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Bishop calls for new syllabus, Pope Pius XII Coronation, Lutherans reject “Lutheran Ordinariate” January 22, 2013

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I guess this is video Tuesday.  Two quick videos – one of Bishop Athanasius Schneider renewing his call for a new syllabus to condemn the errors that have arisen since Vatican II (and what a great step this would be – so long as the same people responsible for propagating the many errors prevalent in the Church don’t have a say in the development of this new syllabus!).  h/t to reader TB

SORRY, fixed the video!

The original syllabus was promulgated by Pope Piux IX in 1864 to squash the errors that had developed in the Church as a result of the French Revolution and other rationalist, “enlightenment” type ideas.  What Bishop Schneider hopes to achieve – and it is a laudable goal – is in essence, the sort of interpretation of Vatican II in the light of Tradition that Pope Benedict XVI has been calling for.  I’m afraid that’s going to be easier said than done.

Next video is a classic from JP Sonnen, the coronation of Pope Pius XII.  Unfortunately, it’s in Italian and there are no subtitles, but the Habemus Papam rings clear!

I tell you what, they knew Catholic back in the day.

Finally, I saw over the weekend that late last week, Archbishop Gerhard Muller, Prefect for the Holy Office Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, opined that there could one day be a “Lutheran Ordinariate” modeled on the Anglican Ordinariate.  Leaving aside the fact that Lutherans are far different from Anglicans, especially high Anglicans, the Lutherans themselves are rather non-plussed at the idea:

The General Secretary of the World Lutheran Federation has expressed serious misgivings about the prospect that the Vatican could establish an ordinariate for Lutherans entering the Catholic Church.

Rev. Martin Junge said that the creation of a Lutheran ordinariate—similar to the Anglican ordinariates that are already in place—would have “serious ecumenical repercussions” insofar as it would signal the Vatican’s encouragement for Lutherans to leave their Protestant communities. Such a move, Rev. Junge said, “would send the wrong signal to Lutheran churches.”

Don’t Rev. Junge’s comments give us a very firm idea just how falsely inspired and counter-productive the “new ecumenism” is?  Junge has been deeply involved in ecumenical “dialogue” with the Church for quite some time. He apparently has developed the idea that ecumenism has nothing to do with formal union with the Church.  How could he have developed such an erroneous view?  It’s not possible that his Catholic confreres have helped form him in that view, assuring him that the best way for Catholics and Lutherans to achieve “true union” is for Lutherans to be better Lutherans, is it?  Rather like Taize?

True ecumenism means formal, open union with Rome. As for “retaining legitimate traditions” the Lutherans have developed, just which ones would those be?  I’m at a loss.

I note in passing that Archbishop Muller participated in an ecumenical prayer service with a Lutheran “bishop” wherein they jointly blessed those in attendance.



1. Janet O'Connor - January 25, 2013

I doubt very much that the Pope will issue another Syllabus as the Bishop wants because it would send the wrong signal, and besides he is concentrating on teaching the Faith through the CCC. As far as the Oridinariate goes, let’s just wait and see. The Anglicans were originally upset and yet now there are 3 of them in Britain Australia the USA and in the future Canada. As for the new head of the CDF he is a theologian with ideas of his own but true ecumanism calls not only for Unity with Rome but for respect for the Non Catholics. Nobody can be coerced or forced into the Church. It is about respect for the person not the error or schism.

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