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A reminder – don’t give money to upcoming CCHD collections November 14, 2012

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It’s that time of year – generally, the Sunday after Thanksgiving is the time when most dioceses roll out the collection basket a second time for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development – CCHD.  To say this program is problematic and should not be supported is about as big an understatement as I can make.  I’ve written on CCHD more times than I can count, almost universally negatively.

But don’t listen just to me.  Listen to Michael Voris with the short Vortex below, and then, if you want to know more, watch his in-depth special on the CCHD funding problems at bottom.  Not only is CCHD not reforming itself, not only is it not eliminating funding to left-wing groups which hold beliefs directly counter to Church Dogma, but they’ve even INCREASED funding to such groups!  I’ve said it for a while, and let me now say it even more vociferously – CCHD cannot be reformed.  It should be abolished.  The entire organization and the goals it desires to achieve are misbegotten – far from “empowering” the poor, CCHD and the left-wing agitprop groups it supports help keep the poor mired in poverty – the better to be a reliable left-wing voting bloc:

Now, the detailed report:

De-fund CCHD!

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