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The Popes have been warning us….. January 14, 2013

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You can go back well over a century, and read warnings like the one below from Pope Pius XII.  Mary has been warning us.  In fact, way back in the early 1600s, over 400 years ago, Our Lady began warning us about the trials that would afflict the Church in the future, of apostasy within, of apostate bishops and clergy who committed the most wanton acts while leading their sheep very, very astray.  There have been many more such prophecies in the intervening time.  Pope Leo XIII prophesied on this subject, and Pope St. Pius X almost obsessed about it.  He, especially, saw great foreboding in the future for the Church, and did all in his power to stop it that dark future from coming.  There have been more, including very recent Popes.  Holy men and women have connections to the Holy Ghost many simply don’t understand, and which are hard to explain.  It could just be negativism, but it’s not lack of faith.  Not in these personages:

“I am worried by the Blessed Virgin’s messages to Lucy of Fatima. This persistence of Mary about the dangers which menace the Church is a divine warning against the suicide of altering the Faith, in her liturgy, her theology and her soul….

“I hear all around me innovators who wish to dismantle the Sacred Chapel, destroy the universal flame of the Church, reject her ornaments and make her feel remorse for her historical past.

“A day will come when the civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted. She will be tempted to believe that man has become God. In our churches, Christians will search in vain for the red lamp where God awaits them, like Mary Magdalene weeping before the empty tomb, they will ask, ‘Where have they taken Him?‘”

(1931 declaration by E. Cardinal Pacelli, quoted in the book, Pie XII devant l’histoire[Paris: Editions Robert Laffont, 1972], pp. 52-53, by Msgr. Georges Roche).

And yet, today Pope Pius XII is most frequently ignored and sometimes reviled. He was “Hitler’s Pope,” a wicked calumny with absolutely no basis in fact.  Where he is treated of with some respect, he is most often seen as a figure radically out of step with the times, of the last in an exhausted line of Popes who sought to keep the Church closed off from the world, refusing to accept modernist scholarship on the same basis as revealed Truth. Certainly, we moderns know that prophesy is just fantasy, the product of warped and fanatical psyches. Any accuracy is sheer luck.  Not even Christ prophesied, He didn’t say who was striking him in Annas’ house and He certainly didn’t predict the fall of Jerusalem decades in advance – the Gospels were all written after that event in 70 CE.

Yeah, right. You take the modernism, I’ll stick with the Popes, thank you.


He’s coming.


Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark January 14, 2013

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You never know what’s going to happen at the Monday night Latin Mass at St. Mark!  Maybe we’ll get some of those topless psycho lesbian attention seekers who crashed St. Peter’s over the weekend?

Mass tonight at 7pm


Up to one million march in defense of marriage in France January 14, 2013

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Given the respective populations of the two countries, that would be like nearly 5 million marching for some issue in the United States.  Can you see 5 million of your fellow Americans getting worked up enough to travel to DC in defense of marriage, and in opposition to radical redefinitions of same by the government?

We might get to find out.

And this was France!  What is going on in France is surprising – is this the beginning of the re-awakening of the “eldest daughter of the Church?”  Or is this just a random occurence, an unusual confluence of broader interests, including even those hostile to the Church in France, which just happen to agree on this one issue?  It should be noted that the protests began with a sermon against the gay marriage plans of the socialist government in France by the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris back in August.  The government was apparently shocked that a Church prelate would take a stand against a socialist government and further modernist efforts to destroy traditional morality.  There are few countries on earth where the most radical interpretations of Vatican II have been so dominant, and the changes in the Church (and collapse in the practice of the Faith) so widespread.  But the Holy Ghost has a way of turning things around when things appear the darkest.

Several hundred thousand people massed at the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Sunday to protest against President Francois Hollande’s plan to legalize gay marriage and adoption by June.

Three columns of protesters, waving pink and blue flags showing a father, mother and two children, converged on the landmark from different meeting points in Paris. Many came after long train and bus rides from the provinces.

Hollande has pledged to push through the law with his Socialists’ parliamentary majority but the opponents’ campaign has dented public support and forced deputies to put off a plan to allow lesbian couples access to artificial insemination.

Champ de Mars park at the Eiffel Tower was packed……..

Aww, the poor lesbian couples will have to make due without artificial insemination.  Does anyone else find the “have your cake and eat it to” mentality a little hard to take?  You claim to be gay, which means sterility, and yet you demand children?  At government expense?

The gay rights lobby and its media enablers have done all in their power to make this civilization-destroying redefinition of marriage seem inevitable.  I have fallen for that sense of inevitability myself.  But perhaps it’s not so inevitable as we have been led to believe.  As I said, the Holy Ghost has often times worked miraculous saves from circumstances that appeared totally lost.

Let us pray.


2013 March for Life this Saturday, Jan. 19 January 14, 2013

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It is a sad testament that these Marches for life have become such an annual institution. I have grave concerns about the institutionalization of the pro-life effort, where certain people or groups may have grown, possibly even subconsciously, used to the idea of legalized abortion and the fact that their livelihood revolves around the pro-life effort.  I of course plan to participate in this March, and pray it is the biggest one ever, but at the same time I’m planning on shaking things up a bit.  This year, we’re going to challenge many of our fellow marchers over the issue of contraception.  We’ll never be rid of abortion until Catholics, at least, stop the use of contraception, the most widely accepted moral evil in the Church today.

The events begin with a prayer vigil outside the Routh Street mill at 7:45a.  The rest goes as follows:

7:45 – 8:45 a.m.  Prayer at the Routh Street abortion center, 4321 N. Central Expy, Dallas
10:00 a.m.   Attend one of these two events:

12:00 -12:30 PM   Dallas March for Life begins from the downtown Cathedral Plaza, 2215 Ross Ave. at Pearl St., proceeds to First Baptist Dallas, 1707 San Jancinto, where we join and continue to march together to the Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse.

** Please note: the police-escorted Dallas March for Life is peaceful, legal, prayerful, and family-friendly – Bring a sign or banner to show your love for life!**

12:30-1:30 PM   Dallas Rally for Life outside the Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse; the Rally will be held behind the courthouse at 1108 Jackson St., on the corner of Griffin and Jackson.

1:45 PM   Pro-Life Ministry Fair at First Baptist Dallas and Reception at Cathedral Grand Salon

We’re working on some signs – more than ‘the pill kills,’ which are good but don’t address the entirety of the contraceptive nightmare – to, I hope, challenge many of the participants in Saturday’s March to re-examine their own contraceptive use.  Aside from the First Baptist folks, it is a sad fact that a very large number of those taking part in the March, who have a total opposition to abortion, fail to realize that contraception is the evil that begets abortion, more than anything else. Many are likely very comfortable with their own contraceptive use, or that of their children/grandchildren, friends, etc. It is time for that to chagne.

We’ll never be rid of legalized abortion until we end people’s addictiont to contraception.

And after the March, join me for the First Annual VeneremurCernui Tilting At Windmills contest!

tilting at windmills

New White Rose Center outside Planned Barrenhood mill January 14, 2013

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The great White Rose Women’s Center, which already operates crisis pregnancy centers adjacent to the Routh Street and Southwest Women’s Center mills, is adding a third center near the Planned Barrenhood mill on Greenville Avenue.  There is already one White Rose on Royal Lane at Greenville, that is the one co-located with Curtis Boyd’s Southwest Baby Slaughterhouse. The third location will be closer to Walnut Hill, where Planned Barrenhood is.

They need help!  They sent out the following message:

At this location the White Rose will continue its mission to save the unborn and serve women in crisis pregnancies. Our peaceful, prayerful presence there will send a powerful message – and will save lives. We are calling on pro-life Catholics to come to this new White Rose center to pray for an end to abortion. We would like to invite organized groups and individuals to sign up for regular prayer hours Wednesday through Saturday.

There is a sign-up process that all prayer warriors will need to follow. To sign-up please email whiteroseprayerwarrior@gmail.com or call (214) 824-5942.

Please help us spread the word and forward this message!

Done and done. Please support White Rose!  They are always in need of funds AND volunteers, especially those with medical experience who could help counsel women who are thinking of keeping their baby.  If you know a nurse or doctor, especially in the field of reproduction, encourage them to at least contact White Rose to see how they could help!

And you can donate here!