they accept what the Church believe, and make plain to them the consequences of failing to do so (as in, commission of grave sin, possibility of damnation, pains of Purgatory, etc).

What we have had, in practice, for the past several decades, is a sad, ecumemiacal, heavily modernist replica of the Faith.  This replica does not move men’s hearts.  It does not inspire virtue. It does not lead to salvation, except accidentally, since it never speaks of Heaven, hell, judgement, death, Purgatory, sin, contrition, penance, suffering, etc., etc.  It’s Catholicism-lite, a watered down product for souls far more worldly and materialist than they are spiritual and pious.  It’s been called a million names, but what it is, is a failure.

Thankfully, more and more Catholics are figuring this out, and looking for authentic sources of leadership, formation, spiritual guidance, and all the rest that is needed for the care of their souls. But we’re still tiny in numbers!

Pray and offer penance for ourselves and for our shepherds.  Especially for our bishops, for the crisis in the Church these past several decades has been a crisis of bishops.   Pray a rosary a day for your bishop to do what he needs to do to improve the Church in his area, form better priests, lead more souls to sanctity, etc.  Or say a Novena.  Spend some time on your knees.  Whatever you feel called to do.

Because Michael is right – this nation is just reaping what it has sown, and pretty soon, the Church will, too.  Then, we shall need true shepherds.

Dominus vobiscum!

Visit the Cathedral for a plenary indulgence Nov. 9! November 8, 2012

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Grant #33.1.2

Cathedral Visit

Plenary Indulgence

A plenary indulgence is granted to the faithful who visit a cathedral on the feast of the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle (Feb 22) or the feast of the dedication of the Archbasilica of the Most Holy Saviour (November 9) and there recite an Our Father and the Creed.

And imagine what Sacred Heart Cathedral Catedral Santuario de la Virgen de Guadalupe looked like back in the day!

Oh, and if you’re a Chesterton fan, tonight in Fort Worth there will be a performance of A Night with GK Chesterton at Fisher More College.

And a reminder from Dr. Taylor Marshall, my co-parishioner.  If you want to know what a truly Catholic America would look like read the link:

But what about separation of Church and State?
We must also affirm the public teaching of Pope Blessed Pius IX who condemned the separation of the Church from the State.  Pope Blessed Pius IX taught that the following statement as an error and contrary to the Catholic Faith:

CONDEMNED: “The Church ought to be separated from the State, and the State from the Church.” Syllabus of Errors, 55.

In other words, Catholics can not and should not believe in the so-called “separation of Church and State.” This would be like believing in the separation of grace and nature…or worse in the separation of Christ’s divine nature from His human nature. As Catholics, we long to see nature perfected by grace, not separated from grace.

Michael Voris analyzes the election aftermath November 8, 2012

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“What happened in the election signals the end of a civilization.”  Voris also infers that the ultimate collapse of this nation as presently constituted was “baked into” this nation from the beginning.  I believe occasional commenter Dismas would agree with Voris, that what we are seeing was inevitable, that a government founded on false notions of “liberty” and “freedom,” enlightenment philosophies driven by a rationalist/protestant mindset, were doomed to fail as they are not based on the Social Reign of Christ the King.  That’s an enormous issue in itself, for now, just the Voris video:

On the radio tonight with Fr. Michael Rodriguez! November 8, 2012

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My awesome regular guest, Fr. Michael Rodriguez, will be on Salve Regina radio tonight at 9pm CST!  You can listen live here, or anytime after the show!

We will certainly talk about the recent election, and what it portends for Catholics.  Perhaps Fr. can help provide us with a game plan for resisting our increasingly dark culture and government and leading more souls to the Light of Christ!

We’ll also talk about the disastrous referendums that, for the first time ever, resulted in state recognition of gays simulating marriage.  Plus, the passage of legislation to legalize marijuana in Colorado and Washington.

We are seeing the fruit of the rejection of Jesus Christ and His Truth.  We are in for very dark times.  The culture, the media, friends, even family members may reject and hate us for clinging to authentic Faith.  We must be strong and trust in Christ in spite of all!  I was speaking with a priest-friend last night, and he feels that it won’t be more than 2 or 3 years before Catholic parishes will be shut down or otherwise greatly persecuted for refusing to allow gay marriage.  As he would say, you better get prayed up.  A great sorting may be in the offing.  Christ will sift His Church and those many elements which have lost the Faith will fall away.  We may see many priests and bishops telling us that accommodation with the culture, that “tolerating” things like gay marriage or paying for contraception isn’t so bad, that we must keep our churches open at all costs!  Stay strong!  We know the Truth, don’t let anyone lead you to accept any counterfeit!

Dominus vobiscum!

Any thoughts on the “best” Catholic schools in Dallas area? November 8, 2012

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I have some commenters looking to relocate to the Dallas area.  They are interested in finding out about Catholic schools.  They want to know of any particularly faithful, orthodox, faith-intensive schools (or, they can comment and add their particular areas of concern).  I’m sort of stumped – my impression of Catholic schools has not been a very positive one.  We know, for instance, that the religious leadership at Ursuline Academy is all on board with Melinda Gates’ billion dollar contraception catastrophe.  I have heard some less than positive things about Jesuit, Bishop Lynch, and Bishop Dunne high schools.  I know a girl who had something truly frightening, possibly diabolical, latch onto her at Pope JPII High School in Plano. She had to undergo exorcism!

But are there any, perhaps primary, schools that are pretty strong?  I know there are lots of them, but we’ve just pretty much avoided all that and focused on homeschooling.

Any ideas or recommendations?

Thanks and God bless you!