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The altar boy is not a trivial role… January 22, 2013

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….it is in fact a role of great import in the Mass.  It is absolutely not something to be trivalized or played around with, nor performed by extremely bored children wearing tattered sneakers and shorts under their unisex robe.  The altar boy helps communicate the Mass to those present, and the degree of reverence and attention to detail in the altar boy can go a long way towards making a reverent, uplifting Mass.

This used to be widespread knowledge.  Unfortunately, many in the Church in the past few decades have forgotten just how critical a role the altar boy plays, and how, in spite of recent papal indulgences granted under duress, the altar server is a distinctively male role:

If you see a young man filling this important role at Mass with distinction, be sure to thank him!  It will not only be gratifying to the young man, it may also help spark thought of a vocation.  The ranks of the altar boys have always been the prime breeding ground for priests.  But many young men today shy away from the unisex role and close proximity with girls.  Bring back the all-male servers!


1. maravillas21 - January 22, 2013

It’s a shame the altar server in the video didn’t address the altar girl nonsense. Such a great video! I wish all altar boys were like him! I loved that tabernacle in the beginning with the Holy Face on it! If only my parish church was the one in the video!

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