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“You mean, you actually agree with everything the Church believes?” January 9, 2013

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Such were the words relayed to a family member I spoke with over the break, who also happens to teach a Confirmation class in the Archidiocese of San Antonio.  The occasion for this exchange was some discussion regarding what the Church believes regarding marriage and sexuality, including the falsity of state recoginition of gays simulating marriage, which this young person apparently strongly believed was an atrocity on the part of the Church.  How could the Church “deny” the right to marry to two people who love each other so very much?  As the conversation broadened, my relation stated that they believe everything the Church believes to the best of their ability.  The teen found that incredible.

Thus, in microcosm, the effect of 50 years of not only failure to teach the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church, but, frequently, teaching things that contradict that Truth.  We are, quite actually, at a point in the Church today that very few who call themselves Catholic – even most of those active in the Church on a week-in, week-out basis – actually accept ALL that the Church believes.

I know I have ranted on this subject interminably in the past, but this massive apostasy is the cancer eating away at the vitality of the Church.  Hundreds of years, thousands of martyrs, and millions of words were spent in the early Church understanding and codifying what Chirst revealed – what He meant by what He said in the Gospel, which is frequently not only unclear, but seemingly shocking coming from a Savior, a Redeemer.  He really did say I come not to be bring peace and harmony, but the sword of division.  He really did say that some would be on the right, pleasing to God and availed of salvation, while those on the left would be forced to depart, accursed, into everlasting fire.  No one mentions hell or damnation in the Bible as much as Christ – by a huge margin.

I think on how the early Church suffered and struggled to understand what the Gospels and the Inspired Letters meant, and how much the Church suffered to keep its understanding and practice of that Doctrine pure, and now we see entire generations lost, being assured that “it doesn’t really matter” whether one holds to this belief of that, so long as one “is basically a good person,” you’re assured of salvation.  Or, in so many cases, as long as you are not an absolute moral monster on the scale of Molotov, Yamashita, or Guevara, you’ll be saved – and won’t our “loving God” probably cave on them in the end, too?

In so many parishes around the country (and world), for so many years, such questions have been asked, and the answer given has been that no, you really don’t have to believe all “that stuff” to be a faithful Catholic.  In fact, you can reject what the Church believes and go ahead and receive Sacrament that hinges on total acceptance, which implies a complete submission to Christ and His Church, and a huge influx of Grace.

But if one rejects what the Church believes, the Sacrament is made a mockery of, and I don’t think the Grace will flow.  Which is why we have so many gravely wounded Catholics wandering around today, lost in sin, ignorant of their Faith, totally absorbed in the world – what profound uncharitableness has been worked against them, allowing such souls to go through the motions of a Sacrament when their soul and heart are not in a state to receive It! All to avoid conflict, or to possess a worldly feel-good vibe, or to engage in meaningless ecumenical “dialogue,” in short, to prefer a cult of man to the Cult of God.  How many souls receive Sacraments for which they are unprepared, unworthy, and whose efficacy can, at the very most, be highly doubted?  And do we wonder why our Church is so full of souls who stare in blank ignorance at the magnificence of the Real Presence?

I pray for these poor lost souls.  I pray for those who don’t have the strength of Faith or conviction to say to them “I’m sorry, you can’t receive Confirmation if you can’t believe or practice what the Church believes, if you outright say the Church is wrong.”



1. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - January 9, 2013

I am not surprised in the least. In my experience, San Antonio Catholics are among the most ignorant and secular I have ever had the misfortune to meet. There are certainly some exceptions, most notably those who attend Our Lady of the Atonement and one member of my father/son Catholic group, however, the rest of them are about as helpful to the Church as grease on a football.

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