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Michael Voris on the disappearance of men January 22, 2013

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I think one of the reasons Michael Voris is so controversial with many in the Church today is that he embodies an unabashed masculinity many have simply rarely, if ever, experienced.  As has been noted on this blog before, one of the most prominent effects of the changes in the past 50 years has been a great shift away from a masculine Church to a Church which embodies far more feminine qualities.  The Church has either led the culture in this, or gone along with the general trends in the culture to find masculine trends undesirable, untenable, even dangerous and forbidden.  With regard to Voris, some of his most vicious critics are mommy bloggers.

But in the culture at large, the collapse of the masculine has had a disastrous effect.  Amazingly, this collapse in true masculinity has been intentional, or very nearly so.  So many cultural trends today tell me not to be men.  Boys are drugged to a benign stupor in schools to quell their natural gregariousness, women outnumber men on college campuses 3:2, women outnumber men in the workforce, more and more young men have no interest in marriage as they see it as all cost to them with little upside (and, besides, obtaining sexual satisfaction has nothing to do with marriage anymore, in their experience), so many young men grow up today with no fatherly influence, so they never develop the positive characteristics of masculinity – these and so many other factors have led to a bunch of men running around that are, frankly, overgrown boys.  It’s one of the prime drivers in the collapse of Western Civilization.

Another important factor to consider, is that fathers have an overwhelming influence on the religious observance of their children.  Children with fathers who are highly active in their practice of the Faith are far, far more likely to maintain their own faith into adulthood.  It is the single strongest predictor of future religious observance.  It is also a father’s prime role – to instill the Catholic Faith into his children.  Sadly, many fathers fail to do so.  Yet another thing to pray for…….


1. Frank - January 24, 2013

Just an observation–did Michael purposely wear a pink tie while giving this talk on masculinity?

Raul De La Garza III - January 24, 2013

It’s not pink, it’s rose! 😀 Too funny.

tantamergo - January 24, 2013

? Beats me! Good point, though!

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