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Confession available at all parishes Dec. 19 December 19, 2012

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The Diocese of Dallas is once again, like last year, making a special effort to make Confession available during Advent.  I laud this practice, and pray Bishop Farrell may enact edicts requiring daily Confession at all parishes in the Diocese, to return this vital and foundational Sacrament to the active participation of the faithful on a regular basis.  One way or another, it does appear a fair number of parishes have increased their regular Confession times from 1 hour to 2 hours a week.  That is still insufficient to make Confession reasonably available to even a small portion of active church members.

Confession should, then, be available at all parishes from 7-9pm on Wednesday December 19.

It does appear not all parishes are taking part in this special availability of the Sacrament, for whatever reason, or evidence for participation is not on the website or in the bulletin.  These include St. Philip the Apostle in Lewisville (although, their priest was apparently sick recently, but they appear not to have regularly scheduled Confession, period), Holy Cross in The Colony, St. Anthony in Wylie (A commenter says they are having it, which I would think they would, but I looked through the bulletin twice and didn’t find any announcement, but I could have missed it), Holy Cross in Dallas (they appear not to have Confession regularly available, ever),  Our Lady of Lourdes in Dallas, these just of the few I checked.  Many parishes in Dallas have websites that are ancient and not updated, but it appears a fair number of hispanic parishes don’t have regularly scheduled Confession, and their participation in this event is an open question.

Anyway, hopefully I’m wrong and all parishes are having Confession.  I cannot recommend receiving Confession regularly highly enough – at least monthly if not every two weeks.  Doing so will do wonders for your spiritual life.


1. allison - December 19, 2012

i saw it on the bulletin for st anthony (dec 16 bulletin)

2. Clark - December 19, 2012

This Advent season, St. Rita’s in Dallas had four regular evenings scheduled for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (the 6th, the 13th, the 19th, and the 20th). I went on the 6th, and it was well attended by those of all ages. Many children showed up, and their parents went as well.

St. Rita’s has had regular confession on Thursday nights for about 8 years, and attendance on Thursday night between 7:15 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. is well attended (sometimes, the priests start early, although the official start time is 7:30 p.m.) and the priests stay until all confessions are heard. The times I have been to confession on Saturday mornings there (which begin after the 8:00 a.m. Mass), there is always a good turnout.

There was one Saturday afternoon I was invited to meet a few friends for the Saturday evening Vigil Mass at All Saints in Dallas. I got there early so I could go to confession. I was greatly impressed that the auxilary bishop took the time to hear confessions there on Saturday afternoon. That spoke volumes to me.

3. David Rollins - December 19, 2012

At the Latin Mass at St. Mary of the Assumption in Ft. Worth, confession is offered during Mass. I can literally go from the confessional to the communion rail. How great is that?

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