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Why don’t we see this in Dallas anymore? November 27, 2012

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A friend and reader sent these photos in from the Dallas Public Library History and Archives Division.  These were taken of a Eucharistic Procession in Oak Lawn, near Holy Trinity Parish and the present Chancery, during what I think is the mid-50s.  Why don’t we see Processions in this Diocese, led by the Bishop?  Look at all the people!  But I suspect that many could be had, again.  How glorious to march in public, witnessing to our Faith and showing the world the Source and Summit of our Faith, the instrument of salvation for so many, many souls:

[DANGIT I HATE IE9!!!  Stupid Microsoft!  I had the 2nd photo and a whole blurb get eaten for no reason on the my first atempt at posting!]

Why don’t we see this anymore? Don’t we love the Eucharist as Catholics did in time past?  Don’t we want to give the world the great gift of this witness, to display the Lord and King of all people, not just Catholics, to the whole world?  I love visiting Jesus in the Tabernacle, but sometimes He deserves to get out and see some sunlight!  And let people see him!  Marches for Life are fine, and probably have some good effect, but I know getting Our Eucharistic Lord out into the world will do a great deal of good, far more, I believe, than a March for Life.  Until Catholics know and adore their Lord in the Eucharist, being proud to walk publicly with Him, all the Marches for Life and other attempts at converting the culture won’t be terribly effective.

Why is it only 2 parishes in Dallas ever have Eucharistic Processions?  Please……..we’re not that busy.  Give. me. a. break. [A commenter says 2 other parishes have Corpus Christi processions – I don’t know which parishes those would be.  But, grant that………OK, four, out of, what, about 80 parishes?  So, five percent?]

Why don’t Catholics love the Eucharist as they used to?  The reasons are many, but they all come down to the revolution that has afflected the Church in the last 50 years.

When I see things like this, it puts to the lie the claim made by so many since Vatican II that the Church before the Council was moribund.  Please.  Look at that photo. On second thought, I’m not sure you could get so many souls in this Diocese for a Procession.  At least not without heavy promotion and explanation of what it is.


1. KathiBee - November 28, 2012

To be fair, there are at least FOUR parishes in the Dallas diocese that do a Eucharistic procession on Corpus Christi. Not like I’m tooting the horn, but just to give credit where credit is due……..

tantamergo - November 28, 2012

Which are the other two?

KathiBee - November 29, 2012

Four Dallas Diocese parishes that I know of w/processions at least once/year:
Mater Dei, St. William, St. Anthony, St. John Nepomucene
the latter has pix on their parish website:

tantamergo - November 29, 2012

Are you sure about St. Anthony? They had processions under Fr. Morris, but do they still with Fr. Semler?

There is no coincidence that all these parishes are on the periphery of the Diocese. That is where orthodox priests get sent.

2. KathiBee - November 29, 2012

And lest I sell them short, St. John Nepomucene also has a Passion Sunday procession w/palms, and a live donkey. Pictures on parish website under “pictures”

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