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The unseriousness of our times December 10, 2012

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Bill Whittle tends a bit libertarian, and misses some items that are of import to Catholics, but I had to post this video for the best line I’ve heard all month.  In reference to our political leadership, who act like addicts in spending our money, Whittle rhetorically asks “how much coke will a coke addict do?  ALL OF IT.”  That is so true. I don’t know anyone who ever quit using while they still had a mighty stash.  You quit when you run out and your options for more are bleak.  And so true of our political system.  Somehow, we must stop feeding the beast. But not with our present national leadership, a class which is born and raised on the government teat.  They have no interest in seeing government get smaller, or be sustainable.  They won’t face any personal consequences from an economic implosion, that’s for sure – at least not any of any significance.  It’s in their interest to ride the gravy train to the last possible second – just as it is, I believe, in at least 50.1% of the American public – before the collapse.  Then, they’ll be there to tell us how wonderfully they’re going to “fix” things.

Let it burn?

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