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Sexual depravity=more support for gay marriage December 21, 2012

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Shocking, I know!  But UT Professor and Catholic convert Mark Regnerus – whom I have corresponded with (he’s a nice man, but hardly what one would consider a traditionalist, or even a conservative, but he may be something like a faithful, left-wing type Catholic, which does exist, but rarely) – has produced another study that shows that male support for gay marriage strongly correlates to porn use.  That is, most young men who support gay marriage use porn regularly, whereas men who don’t use porn are overwhelmingly against state recognition of gays simulating marriage (I add emphasis):

Data from the New Family Structures Study reveal that when young adult Americans (ages 23-39) are asked about their level of agreement with the statement “It should be legal for gays and lesbians to marry in America,” the gender difference emerges, just as expected: 42 percent of men agreed or strongly agreed, compared with 47 percent of women of the same age. More men than women disagreed or strongly disagreed (37 versus 30 percent), while comparable levels (21-23 percent) said they were “unsure.”

But of the men who view pornographic material “every day or almost every day,” 54 percent “strongly agreed” that gay and lesbian marriage should be legal, compared with around 13 percent of those whose porn-use patterns were either monthly or less often than that. Statistical tests confirmed that porn use is a (very) significant predictor of men’s support for same-sex marriage, even after controlling for other obvious factors that might influence one’s perspective, such as political affiliation, religiosity, marital status, age, education, and sexual orientation.

The same pattern emerges for the statement, “Gay and lesbian couples do just as good a job raising children as heterosexual couples.” Only 26 percent of the lightest porn users concurred, compared to 63 percent of the heaviest consumers. It’s a linear association for men: the more porn they consume, the more they affirm this statement. More rigorous statistical tests confirmed that this association too is a very robust one.

Theoretically, the same pattern should hold when considering support for marriage in general. And it does, though not quite as distinctively. The less time spent viewing porn, the less critical men are of the institution of marriage. Forty-nine (49) percent of the lightest porn users “strongly disagreed” with a statement suggesting that “marriage is an outdated institution” (and an additional 26 percent simply “disagreed” with it), compared with 14 percent of the heaviest porn users.

All of which is entirely intuitive from the perspective of traditional Christian morality, and perfectly in line with Catholic moral Doctrine.  Porn teaches men to 1) objectify women, and 2) creates in men both an appetite and expectation for sex divorced from marriage, and as porn addiction accelerates (for most users are addicted to it to one degree or another), also an appetite for more and more extreme forms of sex.  Thus, the man so depraved by exposure to the most diabolical, wanton displays of the sex act, up to and including repeated viewing of deviant sex including bi-and homo-sexuality, will be deadened to the hideousness of it and will develop a laissez faire attitude towards others demands to have their depravity publicly recognized.

Unfortunately, the feminist movement has been perfectly timed to maneuver women into this trap, so that they play the porn-addicted man’s game, giving themselves up at the drop of a hat, further reinforcing the man’s view that marriage is mostly useless, as far as he is concerned, as he can get all the sex he wants (either real, or virtual), without having to bother with even a friendly relationship, let alone marriage.  Further, the “no-fault” divorce feminists have forced into law in every state causes many men to be afraid of marriage, fearful that the woman they marry will leave them broken-hearted, with only occasional access to their children and financially broke.  So, the entire societal construct encourages men to trivialize marriage, to the extent that those who should be most defending women’s honor and virtue, and most motivated to see the Sacrament of Marriage extolled and upheld, are those who are now its greatest enemies.  Or, at least, almost completely ambivalent.

It all gets back to contraception, however.  Contraception is the wall that has grown up between married couples, leading to incredible marital problems on a vast scale, which leads to adultery, which leads to divorce, which leads to kids who don’t have fathers, which leads to early sex, and sex outside marriage, which leads to young women who don’t value themselves and are willing to sell themselves in porn (even going so far as seeing it as “empowering”), which leads to accidental pregnancy and abortion, etc, etc.  Contraception is at the root of the collaspe of sexual mores in our culture, just as Popes Pius XI and Paul VI said it would be.

With a prolem this vast, we should be hearing sermons denouncing the evils of porn at least once a year.  At one or two parishes in the Diocese, we do, but for the most part, porn is never mentioned.  Good Lord, is even PORN too “controversial” for priests to speak against?!?!



1. quinersdiner - December 21, 2012

This is a profound post. I just wrote about porn at my blog where I reported that teenage boys consume 2 hours of porn a week on top of 13 hours of video games. In my 31 years as a Catholic (I’m a convert), I have never heard a homily that focuses on porn. At best, I’ve heard passing reference to sexual addiction lumped in with a whole bunch of other addictions. On the other hand, I’m in a Catholic’s men’s group that meets monthly. We had a speaker who gave a moving presentation about his addiction to porn, and how he broke the cycle. He really got us men talking.

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