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Philippines passes law legalzing contraception and sterilization December 12, 2012

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One of the few remaining Catholic countries (ok, nominally Catholic) succumbs to the evil tentacles of selfish lust and baneful hedonism (my emphasis and comments).

The Filipino Congress has given initial approval to the controversial, anti-life “Reproductive Health Bill” (RH Bill). The legislation is seen as a precursor to potentially legalizing abortion in the pro-life, Catholic nation.

The bill received an approval today on second reading, with lawmakers voting 113-104 with two abstentions in the House of Representatives of the Philippines.

“This is a very dark day for the Philippines and for the fight for life and family around the world,” said Father Shenan J. Boquet, president of Human Life International……

……Among other objectionable provisions, the RH Bill would force medical professionals and businesses to promote and perform a full range of “reproductive health services,” regardless of conscientious objection. [The bill legalizes pretty much all forms of contraception, makes them extremely available to teens, demands sex education courses of the worst kind for children aged 11-16, and will also teach contraceptive methods in these classes.  Truly, this is a demonic bill, as bad as anything in the collapsed, formerly Catholic regions of Europe or North America. This is truly demonic, and heartbreaking, to see a country named after a great Catholic king sink so far]  The bill promises to fine and jail opponents who spread as-yet-undefined “malicious” falsehoods about the bill[which seems to be a direct means to persecute the Church] and would pay for contraceptive services with taxpayer funds. It is feared that the RH Bill will move the Philippines one step closer to legalizing abortion, which is currently illegal under any circumstance. [that’s right.  This is, more than anything, a step towards legalizing contraception]

Versions of this bill have been filed and re-filed in Congress since 1998, but through the efforts of the pro-life community, and because of prayers from around the world, it has failed every time.

Boquet, of Human Life International, added: “The irony to all of this is that much of the reasoning from the bill’s supporters is that birth rates must come down if the Philippines is to join the ranks of the prosperous developed nations. They make this case even though these supposedly developed nations are all suffering a terrible financial downturn due in large part to curtailed population growth, and many are even trying to pay their citizens to have more children

For the high priests of the population control movement, reason doesn’t matter.  The fact that many countries have now controlled their populations so well that they are facing demographic death means nothing – in their God-rejecting “humanism” (what a strange humanism that seeks to destroy human life), these neo-pagans won’t be satisfied until mankind is back at a 1800 level of population and technology (such has been the stated goal of many of the leaders of this movement for decades).  Except for them, of course.  While the rest of us starve and freeze in the dark, they will jet off to population control summits where they will enjoy 5 star resorts and all the finery of life. It’s the new aristocracy, self-anointed and self-perpetuating.

This culture is in its death throes. Will any Filipino bishop stand up and excommunicate these supposedly “Catholic” legislators who enacted this evil law?



1. Dismas - December 12, 2012

Very disappointing, but expected. Abortion comes next. This measure was passed against the will of the Filipino people. Sound familiar?

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