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Dr. Edward Sri at St. Gabriel’s in McKinney Jan 21 January 15, 2013

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Dr. Edward Sri, who has written a number of books on the Bible from a fairly orthodox Catholic perspective, will be giving a conference at 7pm Monday January 21 at St. Gabriel parish in McKinney.  The talk wil be on preparing for Lent in the Year of Faith and a Biblical walk through the Mass.  That last topic could last a week at 4 hours a day!  But I’m sure it will be a good talk.  While I’ve never read any of Dr. Sri’s books, I know people who recommend them highly, and I trust those people implicitly.

All details here————->>>>Sri Poster-B in PDF

It is a very good idea to start preparing for Lent before Lent.  That’s why the Traditional Mass has a season called Septuagint, to get ready for the major penitential season of the year.  We shouldn’t be scrambling around trying to figure out what mortifications we can offer when Lent starts. We should be ready to roll, if not already rolling, as Septuagint helps to do.

Dominus vobiscum!

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