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Not your everyday occurrence December 20, 2012

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I know a commenter expressed reservations about singing Christmas carols during Advent, but I think given the state of the culture, where many people completely forget that Christmas even occurred by Dec. 27, I think some of this done publicly might be OK.  Certainly it shouldn’t be the focal point of public demonstrations of Christmas – those should come during the actual Christmas season – but I think some caroling as a sort of pointer towards the Big Day is OK.

Some Dominican Friars in Washington, DC thought so, and were singing carols on a street corner while doing some evangelization (just the sort of thing I have in mind), when a very strange thing occurred.  Look and see how things develop:

What’s with the bananas?  Anybody get that?

Post-Christian people can still be reached, at least on a surface level, maybe?  idunno

It’s interesting!

h/t Fr. Philip Neri Powell


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