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3 years, suckas December 10, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, awesomeness, Dallas Diocese, North Deanery.

Whether it’s been a blessing or a curse, this blog is 3 years old, which in my experience is when kids really start getting fired up with the tantrums and insanity.  So, get ready.  If you thought this blog was annoying before……..heh.  I’ve just been getting started.

In 3 years I’ve made 3197 posts that have attracted 4992 comments (low) but had 450,489 unique visitors. I average around 800-1000 people a weekday viewing the site now, whereas at the very beginning, there were days when 3, 6, 8 people would visit.

Thanks for your support.  It is interesting how many viewers I have from Russia, and Thailand, and Portugal, and other non-English speaking countries.  Say hello!

I’ve changed a bunch over these 3 years.  This blog has been a vehicle for me to learn more about the Faith than I ever thought I’d know.  I’ve gone from being entirely a vernacular Novus Ordo guy who tried to get to Latin Novus Ordo on Sunday, to a 3 day a week TLM guy who is really struggling with the liturgy in most parishes. That was never the plan. Perhaps it was inevitable once I started really learning the glories of our Church.

God willing, I’ll learn much more.  I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it!


1. KathiBee - December 10, 2012

Congratulations on the anniversary of the blog & for the significant uptick in visitors in such a short period of time. As a “here’s what I like” note – I have come to more fully appreciate the writings of the saints/Dr.s of the Church that you regularly post. I used to pretty much skim over those & just read your commentary on the issues of the day – the latter doesn’t take as much brain power I suppose. So thanks for posting that type of thing too, along with your rants and musings. All enjoyable.

tantamergo - December 10, 2012

Thanks, Kathi! I’ll try to do more Saint posts, I like them, too, although they tend to get overlooked by most.

I will try to do a post on St. Francis de Sales tomorrow, God willing.

2. oldkate - December 10, 2012

3 yrs! Congrats….Try 40 yrs of constant battle just to stay in the Church! Being told, in Confession< "those aren't sins, that's just 'Human Nature'., you're just pre-vat II, ( I read every boring, Ambiguous sentence in those Documents!), ad naseum!! That's why Catholics don't go to Confession today! Because it's hard to get over 40 yrs of being LAUGHED at if you should be so Scrupulous to go every week!! If you want some good Holy priests, there'are some of them stuck in prison because their Diocese threw them under the bus, like Fr. Gordon Macrae.Help get them out. Say "thank you" to the good, holy priests who were sent to "outer Mongolia" because they were so Orthodox! Most of the laity in the Church didn't WANT Orthodoxy…they bombarded the Bishops office with complaints & threats to take their money elsewhere. It's not just the Bishops & Clergy that got us in this CRISIS! The Laity played a Huge part, & still do! They run most of the big parishes. I'm in a parish that thinks it's "fun" to Applaud after Mass. But, I dare you to walk into the huge Church & try to find a Tabernacle!! I asked a person if they knew what Pope Benedict said about that,…..Blank Stare!!
Taking on the "issues of the day" takes more brain power than anyone will ever appreciate! Only someone who knows what the Church Teaches can do it, & having lived through it, it also requires enormous amounts of GRACE & STUDY! So, keep it up! I'm going to my REAL home soon. I've done all I can. I never "suffered fools gladly", & age does nothing to improve that! You're dealing with generations of Catholics who are ignorant of what the RC Church teaches & the Cost of keeping Orthodoxy. Sadly, a great number of them are from the same cloth as those Laity who demanded BC pills, Divorce, Gay, & Women priests. God Bless-

3. lily rose - December 10, 2012

Thank you more than I can say!

4. Woody - December 10, 2012

Happy Birth-Blog-day, then. Keep up the good work.

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