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A new religious order worthy of consideration January 9, 2013

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I stumbled across a new religious order that was stood up in Tyler just this year, at the Feast of Corpus Christi, I believe.  This order is the Brigittini Servitores 3681634_c98ff4d7_560Sanctissimi Salvatoris (Brigittine Servitores of the Most Holy Savior) and is located adjacent to the FSSP parish in Tyler. They have a website here.  The group is still very small and new.  They describe themselves thusly:

Essentially contemplatives, they engage in an apostolate of assisting the Holy Father and bishops to implement “Ecclesia Dei Adflicta” and Summorum Pontificum, while living a life centered on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the full Divine Office in the 1962 Rite (sic: Missal).

They promote the public recitation of the Divine Office by helping the Catholic faithful to appreciate and to recite it correctly and to promote its public recitation also promoting Latin literacy through seminars, formal courses of instruction, and correspondence courses. They correspond with priests, religious and laity interested in the traditional Latin liturgy and in the work of the Servitores, also disseminating information regarding churches, parishes, and religious orders using the Traditional Latin liturgy and other pertinent information for the promotion of the same. They also organize days of recollection and confernces for Catholics interested in the traditional Latin liturgy.

Perhaps you have a daughter, or know of a woman, discerning a vocation to the religious life?  Perhaps she is attracted to the traditional Mass and traditional practice of the Faith?  This new order could be a very exciting opportunity to help build a new religious community dedicated to the service of Christ and His Church 3681636_efda4210_560according to the timeless practice of the Faith.  You can contact the Brigittini Servitores as shown below:

Sister Margarita O.S.s.S.
Residentia Geatus Vilmos Apor
PO Box 4025 Tyler TX 75712 USA

You can e-mail Sister Margarita at servitores5@gmail.com.

The Brigittines are not one of the better known religious orders, especially of late.  They were once very widespread, but were for various reasons mostly situated in northern Europe and their monasteries were destroyed by (what else?) the protestant revolt.  How great would it be to help them grow and expand here in the US, in Texas?  How blessed would it be to have another thriving, orthodox community of nuns here close to the Dallas area?  I pray they grow like crazy!  If you are a woman discerning a vocation to the religious life, especially a more traditional practice, why not contact Sister Margarita and see if this is the path God is calling you to?

Dominus vobiscum!


1. Jay Boyd - January 9, 2013

In Oregon (over on the west side), we have the Brigittine monks; I think they are the only Brigittine priory in the US.

tantamergo - January 9, 2013

They are the only Brigittine monks, period! From what I understand.

2. maravillas21 - January 15, 2013

St. Padre Pio’s own blood sister was a Brigittine nun! Thank God there are still a few of these sisters in the full traditional habit and not one of the many horrid modified messes that pass as habits these days. They look like a wonderful group of nuns striving to stay true to their founder, original charism of their order.

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