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On the radio tomorrow night at 9pm CST! December 5, 2012

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And I’m interviewing Jill Stanek, thanks to Rebecca!  Woot!

Listen live here, or anytime after the fact. I hope to do another reminder tomorrow, God willing!

I love it – robbing Peter to pay Saul December 5, 2012

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As in Saul Alinsky.  The latest update on the CCHD funding scandal from American Life League:

These progressive/radical groups are past masters of creating extremely complex interrelations between various groups, each funding the other and participating at various levels in the other’s activities, to provide at least some plausible deniability that a given group takes part in some activity that is obnoxious to Catholics. We have seen this same form of “organizing” instituted in the Church, where you might complain to your local pastor about problems in the RCIA class, who replies it’s the bishop’s problem, and when you go to the bishop, he’ll say it’s up to the pastor, who will then point at the USCCB, who will point back to the bishop, ad nauseum. It’s all about sluffing off criticism and escaping oversight, especially oversight of the precious, precious money they receive.

CCHD has had 40 years to establish networks that require literally months of effort by dedicated individuals to analyze.  We’re very fortunate we have dedicated individuals like American Life League who are willing to study these problems and shine a critical light on them.

To me, CCHD was created according to a flawed paradigm, a paradigm that is difficult to reconcile with the traditional practice of the Faith, and I don’t think it can be reformed.  It is endemic in its charter that it fund radical left wing groups, and radical left wing groups are always going to adhere to the sacred shibolleths of the left: contraception, abortion, sexual depravity, attacking marriage, etc.  You can reform it all you want, but each year some new left wing group will get money, and that group will ally with some other group that is touting abortion, and will even send some money to that pro-abort group, and you’re right back where you started.

I agree with Anne Roche Muggeridge that the whole rottetn mess of post-conciliar “structures,” as the Holy Father calls them, erected at the national, regional, and diocesan levels, needs to be torn down and the power transferred back to Rome.  And I can think of no better place to start than the fundamentally misconceived Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  The Church has enough problem with enemies inside, working against the Doctrine of the Faith and constantly undermining the faith of millions of Catholics.  Do we really need to also fund those outside the Church who are also working against Her in so many areas?

On a tactical level, calling for these groups to refund the money is pretty smart.  If more than a handful do so, or are forced to do so, the willingness of left wing groups to take Church money will quickly evaporate.  Thus, the problem of CCHD could take care of itself.  But, that may be naivete on my part, I may underestimate how much dissimulation people are willing to engage in for the almighty dollar.

More like this December 5, 2012

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They may be from a megachurch, they may sing a hymn I really don’t like (Go tell it on the mountain) and which isn’t remotely Catholic, but this is still effective public witness.  It worked for me, how about you?

Not sure about the kneeling for fake Jesus baby?

A bit more Catholic………O Adonai, the “O Antiphon” for December 18:

We are an ancient Church, a timeless Church.

Another opinion on the number of the elect December 5, 2012

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I really didn’t mean to beat this subject so hard this week!  But, I just got my first copy of Laudamus Te last night, and when I flipped to the reading for the Ferial Wednesday in the 1st Week of Advent, what did I find but this meditation, from Fr. F.X. Schouppe, SJ, quoting a venerable Father Anthony Balinucci:

The venerable Father Anthony Baldinucci, a celebrated missionary of the Company of Jesus, who died in the odor of sanctity in the year 1717, was preaching in the open air, because the Church could not contain the faithful who came in crowds to hear him. Speaking of hell, he siad, “My brethren, wouold you know how great is the number of those who are damned? Look at that tree.” All eyes were turned to a tree that was there, covered with leaves. At the same moment a gust of wind, rising, shook all the branches of the tree, and caused the leaves to fall so plentifully that there remained only a certain number of them, thinly scattered and easy to count. “See,” went on the man of God, “what souls are lost, and what souls are saved. Take your precautions to be among the latter.”

I’m just getting into Laudamus Te, but I already like it, a lot.  The first issue is a bit thin, but there was a note accompanying it stating that the publishers plan on including morning and evening prayers, additional readings, etc, for the Christmas version.  It should be much “thicker.”  That’s good.

It is very edifying to see such publications again.  Let the return to Tradition live on!

UPDATE: Another thought I had about the the pastoral aspects of how to address salvation potentiality, the number of the elect, etc.  Fr. Barron argues that “modern people” will be turned off by hardcore traddies like me who tell it like it is, and reflect the wisdom of the Saints by warning folks that the number of the elect may be way, way smaller than most think. There may be a point there, I really don’t know.  But I think once folks are in the Church, I think the “almost everyone goes to Heaven” concept is counterproductive, because a) it doesn’t reflect that wisdom aleady alluded to, and, b) it can lead to the minimalist attitude we see with regard to the practice of the Faith.  Why should I pray the Rosary, go to Benediction or watch with Jesus in the Tabernacle, go to Confession, assist at Mass every week, practice virtue, and especially give up those sins and vices I love so much, if pretty much everyone goes to Heaven?  That was the practical pastoral aspect for so many centuries that the Church as a body understood – most people need a motivation to grow in holiness, and while positive motivations can work for some, more people are motivated by the avoidance of dire consequences.  Just a thought.

A further thought regarding Fr. Rosica and Michael Voris December 5, 2012

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I posted yesterday two Vortex videos which showed Fr. Tom Rosica of Salt+Light TV interviewing noted apostate Gregory Baum.  I’ve already noted how Rosica gushed over his admiration for the man who many view as doing more damage to the Church in Canada than any other individual.

But there was another statement Fr. Rosica made that deserves further commentary, because I’ve heard it before and it’s one of those progressive shibolleths that is wielded as a weapon but is, in fact, nonsense.  I am referring to Fr. Rosica’s attack against critics of the heretical Baum, those Rosica himself called orthodox but who lamented always seem to be angry and not joyful like the enlightened progressive crowd.  The implication is, that any true Catholic would be joyful, and thus the false, worldly joy of the progressives is a prime indicator of their superior Catholicism.  This is wrong on many levels, and is really a pretty brutish form of attack.

Ever read much St. Paul?  We should all know his famous statement to the Colossians: “I work out my salvation with fear and trembling.”  This is the, I’ll say it, Catholic view of salvation.  As I wrote extensively yesterday, no one knows in this life whether they are saved or not.  It seems, to me, an unacknowledged acceptance of the protestant error of “once saved always saved” that leads to beliefs like those of Rosica, which assume that one should be joyful since one is very confident of salvation.  Most all traditional Catholics I know are positive – they trust in God, they look to their salvation, but they are also cognizant of the fallen nature of all of us and know that any of us can descend into sin at any moment. For some of us, it would be a descent back into sin – we’ve already been there, know the misery of it, so we are constantly watchful that we don’t start evidencing those behaviors hat would lead us back down the wide path of destruction.  So, most orthodox Catholics have a certain seriousness about them, because the eternal destination of our soul is deadly serious business.  It is a far more realistic attitude than the “happy happy joy joy” liberal protestantism of the progressive wing of the Church.

But, it’s a very sly statement, isn’t it?  It’s sort of a way to shame the opposition – “oh, you orthodox, you claim to be faithful, but why aren’t you joyful?  If you really believed in Christ, you’d be incredibly confident of your eternal destination and you wouldn’t go around all serious all the time.”  It’s exactly the types of behaviors Fr. Rosica has engaged in for decades to try to undermine traditional Catholic practices and advance the progressive cause.  It is the height of the passive-aggressive, feminized mentality of the post-Vatican II Church.

Michael also notes: we faithful Catholics have a lot to be serious, even upset, about. We look around and see a Church in ruins – it’s not exactly a time for feigned positivism and irrational exuberance.

Another factor regarding the progressives “happiness:” they receive the accolades of the world, they are right there with the world on all manner of subjects, so they’re not serving in the uncomfortable position of being a sign of contradiction. Expressing fashionable left wing economic and political beliefs is not a sign of contradiction – having a bunch of kids, dressing modestly, rejecting most popular culture, etc…….those are signs of contradiction.

That doesn’t mean we should be constantly beat down and grumpy, as I’ve seen from time to time.  But we should be serious, committed, on the positive side, but fully realistic about the challenges the Church faces, and our own personal challenges to achieve salvation.