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Completion of video Friday November 10, 2012

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Good grief, all I’ve done today is post videos!  But this one is really good from Michael Voris.  He gives a pretty comprehensive list of things to look for in figuring out if one’s parish is a really faithful one, or not so much.  I’d say if your parish has more than 3 or 4 of the items on his list, it’s time to go.  Some items are non-negotiable, such as not tolerating any abuse in the Mass or preaching of error.

One thing that bothers me more and more at certain parishes, especially at daily Mass, is the number of people raising their hands (or holding their neighbor’s) at the Pater Noster.  OK, the Our Father, for such never occurs at a traditional parish. Look, folks, I’m a former protestant, and protestants don’t even do that hardly at all anymore, and haven’t for years!  Oh, sometimes the hands go straight up during rockin’ tunes at the megachurch, but not so much in prayer.  But at a mainline parish, such things really don’t occur.  And I thought Vatican II was so very, very, VERY interested in being ecumenical to protestants?  Most protestants stopped that stuff decades ago.

Why does the Mass at so many parishes feel like a time warp to the 70s?

Look what happened to St. Cecilias!  Ok, it wasn’t exactly great before in burned in 2007, but it had tremendous potential for authentic parish art and architecture:

Here is what it looks like today, after being rebuilt in 2011:








This is hardly any different from the generic “Woodcreek” church near my house:

The parish art and architecture should reflect the belief of the Church.  Do altars jutting 50 feet out into the nave, with seating all around, and prime concern on sight angles and the ability to empty the “worship space” in 30 seconds, reflect Catholic belief?   What about the new St. Cecilia is Catholic, save for the crucifix?  Why do all our parishes have the have the “Msgr. Don Fischer” formula of jacuzzi font at the entrance to the nave, altar jutting into nave, and lectern placed well in front of the altar, emphasizing the word over the Sacrifice of the Mass?  Why do our parishes have to be so cold and devoid of Catholic art?  Vatican II didn’t say “get rid of art.”  It says nothing of the kind (but, there are nebulously worded statements that modernists take advantage of to result in designs like the new St. Cecilia’s).

I’m rambling and I’ve got to go, but to close: if you have a parish that looks like the new  St. Cecilia’s (and almost all new parishes do, due to Fischer’s “liturgical art” influence) my advice is to look elsewhere.  And, I think it is far, far past time that we, as a Church, look beyond ecumenical attempts to please protestants in our parish design.

Another violent pro-abort rally in Argentina……. November 10, 2012

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………and another Church attacked, this time the primatial See of the country, the Cathedral of Buenos Aires.  Fortunately, this time, the police were there to keep the Cathedral from being damaged:

The forces of darkness are on the march around the world.  As are the forces of leftism.

Are the two entirely the same?