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Great video on the Social Reign of Christ the King November 28, 2012

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Many hear about the Social Kingship of Christ, or the Social Reign of Christ the King, but not many today know what this means.  Many non-Catholics and even devout Catholics are baffled by some other faithful Catholics who have grave reservations about the nature of the government in the United States, and the entire concept of “rights” rising up from the freedom of the individual, instead of flowing down from Christ.  And while the Declaration of Independence talks about the rights bestowed by a Creator, for the most part, the founding documents read as if they were written enlightenment deists, which, they were.  They are often not well conformable to the belief of the Church.

So, here is a good video from Boniface at Unam Sanctam Catholicam blog that helps explain what this Social Kingship means, and why the republican form of government in the US is not ideal from the standpoint of traditional Catholic Dogma:

But, just because the form of government is inherently problematic and faithful Catholics would prefer something actually founded on Christ and His Church, doesn’t mean we just drop out and wish death upon it. Catholics are many things, but we’re also supposed to be practical and reasonable, and we have to deal with the systems of government we have, just as the Holy See has done so with unsavory governments throughout history.

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