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Pray for Jill Stanek December 3, 2012

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I have had the premonition of Jill Stanek becoming Catholic.  Not just Catholic, hardcore traddy type Catholic.  There are many reasons why I think this.  She loves Michael Voris.  She accepts that contraception is one of the precursor causes of abortion.  She just needs a little push to get there.  Perhaps some prayers might help?

For those who don’t know, Jill has been an online pro-life leader for years, being one of the first to point out Obama’s horrifiying record of voting against infant born-alive protection measures repeatedly as an Illinois state senator.  I think she’s one of the best pro-life commentators out there today.  She maintains she’s a convinced evangelical, but I’m not sure.  I get a sense she’s “convert-able.”

What a great grace that would be!

I plan on focusing some prayers on Jill.  Here is a recent post where she cites contraception as one of the main roots of abortion.  Read the comments, if you have time, they are very revealing.  Most protestants (and pro-life Catholics) just can’t get over their love of contraception. It’s just so very convenient, and empowering.  They refuse to see the truth.


But there just blobs of cells – MRI shows twins fighting in the womb December 3, 2012

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Oh?  As the father of twins, I wouldn’t know anything about twins fighting.  Actually, we’re certain one of our twin daughters acquired a certain habit she has in utero.

They don’t say how old the twins are, but I would guess 6 months or so from the images?  They’re still very skinny.  Maybe a bit more?

Babies that age are aborted every day in this country.  Sometimes they survive the attempt at murder in utero, and are left to die in unspeakable conditions.

Thus, “choice.”

You homeschooling moms are nothing but a bunch of ignorant, uneducated, irresponsible sluts… December 3, 2012

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……according to the laughably illiberal but very leftist Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:

 Homeschoolers are incensed after Anna Maria Tremonti, host of CBC’s The Current, decided to air what she called the “last word” on her show discussing homeschooling.

Following her November 14 show, a two minute skit cast homeschooling mothers as incompetent, uneducated, and sexually irresponsible.

The home-schooled teenage male—who was cast as unchallenged, resentful, rebellious, and delinquent—suggested at one point that he would rather not have been created than homeschooled.

“OK, so I’m supposed to learn geometry from a lady who never graduated college and wasn’t smart enough to use condoms?” rants the teenager in the skit.

Nothing like a little desperation to make the mask slip a bit.  “Of course, we liberals are for freedom of choice and tolerance and all that, until you Christofascists make the wrong one, then we’ll slap you around until you figure out what the right one is!”

I will gladly compare the educational experience of my wife, and her homeschooling family, against virtually any public or private school teacher.  How many schoolteachers have engineering degrees from the very top-flite of engineering colleges?

Do you sense just a hint of jealousy in all this?  Or, at least, a feeling that those opposed to homeschooling feel threatened by it on some primeval level?

Where is the evidence for the fact that homeschoolers are any of the things imputed to them, save for the fevered imaginings of a woman who likely had a preconceived hatred for homeschooling to start with?  How many homeschool kids you know would lash out in even remotely the manner indicated by the “skit?”

As a strict matter of fact, homeschool parents tend to be more and better educated than those who do not homeschool. That doesn’t make them all brilliant, but it does mean the stereotype is a lie.  It’s also a lie that Christians are, in general, ignorant and uneducated.  But that doesn’t prevent the dominant cultural meme, especially online, being one of Christians in general, and homeschooling Christians in particular as possessors of backwoods redneck ignorance and sensibilities, such as they are.

I say, keep up the good work.  I really like homeschooling – how many public school third graders read 4 or 5 books a day and know some Latin?

Pope issues Motu Proprio to reform Catholic charities December 3, 2012

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Good Lord, do they need it.  Let us now see one insisting all theologians in every university using the Catholic name or receiving Church funds receive a mandatum – from Rome.

This Motu Proprio is just a start. An excellent start, that strikes many correct notes, but the real proof will not be the words, but the500_pope_final-thumb actions that follow in the reforming of the Canon Law governing charitable institutions.  Just as the Curia once used to be seen as hidebound conservatives obstructing progressive “justice,” now they are hidebound progressives obstructing the just restoration of the Faith being led by Pope Benedict XVI.  Hopefully, Pope Benedict will be able to see this desperately needed reform of Catholic charitable institutions to fruition.

In essence, the Motu Proprio De Caritate Ministranda demands that all Catholic charities must always support, defend, and proclaim all the Doctrine of the Faith as a core part of who they are and what they do.  No more surreptitious funding of pro-abort “charities.”  It could also meand the virtual shut-down of not only CCHD, but also the even worse Canadian bishop’s Development and Peace arm, which has funnelled millions to radical, Church-opposing groups for decades.  Even more importantly, all charities must now put evangelization as one of their prime, if not the prime, aim of their organizations. This has been totally missing from the charitable institutions dominated by Church revolutionaries for decades, many of whom patently refused to engage in any evangelization of even the mildest sort, and who adhered strongly to the “one religion is as good as any other” mantra.

The document, using the formal legal language reserved for the Sovereign Pontiff when creating binding legislation for the whole Church, specifies that Catholic charitable organizations “should not limit themselves merely to collecting and distributing funds,” but exist to further Catholic religious objectives by exercising “a valuable educational function within the Christian community”.

“The Church’s charitable activity at all levels must avoid the risk of becoming just another form of organized social assistance,” Pope Benedict wrote.

“To the extent that such activities are promoted by the hierarchy…there is a need to ensure that they are managed in conformity with the demands of the Church’s teaching and the intentions of the faithful.”

Unfortunately, due to the decentralized nature of today’s Church, implementation will still primarily devolve to national bishop’s conferences and local bishops, so expect this to be a long, slow slog:

It is ultimately up to the bishops, he said, to ensure that the staff of such agencies believe or “at least respect” Catholic teaching on all matters, and that the works undertaken are not to the “detriment of their activity and effectiveness with regard to their stated goals”.

In those groups where this has ceased to be the case, the pope decreed that the local bishop “is obliged,” to inform his flock that “the activity of a particular charitable agency is no longer being carried out in conformity with the Church’s teaching,” and to “prohibit that agency from using the name ‘Catholic’.”

I wish there were also a statement declaring “Church charities, being founded on the principle of individual care for others in need, should not seek nor accept more than (10, 20, 30? percent) of their operating funds from government agencies.”

Lots more at the LSN article.  I’m very glad the Pope has made this move.  Unfortunately, there are so many more that need to be made. It’s amazing how quickly a revolution can change everything. Patching things back up one area at a time takes forever.  Especially when there is still a glaring lack of clarity within the Church, and even at its very highest levels, regarding what the Council was, what it said, how that relates to the prior Magisterium, how to put a proper understandingo of the Council into practice,  etc., yada yada yada




Two quick items – Pope savaged on twitter, no Latin Mass tonight December 3, 2012

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No Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark.  None until 12/31.  But, I did speak to some folks yesterday who commented that the last time they voluntarily assisted at a Novus Ordo was at the St. Mark Latin Mass, until they were scandalized by the situation regarding distribution of Communion.  Since the post Vatican II Church is above all concerned with its pastoral approach, I thought this merited sharing.

Secondly, you may have heard about the Pope getting his own Twitter account.  Immediately, the twisted minds of those who hate the Church and the Holy Father with a deranged, diabolical passion, envisioned being able to personally insult the Pope.  What a glorious opportunity to vent their bile!  Hundreds of perverse, vulgar, stupid comments insue.  I won’t trouble you with them here, you can see them at the link, if you want to suffer through something particularly unedifying.  No matter how hard it may be, we still have to pray for these people, there are millions of them out there and more every day.

But, a few thoughts.  Do these people actually think Pope Benedict, at 85 years old, no less!, is going to be sitting down at his Iphone and typing in Twitter updates?  Please.  The Pope in concert with the Curia will make various announcements, which will be typed in by some low-level lackey, perhaps not even ordained. The Pope will never see his Twitter account, nor will he read the vile hatred directed at him and the Church.  I fully expect the account to be equipped with filters to block most all the garbage, anyway.  So, nice try, but, once again, fail.

Secondly, the world is going to hate us.  Our Lord Incarnate made that plain in the Gospels He inspired. That is one of many reasons why the concept of aggiornamento as it was applied (not necessarily as Pope John XXIII intended)  was always doomed to failure.  As the “spirit” of Vatican II dictated, the Church prostrate Herself to the false, fallen wisdom of the world. That earned the Church accolades from the cultural elites for about 5 minutes, then they demanded to know why the Church wasn’t doing still more prostrating, still more accomodating.  This process went on for about 15 years, until Pope John Paul II began to gently tap the brakes. Pope Benedict has hit the brakes a little harder, though certainly not to the point I would like with tires squealing, smoke belching from the pads, carbon-carbon disks glowing red hot, etc.

The tragic error of aggiornamento was that, far from raising the world up to the Church, it sank the Church down to the world’s level.  That has had consequences I can’t even begin to approach in this post.

But, the fact remains, if the Church retains any of its supernatural character given it by Christ, and it must for it is the Mystical Body of Christ on earth, the Church will always be hated and despised by the world.  The Saints knew this, they wrote of this with great emphasis and regularity.  For centuries, the Church knew this down to the very depths of its being, this understanding was part of its very essence.  But, today, that quintessential aspect of the Church has all but collapsed.  But, even still, a large and growing part of the people of the world hate the Church because it still retains elements of that supernatural character.

I think the disasters of the past 50 years have demonstrated conclusively that the Church profits nothing by seeking accomodation with the world, and the process is devastating for individual souls. The world will only grow in hatred for us, as the reconciliation with the world sought for much of the last several decades has left the Church much weaker and more demoralized, emboldening Her enemies and, especially, the chief enemy.  This is playing out in myriad ways, from people dreaming they can personally insult the Pope, to outright government persecution of the Church in this country.  The average left wing sexular pagan of today has as much or more hatred of the Church, and as much or more ignorant bile to vent at it, as the worst of the protestant revolutionaries of 500 years ago.

It seems there were very good reasons for the bastions, after all.


It’s extraordinary! December 3, 2012

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I wish the “Extraordinary Form” of the Mass were half as commonplace as “Extraordinary” Ministers of Holy Communion

I wish the “Extraordinary Form” of the Mass were as commonplace as “Extraordinary” Ministers of Holy Communion

I wish the “Extraordinary Form” of the Mass were twice as commonplace as “Extraordinary” Ministers of Holy Communion

I pray the “Extraordinary Form” of the Mass were ten times as commonplace as “Extraordinary” Ministers of Holy Communion

I pray the “Extraordinary Form” of the Mass were hundreds of times as commonplace as “Extraordinary” Ministers of Holy Communion

I humbly implore God that the “Extraordinary Form” of the Mass be infinitely more commonplace than “Extraordinary” Ministers of Holy Communion

I beseech God with great passion and tears that the “Extraordinary Form” of the Mass be infinitely more commonplace than “Extraordinary” Ministers of Holy Communion

I offer up great prayers and trifling mortifications that our Lord extirpate “Extraordinary” Minister of Holy Communion from His Church, and restore the Traditional Mass everywhere

I wish the “Extraordinary Form” of the Mass were half as commonplace as “Extraordinary” Ministers of Holy Communion

Non-Sequitur: CVN-65 USS Enterprise retired after 51 years of service December 3, 2012

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A glorious name, one long associated with the US Navy, has been retired.  Thankfully, at least a bit of sanity has prevailed, and after decades of naming capital ships after lowly political figures (as politics is the lowest of professions, even among the “greatest” practioners of it) such as Carl Vinson, George Bush, Truman, and even Reagan, there will be another Enterprise.  CVN-80 will be USS Enterprise.

CVN-65 ENTERPRISE has had one of the longest service lives of any modern American warship. Certainly, the longest by far by any carrier. She was always viewed as a very, very well built ship.  While many ships built later have already been retired, many due to severe mechanical problems, Enterprise soldiered on.  The next youngest carrier, CVN-68 NIMITZ (a name I am more than fine with), would have to serve until 2026 to have the same service life.

CVN-65 on fire off Vietnam

CVN-65 on fire off Vietnam

Enterprise has been involved in most all the conflicts the US has experienced over the past 50 years.  She was present at the CubanMissile Crisis, did several WestPac cruises off Vietnam (and suffered a terrible fire due to an ordinance explosion), was involved in Operation Desert Fox and, of course, Iraq and Afghanistan.

With Enterprise’s retirement, the US now has 10 active aircraft carriers, down from 16 in 1990 (which number includes AVT-16 LEXINGTON, a training carrier now birthed as a museum ship in Corpus Christi).

It is almost certain Enterprise will be scrapped.  No nuclear powered vessel in the US has been converted into a museum ship, as the costs of doing so are astronomical.  Removing the reactors will require gutting the ship.  The early reactors installed in Enterprise were very complex, and there were 8 of them!, as opposed to two much larger reactors in the Nimitz and Ford classes.

She was the longest ship ever in US service.  At 1123 feet, she was for many years the longest ship in the world, but was surpassed by a 1500 ft oil tanker in the late 70s.

First all nuclear task force, CVN-65 in company of CGN-9 Long Beach and CGN-25 Bainbridge

First all nuclear task force, CVN-65 in company of CGN-9 Long Beach and CGN-25 Bainbridge


The above shows Enterprise at Subic Bay in 1993, just before Subic closed.  I think the USN will have a presence there, again, before too long.