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The latest shame of Notre Dame December 6, 2012

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Do they even remotely think about Our Lady there anymore?  Notre Dame has decided it’s stayed off the cultural bandwagon long enough, and it’s time to go full-board with the destructive “gay rights” movement.  They are standing up a homosexual student organization.  And Mary wept (my emphasis and comments):

In what the University of Notre Dame’s student newspaper is calling “a historic decision,” the University announced plans for a University- recognized homosexual student organization as well as a full-time student development staff position focused on LGBTQ issues.

The announcement was made as the result of a long review of the University’s policies. According to the student newspaper, Fr. John Jenkins, the president of the university, said that the plan “grows out of our mission as a Catholic university” and is “directed by that fundamental mission in a profound way.”

But although the plan describes the student organization as acting consistent with Catholic teaching, Fr. Jenkins seemed to indicate some doubt about how closely it will be regulated…….[of course it won’t be regulated, that would defeat the purpose]

……“I think if people look carefully at what we’re doing and really, in a thoughtful way, evaluate it, I think thoughtful people will see that this makes sense,” reportedly said Fr. Jenkins. “It makes sense for a Catholic university like Notre Dame to provide such structures to serve their students effectively.”

Oh, what preening condescension. What hideous pride.  “If you look carefully, thoughtfully…….” translation: if you succumb to modernist sexular pagan sensibiilities, this makes perfect sense.  Notre Dame is first and foremost a university of the predominant sexularist atheist culture, with some residual trappings of Catholicism.  It’s been that way for 45 years, ever since the disastrously modernist Fr. Hesburgh ran the place, it’s only becoming so obvious now that the utter collapse of a distinctive, faithful Catholic identity is impossible to ignore.  So sad.



1. Warren Memlib - December 7, 2012

[Sadder still, the local bishop “blesses” it]

Diocese gives Notre Dame gay support its blessing

WSBT-TV Report
December 7, 2012


The Fort Wayne-South Bend Catholic Diocese is giving its blessing on Notre Dame’s decision to expand support programs for gay students and recognize a gay student organization on campus.

Notre Dame announced the decision this week after years of rejecting similar proposals.

In a statement, Bishop Kevin Rhoades writes that the “university plan” clearly affirms Notre Dame’s ties to the church, by teaching that men and women who have homosexual tendencies must be accepted with respect and compassion.

The full statement is as follows:

“One of the essential characteristics of a Catholic university is “fidelity to the Christian message as it comes to us from the Church” (Pope John Paul II, Excorde ecclesiae). In its recently released Pastoral Plan, the University of Notre Dame clearly affirms its fidelity to Catholic Church teaching on human sexuality by affirming that “sexuality is ordered to the conjugal love of man and woman” and that “the deliberate use of the sexual faculty, for whatever reason, outside of marriage is essentially contrary to its purpose.” It affirms the teachings of the Church on the commandment and vocation of love, the virtue of chastity and its expression in friendship, the importance of self-mastery, and the call to holiness. The Planaffirms Catholic teaching that men and women who have homosexual tendencies “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.”

“It is vitally important that the Foundations of the Pastoral Plan, which express Notre Dame’s fidelity to Catholic teaching, inform and guide the implementation of the Plan, including the vision, programs and activities of the new student organization that is being formed. The Pastoral Plan states that “the organization’s purpose arises directly from the University’s Catholic mission and its aspiration to create a community where all may flourish and feel welcome, where we aspire to an even deeper understanding and appreciation of Catholic teaching, and where the human dignity of each Notre Dame student is valued.” It is my hope and prayer that the rich Catholic teaching on sexuality, teaching that serves the true good and happiness of the human person, will be embraced by the students and all involved in the implementation of the Pastoral Plan. I hope that the organization will be helpful in providing support for the students, thus preventing the experience of isolation and alienation which are “risk factors for an unhealthy life, including unchaste behaviors” (USCCB, Ministry to Persons with a Homosexual Inclination). I also hope that the Pastoral Plan will be of support to all students at Notre Dame in living a chaste and holy life according to the teachings of Jesus and His Church.”

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