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Pope promulgates new rules for clerical dress November 26, 2012

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The cassock is making a comeback!  All bishops will have to wear one……..at least when they are in Rome:

The cassock obligatory for cardinals and bishops during office hours. Cassock or clerical dress for priests and monsignors. Specific habit for religious, always and in every season. And for ceremonies in the presence of the pope or during official meetings in the Roman curia: “abito piano,” or cassock with cape, for priests, embroidered cassock for monsignors, and cassock with embroidered cape (called a “pellegrina”) for bishops and cardinals.

The new memo, which bears the date of October 15, 2012 and was issued during the last synod of bishops, was signed by cardinal secretary of state Tarcisio Bertone, who wrote it, as it reads, “at venerable behest,” meaning at the direction of Benedict XVI.

It sounds as a reminder of the “duty of exemplarity that is incumbent above all upon those who render service to the successor of Peter.”

But not only that. The letter is intended to be an “explicit encouragement” for all of those – “including for the episcopates,” it emphasizes – who visit Rome.

There is no explicit reference in the text to the women religious who work in the Vatican, but by analogy with the male religious, the rule should apply to them as well.

The guideline is therefore very clear. Those who have the opportunity to frequent the Vatican offices will be able to see to what extent it is respected.

The English from La Chiesa is kind of rough, but what the guideline states is that all those in the clerical or religious state must be in habit when in the Vatican.  Including bishops.  It is interesting that this notice came out AFTER the recently concluded Synod of Bishops.  Was Pope Benedict disappointed with the episcopal dress?  It seems that way.

Now, this does not signal a change in requirements for the universal Church. Dangit.  Because I love the cassock.  It is so evocative of the priesthood, and service.  It is much better than a suit, or, Lord have mercy, a short sleeve shirt.  It is really, truly, Roman Catholic.

And I repeat my standing offer to any cassock-less priest, anywhere in the world – I will buy you a cassock if you will promise to wear it in your apostolate!  And a biretta.  And I’d seriously consider traditional vestments like a Roman Chasuble, too, if you’d wear those.  Too bad no one has taken me up on my offer!


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